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Well, it happened again.  We had a huge storm pass through out area (Scio township) and the power is out and I'm sure that is true for the Keller Williams Dexter as well.  If you are showing homes North of Jackson Road up to lovely lake area, Pinckney, Michigan, most of us don't have power and tr...
July 1, 2008 the Michigan Association of Realtors(R) put into effect the new form which lays out the guidelines for proper agency responsibilities.  The Realtor(R) must engage in the following Statutory Duties: represent the client may NOT breach buyer agency or listing agency must be loyal to cl...
I am thrilled to say I had a closing last Friday and my buyer has been sleeping with a smile since the move.  There are contracts which seem difficult in today's market due to credit changes and we were caught in some of that.  I was honest and forthright with facts to the listing agent and was n...
The Active Rain Guys know....they protect us from Spam within the AR.  Hopefully it isn't a worm that stops the whole system. I don't know how hackers work and I hope to not ever need to know too much. The Guys might need to know about the Spammer who reach out to us and I'd like to share this on...
There have been moments for many of us in this world of technology, that we have used our emotion to create an e mail or blog and it really should just wait.  It can wait folks.  Give it a few hours, maybe even a 24 hour period.  If you are extremely upset about someone or something, it might be ...
I have become a huge fan of some blogs in my hometown.  These are folks I met through Twitter and have since met in person.  They are very cool people and their blogs may not be on the top 5 blog list anywhere but they might be nice for each of us to review and learn something from. Here are some...
I am very excited to be in the Makeover2Takeover contest.  I have teamed up with Maureen Francis and we are happy to announce our team name:       I heard about the contest and thought who would be a willing mentor? I was fortunate that Maureen had not yet committed to any one else.  She is blogg...
We are in marketing.  It really doesn't matter if you are a Realtor(R), loan officer, Stager or Broker we all need name recognition in the marketplace.  Marketing 101 teaches you that the three important part of any marketing program is: Repeat Repeat Repeat   This means you should not spend your...
Looking, searching for a Make Over Partner...putting some notes out to see if there is anyone who doesn't have a partner and is willing to mentor.  I would truly appreciate any assistance but want to thank anyone willing and crazy enough to consider it.  (That would be Todd Waller)   Anyway I kno...
Remember the Titans! If you need some inspiration when it comes to this market just watch “Remember the Titans!” I say this because we must remember who we are in this market and work like those on the Titans team worked and people will remember us. I really believe that this teamwork dedication ...

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