internet leads: The Best Way For People To Find You - 10/11/10 08:02 AM
Google has taken relevance to a whole new level and for the smart REALTOR this creates a wealth of opportunity for new customers.    In addition to your website, Google now presents every other relevant piece of data possible to the user for a given search term.  For example, when you type in a query such, not only will you get a list of pertinent websites, but you will also be presented with videos, pictures, maps, news, tweets, Facebook updates and more. 
So how do you leverage this new heightened search engine experience?  The simple answer is create content that lives … (4 comments)

internet leads: A faster way to increase your backlinks and improve SEO - 02/16/09 05:31 AM
In my previous post I suggested a faster way to submit your web address to internet directories to grow your backlinks.  I did this for a few hours on Friday to grow the links to the discount page of the RedX expired listing lead software and system.  Fortunately for me, in my search for an even better approach to directory submission I found a website that automates almost all of the process.  I spent another four hours on Saturday submitting to promote my relationship with the Real Estate Data Exchange (Red X) to the list of directoris and received about … (0 comments)