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Dear Newest Client,You are a pleasure to work with and I love your questions.  It has been an exciting wonderful journey with you and your sweetie; from the first time we searched together online and discussed wants and needs about your first home to the moment we found out the home you bid on wa...
You know I really enjoy the blogs.  I enjoy ranting blogs, if that is you  YOU know who you are...and so do we.  I enjoy the intro blogs; but mainly I enjoy the experience that I get from many of you:  Your Wonderful Sharing Blogs! They are often riddled with great clip art or cartoons and the ar...
Okay I have to admit there are only a few things sweeter than this...golden retriever and a kitten.  But check out this news story from the Associated Press:Click hereThe retriever nurses the little kitten and accepted her as one of her own!                     Locally I know of a couple goldens ...
Today is the last day to register to vote in the state of Michigan.  Election day is November 6th but today is the last day to register!  You must register to vote for the November election. 
Buyers Beware:  Orangeberg tile maybe your worse enemy and you didn't even know about it.After WWII the very common product used for sewer lines in cities was a tile they named Orangeberg.  This innocent looking product appears normal enough:  Problem with this product is that it is actually Coal...
Peter Beal is a craftsman like an old fashioned honest hardworking artisan who fell behind in taxes and lost his home and place of business and is paying a very high price.  All in all, the stories we hear are sad but this is one person who lost his home as well as his favorite tool to do his wor...
If you are selling a home which needs updating there is money available via energy efficient home improvements.  Credits range from $50.00 to $2,000.  Check out this chart (via Mother Earth News).                                                      Credit                     Max CreditSolar Elec...
America On the Move is September 22nd - 29th.Our YMCA just happens to be the best Y in the country.  Yea, I know some of you are thinking .... Oh man here goes another blog about how great Ann Arbor is.  I'm sorry I can't help it.  We do have some great things happening and one is the YMCA.We hav...
This is a blog with a purpose.  We are all hearing loans are changing requirements and an agent  friend just told me her most recent contract which had a bottom lined was a mess.  Questions herein are about VA loans.  Someone please clear up the fog! The buyer spent the money for both inspection ...
Hi folks,Just wondering what you are all thinking is the best way to present yourselves?  Is it to dress like a total pro in the 3 piece suit or at least a 2 piece suit for many of us...or dress like the client?  The "client" in our hometown of Ann Arbor is a very casual group.  That means the bu...

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