blue ridge: Blue Ridge,GA Fathers Day - 06/15/08 12:08 AM
Today is already started with a surprise! My seven year old had the idea of serving me breakfast in bed for a Father's Day surprise. It was a surprise to find that the main course was a PBJ sandwich served with Doritos amd a Diet Coke. It was the most thought out meal I have had in along time. I know it was made with love. My 16 year daugther will celebrate with me in a few hours, I am sure.

blue ridge: Blue Ridge GA Visual Tour - 06/12/08 11:48 PM
This is sort of a strange blog, I will post anyway. I am looking for pictures of Blue Ridge,GA or the North
Georgia Mountain Area to produce a martketing DVD/Visual Tour. If you have anything that is intresting
or out of the ordinary and would like to have it in this media(which will not be branded and can be
reprodued) please send me a jpeg file. When the project is complete,I will be sure to send a e-file and
DVD. Thanks for your imput.

blue ridge: North Georgia Real Estate Report - 06/09/08 12:44 PM
This is not really a North Georgia Real Estate Report, but I thought it sounded like a good heading. I have
noticed a little more activity her around Blue Ridge,Georgia in the last few weeks. I am getting a lot of
folk looking on one end or the other end of the price range. I have two clients looking to buy now, but
they both have vacation plans to go out of the country, so I am on hold. There are more people looking
at buying distressed homes as well.

blue ridge: Hot Weather in Blue Ridge,Georgia - 06/08/08 02:27 PM
Today in Blue Ridge,Georgia the tempature topped 90 for the second day in a row. We are not used to such hot weather, and hope it will not last long. Sales seem to on the rise, and leads are beginning to turn into customers and I am hoping some of them will soon turn into clients.I am sure of one thing and that is have picked up some new friends along the way. I have also picked up some new people to get info and advice on A/R.
When the press is passing on bad news and you are feeling a … (1 comments)

blue ridge: IT Tools used in Real Estate - 06/06/08 04:19 PM
I have been looking atr widgets,SEO's,link exchanges, etc and I have decided to let my peers guide me through this exercise, because I am lost. I hate to sound like an idiot, but I am lost as to how much money to spend and where to spend it. It is a whole lot easier to go buy a new shirt or anything else, than it is to spend money on an item you cannot see. Please HELP,I am totally lost.

blue ridge: Mr President, Help is needed in North Georgia - 06/04/08 11:26 AM
I rally do not care who is elected president of the United States of America, as long as , it help get the economy back on track. I am sick and tired of talking about short sales, foreclosures, and the rest of the negative real estate issues.
I remember the last 10 years and I wish we could go back and see what went so wrong. I do not know if George W Bush is the problem or not, but what  or who is ?
I am looking for the days where enterperners can make a living.

blue ridge: Making Leads count Blue Ridge GA - 05/31/08 12:29 PM
All the Realtors in the free world know that lead generation is very important,but we somehow forget to
follow through. I must confess that I am guilty of this offense! I have spent thousands of dollars on a
website, print ads ,billboards , and many other advertising methods only to forget about the follow
through. I heard another agent telling a story about losing a lead in his car for a week and losing the
client because he did call back soon enough.
I know that Blue Ridge , Ga is still having better times … (1 comments)

blue ridge: Points,Points and Points! - 05/29/08 11:23 PM
I really never thought about how many points I had until this morning while reading the BLOG on
another. I just crested the 30K mark, and I figured it take me about an hour to get 250 points. The fact
that I love reading post and Blogs makes me spend even more time in the Rain. So, I am guessing that I
am in the Rain about 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week, 728 hours a year. I look at that as continuing
education. I am thinking about petitioning my local RE Board to see … (2 comments)

blue ridge: Blue Ridge GA - 05/29/08 07:18 AM
In Blue Ridge, There are many homes on the market. The problem is that the good ones are all taken and
sub-standard homes are left. I showed 12 homes yesterday and all of them had issues in one way or
another. My customers are not that hard to please and would buy a little better than average price home
if it was price competitive.

I think the banks will not loan good builders or bad builders money on speculative homes and it has
thinned the herd of well built homes. It is tough to sell homes , … (1 comments)

blue ridge: Honor those who have died to protect - 05/26/08 12:58 AM
Here in America, We take a lot for granted. Food, Shelter, Warmth ,etc. without even thinking about the reason way we have it so good. I also know their are those who do not have as much as others and do suffer. The poorest American is considered rich by the largest percentage of the world. In many countries, Food is so limited people are being killed or killing for it. So, Today when I am eating my Hot Dogs and eating chips, I will also be thinking of those who have died in the many wars and acts of protection of … (6 comments)

blue ridge: B.O.H.P Sex Ed Assault Training - 05/24/08 03:06 PM
I am always looking for a free and easy way to obtain continuing ed credit, and in Blue Ridge,GA our local
Board of Realtors gives a class about once a month. This month was "Assault Awareness" I thought it
was for men and women,but only 2 guys were in the class and I found out way rather quickly. The

