retirement planning: Must Read Advice for Retiring on a Fixed Income - 03/09/12 04:20 AM
While the idea of retiring can be exciting, it also comes with some common concerns. No longer having a job means relying on a fixed income from the savings plans and tools you put in place during your career.
When you’ve carefully planned for retirement and are right on track, it’s still understandable to have some fears about switching to a fixed income. If you find yourself retiring earlier than expected due to layoffs or a medical necessity, retirement can be even more frightening. Fortunately, there are tools which can help you generate income and navigate retirement spending.
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retirement planning: What is the Best Age to Claim Social Security - 01/14/12 11:09 AM
If you’ve begun thinking about claiming Social Security benefits, you probably have many questions. Should you claim them as soon as you are eligible or wait to maximize your benefits? What are the tax implications and how do benefits differ if you are married?
While visiting Social Security Online is the best way to get up to date information and find detailed answers to your questions, the following information will help you start thinking about what might be the best age to claim your benefits.
When it comes to Social Security, you are eligible for early retirement at age 62, and … (2 comments)