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HealthMedia of Ann Arbor, Michigan has been purchased by Johnson & Johnson. Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to Google and now Johnson & Johnson.  The head of the local company will be retained and "operate on a focus of international growth". Growth is what the state of Michigan needs and this is not...
  Dexter, Michigan is a lovely village just West of Ann Arbor and one of the fun fall events is to head out to Jenny's Market and take a horse carriage ride to pick your pumpkin.   There are many items to enjoy like apple cider, pumpkin pie and apple doughnuts. There is so much fun for the kids a...
I am fortunate to sit on the education committee for the local board of Realtors(R) and given the current economic situation it would be prudent to schedule a couple hours for education in your schedule for leader discussions. Date:  October 22, 2008 Time:  10 a.m. to Noon Location to be determin...
What a great weekend ahead in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We have the UM home game Saturday and just as exciting is the 5K run on Sunday morning.  The run is special for a few reasons: 1.  YOU decide on your favorite charity (this is the Big Heart part of the run). 2.  YOU finish at the 50 yard line in...
I would like to introduce you to  Dexter, Michigan. Welcome to fall and I hope you make the trip to a lovely town just west of Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is a short drive or bike ride along a couple lovely routes.  You can take Ann Arbor-Dexter Road or Huron River Drive and you arrive 8 miles later...
Hi everyone, I have been a bit swamped with work, family and other normal obligations and my time here recently has been limited.  I admit very limited.  If your inbox at Active Rain looks like this: Oh My Goodness I have been away wayyyyy toooo long.  All of my messages are group messages and th...
We have one of the best treasurer's in the country and I say this because of all the proactive things she does to keep people in their homes. Catherine McClary has a wonderful website and has been helping people long before it was in the public's awareness. Lately there has been a larger group of...
Washtenaw County 4H Fair   It is an important event for many in the Ann Arbor area. This is the most important week of the year! You have worked with your dog, lamb, steer, horse all year to go to win the blue ribbon.  Wow the excitement is huge and the anticipation is great. This year the Grand ...
Oh there are many times when Ann Arbor, Michigan is the best place in the world...some would think of fall with UM Football or winter snows which are beautiful as well as the springtime when it's cool enough to run a 10K in the Arboretum.  But none of these wonderful times compare to summertime i...
Burns Park is an neighborhood within the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan as well as a first rate elementary school and local park. This is a classic wonderful neighborhood within walking distance of the University of Michigan and has always been in high demand. The prices of homes are currently at a ...

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