instructor was a cop who taught women how to protect themselves in a bad situation. Don't get me
wrong I am all for looking out for sick-os but this guy was way over the top. … (0 comments)

blue ridge: Trademark Properties - 05/24/08 02:39 PM
Last July, I loaded up my 75 year old Dad to travel to Charleston, SC to witness the unveiling of Richard
Davis's latest and greatest real estate franchise or partnership opportunity. We were also promised one
of the first copies of his new book. If you do not know who Richard Davis is, He was the flashy Developer
from Charleston who was on HGTV's "Flip this House". He has a lot of charisma and a high energy staff,
but they are not living up to their end of the deal.
In the world I live in, you … (9 comments)

blue ridge: The Dangers of Showing Unlisted Properties - 05/19/08 07:34 PM
Yesterday, I got a call from a gentleman whom I had never met before wanting to look at my listing. I
didn't think the listing was what he was looking for, so I proceeded to start driving around showing him
some other properties. I could not get him to commit to signing a Buyer's Agreement, but I showed him
about 5 tracts of land that I thought would meet his need. I noticed every time we stopped he was
writing the agents name and number down. I was starting to get a little pi**ed off and didn't … (0 comments)

blue ridge: COCKY OR CONFIDENT - 05/18/08 12:55 AM
I sometimes feel a little over confident, some might even consider it to be cocky. In the words of Kid Rock" You know it ain't cocky if you can back it up", I back it up most of the time. My whole strategy is not to shot my mouth off if ther is no way to win.
Confidence is the key to selling, Being cocky is not. I have to back away from the edge of cocky attitude on a daily basis. I also feel that other people in my field can tell the difference in the two.
education,knowledge, and respect are traits … (1 comments)

blue ridge: HELP! Realtor .COM - 05/15/08 02:27 PM
Today I was brianstorming trying to think of ways to improve my sources of lead generation and the
thought hit me!,I made a phone call and the next thing I know I am getting hammered with
a hard sell on why I should spend 10K a year on a couple of "sky-scraper" ads and maybe a banner ad
while I was at it. The representive was a hard hitter giving me names of Realtors standing in line for
these spots, but he was going to bend the rules and slide me in in front of them. … (0 comments)

blue ridge: MY WIFE - 05/11/08 03:18 AM
My wife is really taken for granted in many ways.
1. My 2 children and I forget about what makes her happy most of the time.
2. We forget that she chases kids, gets the groceries, pays the bills, helps me in my real estate and       
    home building business in Blue Ridge ,Georgia.
3. Gives her time away to make the rest of us happy.
4. She takes time to give to her friends, she listens to troubles, cares for them when they are ill, and 
    watches over their children when they are not able or have … (0 comments)

blue ridge: The Zoo or the Zoo? - 05/08/08 01:56 PM
I have alot of fun at my job at RE/MAX Around the Mountain in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I had to make an easy choice for my work tomorrow. It was to go to the Atlanta Zoo or go to work at the office, I choose to go with my son who is 6 years old to The Atlanta Zoo.
Sometimes we get really involved with the busy world of Real Estate and forget about what counts the most. My Friday usually consist of pay-roll ,setting appointments for the weekend, and a whole bunch of week ending events. This Friday is a no … (1 comments)

blue ridge: The top 10 Things I have learned, Today! - 05/08/08 01:41 PM
1. Be nice to my wife , she is always there for me.
2. Treat everyone with respect, not just the people who I have something gain from.
3. Have fun.
4. Don't be too judgemental, I might be in the same situation tomorrow.
5. Don't be afraid to get dirty or wet, it is fun.
6. keep it simple.
7. Let the situation develop, before I totally freak out.
8. Be thankful for all things.
9. People are not all bad.
10. My Kids are the best.

blue ridge: When Your #1,Do you tell the truth? - 05/07/08 12:08 PM
Today at RE/MAX Around the Mountains in Blue Ridge, Georgia, Our marketing team had a meeting concerning market share and if we should share the numbers with general public. We clearly hold the #1 spot in our county and we can back it up with numbers from our local board of realtors.We went as far as charting ,graphing and putting it on tables.
The question is, do we reveil this data in a print ad. Our of closest competitors really trys to manipulate this data to her favor while recruiting and in listing presentations. The funniest part of all that is she … (0 comments)

blue ridge: Caught up in Blogging - 05/04/08 05:05 AM
Do you ever get caught up in trying to come up with a fresh blog idea just to make your Google rank move up?
That is what I was just doing! It is like being in a sales meeting setting there thinking about profound to say,
when someone else is really saying something that might actually help with your career. I think that sometimes
we miss the point(I sure do!).
In closing, Don't miss the good stuff in life! God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a good reason. Listen twice as
much as … (0 comments)


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