podcastforrealtors: Sharpen the Axe! - 09/07/19 12:34 PM
Sharpen the Axe "If it is going to take 3 hours to chop down the Tree, then take 2 hours and sharpen the Axe"
Anyone that knows me has heard me say this at some point and time. If it takes 3 hours to chop down a tree, then spend 2 hours sharpening the axe.  You know how sometimes you lock on to some sort of “saying” or an “old adage” and it seems to just explain something so well that once you say it, people kind of just start nodding in agreement or seem to get the jist of what you are … (10 comments)

podcastforrealtors: Why Maximizing your Time is so Important! - 09/06/19 08:34 AM
Maximize your Time... Here is a quote from one of the best success trainers who ever lived….Jim Rohn….
“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.” 
Years ago, when I was in a mode of filling my brain intensely, and I was just consuming everything that I could get my hands on….I created a reading habit.  One of the books that I read was by Michael Gerber – The Emyth Revisited.  I think that was around 2003.  This book was a game changer for me because, if I was to sum up the message that really hit me the … (0 comments)

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