spartanburg realtor: Going Green in the Grocery Store - 09/01/08 09:32 AM
Remember when the question used to be plastic or paper in the checkout line at the grocery store?  Well, now it is do you have your own bags or would you like plastic?  There are stores even giving discounts if you bring in your own bags.  The US Environmental Protection Agency estimates 380 Billion plastic bags are used every year.  That statistic is unbelievable - we all need to start using reusable bags for all stores!  I carry several sizes in my car at all times, including one that keeps items cold.  All you have to do is get into the habit … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Rent vs. Buying Part 1 - 08/26/08 09:57 AM
Let's see which is better to rent or to buy a home?  Well, when a person rents they pay the landlord and never see the money again, plus they cannot use it as a tax deduction.  When a person buys a home they are paying on an assest that they will eventually sell.  Then the remainder of the payment goes to the lender and the interest is usually all tax deductable!  Hummmmm.... which is better renting or buying?
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR
Keller Williams Realty

spartanburg realtor: Building a Home Part 3 - 08/24/08 09:38 AM
When building a home there are mainly three ways to go about it.  One, build a custom home - which will cost the buyer more because the builder is only building buying for a couple of homes usually.  Two, build with a "Track Builder" - they tend to build by the volume and you have to choose from their floor plans and you pay for each upgrade.  And the third way is to buy a spec home.  The builder just builds a home to sell with noone in mind to purchase it.  There is no right or wrong way to build … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Building a Home Part 2 - 08/24/08 09:28 AM
When building your home you must find a piece of land that will fit your family's needs and lifestyle.  Another thing to consider is location, location, location for resale!  You must also consider the floorplan because the home may not meet the neighborhoods covenants/restrictions (if you plan to build in a neighborhood).  And you want to think about the amenities the neighborhood has or does not have.  There are other items that I have not listed, but each family needs to write down what they would like to have ie. many acres, neighborhood, pool, etc.  Hope this helps!
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR

spartanburg realtor: Building a Home Part 1 - 08/24/08 09:17 AM
Building a home can be a stressful experience if you do not have the proper professionals working for you!  When it comes to choosing the most experienced builder you must do your homework.  Talk with other people that have built their own home, work with a REALTOR that knows the builders in the area, and look at the Better Business Bureau's website.  There are many experienced builders you just have to do your homework so your don't get stuck in a mess!  To be continued...
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR
Keller Williams Realty

spartanburg realtor: Which rooms should you invest in when remodeling - 08/21/08 03:40 AM
A homeowner should always think about which rooms to remodel to get their best return.  Two of the best items to invest in are windows and siding replacements.  But, when you are remodeling rooms you should update a kitchen with solid surface countertops, custom cabinets, upgraded appliances, and either wood or ceramic flooring.  The bathroom is also major room to update with a large shower with multiple showerheads & tile surround, solid surface counters, and ceramic tiles for the floor.  When showing homes to buyers these are the main items they are looking for.
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR
Keller Williams Realty

spartanburg realtor: Why a REALTOR is your best resource when buying or selling your home! Part 2 - 08/19/08 08:05 AM
The key to a quick sale is pricing the home right in the beginning!  REALTORS spend their time getting to know their market and the numbers so they are able to produce the most accurate market analysis.  Whether an agent is working with a buyer or a seller they must do a market analysis to make sure the price is acurrate.  The price of a home can change with the market, unfortunately a seller may think their home is worth one price but is really worth another.  A REALTOR also makes sure the buying and selling process goes as smooth as … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Why a REALTOR is your best resource when buying or selling your home Part 1 - 08/17/08 12:51 PM
Consumers are faced with so many questions and information these days with technology.  The media feeds us information every day and you never what to believe.  The best way to obtain information is through your REALTOR.  90% of sellers and purchasers work with a REALTOR.  The number one reason to consumers use a REALTOR is to provide expertise on negotiating and closing on a home.  Plus, REALTORS sell homes for 16% more than those sold by individuals.  To be continued....
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR
Keller Willaims Realty
Spartanburg, SC

spartanburg realtor: Credit Makeover - 08/15/08 03:23 AM
Credit makeover is something a lot of people are doing now!  Great credit requires more than paying bills on time.  It only counts for 1/3 of the points, therefore 2/3 of the score comes from four other areas.  The second area is debt, ie. credit cards, auto loans, etc.  The third area is the older your credit report is the more points she will earn in this category.  The forth is New Credit - you should only apply for credit when you really need it.  Finally, the fifth category is a mix of accounts.  This information is good for everyone to … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Staging Your Home - 08/12/08 09:15 AM
When selling your home staging it is very important.  If a home is not de-cluttered from the day it is listed you could lose any buyers that may have already looked at your home.  Staging will get your home sold quicker and at the best possible price. 
Therefore, when you are getting your home ready to sell think about the way the buyer wants it to look.  Staging is about everyone's taste, not an individual's taste.  To get ideas for staging go to open houses, visit model homes, and read/watch about home decorating.
Have a Great Day,
Patricia Fisher, REALTOR
CRS, … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Understanding Today's Real Estate Market - 08/11/08 08:58 AM
What created today's market?  Many homeowners and real estate professionals are asking themselves this.  The slowdown is largely due to the demand started by the global investment market and by individual investor/speculators.   In other words in the year of 2000 the world's pool of dollars exploded, between 2006 and 2007 it doubled.  Therefore Wall Street ceated new ways to package mortgages, then sell them and pass the money and risk to the investors.  These loans required little information on buyers income and assests.  Unfortunately lenders used adjustable rate, interest only, and other loans much more frequently and possibly mis-used.  We are … (0 comments)

spartanburg realtor: Buying A Home Make Buying Easy By Pre-Planning Part 3 - 08/10/08 11:53 AM
Once your purchaser has chosen a house and they would like to make an offer you want to make sure you have certain papers ready for when they come to the office to make an offer.  For example the pre-approval letter from the lender, a Seller's Disclosure, Lead Based Paint Discloser if needed, etc.  Now you write the offer up and have either the listing agent present the offer or if you would like you may present the offer to the seller's.  (This depends on your state laws.)  Remember to explain to your buyer to not take the counter-offer personally, because the seller … (1 comments)


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