north georgia land: Blue Ridge,GA Fathers Day - 06/15/08 12:08 AM
Today is already started with a surprise! My seven year old had the idea of serving me breakfast in bed for a Father's Day surprise. It was a surprise to find that the main course was a PBJ sandwich served with Doritos amd a Diet Coke. It was the most thought out meal I have had in along time. I know it was made with love. My 16 year daugther will celebrate with me in a few hours, I am sure.

north georgia land: North Georgia Real Estate Report - 06/09/08 12:44 PM
This is not really a North Georgia Real Estate Report, but I thought it sounded like a good heading. I have
noticed a little more activity her around Blue Ridge,Georgia in the last few weeks. I am getting a lot of
folk looking on one end or the other end of the price range. I have two clients looking to buy now, but
they both have vacation plans to go out of the country, so I am on hold. There are more people looking
at buying distressed homes as well.

north georgia land: Blue Ridge Blog - 06/06/08 04:14 PM
In Blue Ridge GA, there  is not a whole lot of night life to enjoy with the exception of going to the Swan Drive In Theater or riding through the mountains to view the wildlife after dark.
We decided to go to Cartersville BBQ Cook Off and it was great, I will be sure to be a regular for years to come. In Georgia, The pig is #1 on my list of things to eat, a close second is pork.

north georgia land: Wii Bowling League at RE/MAX Around the Mountains ,Blue Ridge , GA - 05/31/08 12:46 PM
Yesterday one of my clients gave me a great idea. A Wii Bowling League, For those of you who do not
know Wii is a video game that is virtual reality. Last night we started with a practice night and we didn't
get done until about 1:00am. It was a bunch of fun and we didn't talk about Real Estate even once. I
think it is going to last about 10 weeks. We are playing for bragging rights, but I feel it is making us
stronger as a company. In this day and time everybody needs to … (0 comments)

north georgia land: 80/20 Rule in Blue Ridge, GA - 05/31/08 12:37 PM
In just about everyplace I have ever been, or worked at , had anything to do with it seems that 20 percent of the people do about 80 percent of the work. I am not just talking about my job as a Realtor in Blue Ridge,GA at RE/MAX Around the Mountains, but even at church and other areas of my life. I pray that I never become one of the 80 percent of the folks that do 20 percent of the work. If I do I hope that would please tell me so. I never want it to be said of … (1 comments)

north georgia land: Going Green in Blue Ridge Georgia - 05/31/08 04:37 AM
The last few clients that I have had seem to be really intrested in "going Green", so I have decided it
may be time for me to establish myself as a "Green Realtor". I know this sounds a little hokie but it is the
trend in the Mountains of North Georgia. I have always tried to take care of what God has given us to
enjoy and protect the land in which we live. I am now starting to get the whole idea of conservation of
the resources we are also blessed with. I ahvae also decided … (0 comments)

north georgia land: Blue Ridge Ga Realtors - 05/31/08 04:24 AM
I am very thankful that i live in Blue Ridge, Georgia! I am also very thankful that most all of the Realtors
here are in one accord. I feel like North Georgia is an awesome place to be in this business, because of
it's natural beauty and friendly people. The entire Real Estate Community has had it rough in Blue
Ridge for the past 12 months, but I am noticing more and more interest from potential clients. The
inventory is great, the producing agents are still living, and the best offices are still open. I am a … (0 comments)

north georgia land: Million Dollar Club - 05/24/08 03:48 PM
Over the past few days, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the value of being a life member of the
million dollar club or just the million dollar club. I sometimes wonder if the general public really even
cares about it or evens understands the numbers. I wonder if they might think we are actually
millionaires or even close to iy and it might scare them in the opposite direction. I have been thinking
about talking to my broker about maybe changing the term to "Top Producer" or "Masters Level". I just
think … (4 comments)

north georgia land: Blue Ridge,Georgia Market Report - 05/24/08 03:39 PM
This is not an official report of any kind and there are no facts to back it up,but I am starting to feel
better about our market. I do not hear how bad it is as much, I am getting as many leads as I have ever
gotten from my web-site, and I see a lot of folks looking around at RE books in the local hang outs.

If you have ever been deep see fishing you know the feeling of having 100 lines in the water and nobody
getting a bite, and all the sudden … (0 comments)

north georgia land: B.O.H.P Sex Ed Assault Training - 05/24/08 03:06 PM
I am always looking for a free and easy way to obtain continuing ed credit, and in Blue Ridge,GA our local
Board of Realtors gives a class about once a month. This month was "Assault Awareness" I thought it
was for men and women,but only 2 guys were in the class and I found out way rather quickly. The

instructor was a cop who taught women how to protect themselves in a bad situation. Don't get me
wrong I am all for looking out for sick-os but this guy was way over the top. … (0 comments)

north georgia land: Real Estate Online/Blue Ridge,Georgia - 05/24/08 02:21 PM
This week a contract was a first for me! I started and finished a transaction online and have never seen the person,yet. I really do hope that I get to look them eye to eye, but the bank didn't seem to care when they cashed my commission check , today.
I think a lot of this type of shopping is due to higher fuel prices and travel expenses. This type of transaction may become more common place, but I still like to walk the dirt with the client. I wonder if writing blog and being a part of Active -Rain has … (0 comments)

north georgia land: Real Friends - 05/16/08 04:11 PM
Life really goes by fast. I have went through a whole bunch of people who I have considered friends at
one time or another. But tonight I noticed something a little different, My wife planned a Birthday Party
for my 7 year old son. Several couples came and brought there kids to a place in Hiawassee, Georgia that
is called funworld(this title only applies to those under 14 years) and it is like Chuckie Cheese on speed. I
watch these people endure the foam factory,go-carts and about 300 screaming childern for 4 hours.

The part that … (1 comments)

north georgia land: Free Things to do in Blue Ridge,GA - 05/15/08 02:13 PM
1.Visit Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Southern Living Magazine's favorite roadside apple
market and a lot more than that. Great place to people watch and if you decide to spend some money
you might want to consider a fried apple pie or some of the best apple cider you'll ever taste.

2.Ducktown Basin Museum, Ducktown,Tennessee, just across the GA/TN line. You visit the grounds of
the historic Burra Burra Copper Mines and see exhibits of the mining heritage of the Copper Basin.

3.Walk the streets of Blue Ridge, GA and window shop. There are as … (0 comments)

north georgia land: MY WIFE - 05/11/08 03:18 AM
My wife is really taken for granted in many ways.
1. My 2 children and I forget about what makes her happy most of the time.
2. We forget that she chases kids, gets the groceries, pays the bills, helps me in my real estate and       
    home building business in Blue Ridge ,Georgia.
3. Gives her time away to make the rest of us happy.
4. She takes time to give to her friends, she listens to troubles, cares for them when they are ill, and 
    watches over their children when they are not able or have … (0 comments)

north georgia land: Sunday Is Fun day! - 05/04/08 12:22 PM
There are many different options one cans participate in on Sunday. The first that comes to mind is church and in Blue Ridge, Georgia there are no shortage of services that one can attend on any given Sunday. Today ; I did it a little different than the sane old same old. I watched "Transformers" with my wife and my 6 year old before lunch and it was really fun. The next thing I did was help my wife with lunch, even helped clean up. My 6 year old son helped me work on our pool for about an hour, before his … (3 comments)


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