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To give an update on our SEO experiment, our AgentsOnline site which links to the discount page for the RedX lead generation system is now number eleven on the google search for the agents online term.  Three weeks into the project and we are making progress.  Real Estate Country is still lagging...
  To report on the progress of the experiment to demonstrate how to get your website for a given search term, in this instance “agents online” to show up within the first ten listings of Google, we have now achieved position number seventeen for the organic search.  This has been about ten hours ...
Many of you who have been following my posts know that I am using the website and it’s link to the RedX lead generation service to demonstrate in real time how to get your website to the top page of a search engine for a given search term.  In this instance, I chose the term “Age...
Yet another tool in my “late to the game” appearance in the full usage of Twitter is  Now this tool is actually pretty useful, especially if you are using multiple sites to attract potential listing or mortgage clients.  I have been using it to promote our discount offer for the Redx Li...
  I have to admit that before I started working with this new technology that I was very skeptical.  I have had a twitter account which I used to promote our discount to the RedX listing lead generation system, but never spent much time researching or using it.   As such, I am a little late to th...
  As previously stated, I am committed to demonstrating how you can use a long tail keyword and some very basic online tools to get your website, or at least its online landing page, to the top of google.   To recap, I have chosen the search term Agents Online which receives about 11,000 searches...
As I mentioned before, this blog thread is attempting to show you how you can get your site to the top of the search for a given long-tail keyword on google.  I am little less confident in this post due to the challenges in getting to show up on the first page of google for...
  Let’s face it, sometimes your SEO plans work out and sometimes they don’t.  As an example, I recently published the real estate country website with the intent of getting it to the first page of google for that same search term.  However, to date the page has not shown up in the top searches fo...
I attended a webinar this morning on the mobile messaging, looking for ways to better promote our expired listing lead service, and it was pretty compelling; especially if you have a list of prospects that you are struggling to keep in touch with. The technology is such that you can now offer you...
It’s nice to know that my thoughts on creating squeeze pages is not unique, but instead becoming a widely practiced technique for search engine optimization.  Just to reiterate, a squeeze page is a search engine optimized keyword specific landing page to gather leads.  An example of this would be...

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