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I have my continuing education finished for this year and although the class was helpful I would have to say there is more learning that goes on here in the Rain than a class could ever cover.  The reasons Active Rain is so incredibly helpful are many more than I can conjure up, but here is my li...
Having just returned from a meeting with the Dalai Lama… oh gosh its only been 48 hours … yikes…. Question! You end up with an additional GPS from the big box store. You’re pretty sure you didn’t steal it, at least not intentionally, but there it was in your back seat when you got home. So you p...
I took one of those calls today.  You know the type: Someone upset because the vacant lot NEAR them is disorderly.  It just isn't what it should be.  He called the last  office who had it listed to complain.  I listened to him talk about the weeds and talk about a bit of trash that had collected....
I truly do have a love-hate relationship with technology.  I am just being honest here and have to say that I'm glad part of it is:  love.  If it weren't for the friends that I have met on Active Rain or Twitter with I probably would never "get it".  If I say "get it" about technology, I'm lucky ...
Here is a video to introduce myself to anyone looking at home in the Ann Arbor area. My name is Karen Moorhead and the place to start your search is on the Internet and I thrilled you have found http://activerain.com.  While you are here "in the rain" as we like to say, feel free to look around. ...
There is a group of people in Ann Arbor who have a ton of fun…going to Detroit.  This event was a wonderful success.  We left A2 and took a bus (think party huge bus, not school bus) and went to the DIA for the late Friday night hours.  It is a wonderful experience I would recommend to anyone, b...
Outdoor fun for the kids has been proposed. There is a group of citizens proposing an outdoor skate park at Vet's Park.  The next meeting to discuss the Skate Park is scheduled for Wednesday, April 2 @ 6:30.  The meeting will take place at Abbott Elementary School.  If you are a supporter or just...
I was thrilled at Top of the Park 2006 to be introduced to one of Ann Arbor’s most up-in-coming musical groups called Tally Hall. They are an incredible band and not to be missed. If you would like an introduction please listen to 107.1 while you blog or answer e mail and of course you can do th...
Go to http://www.google.com/ right now.  Did you see the black?Do you know why it is black?  Tonight is turn the lights out and we have someone in Ann Arbor, Michigan who has signed up our little part of the Earth in this great feat of awareness.  Awareness about what you ask?  Thanks for asking!...
I know many agents will think I'm crazy for my title but hear me out.  There is a method to my madness.  There was a client who came into town to interview for a position here in Ann Arbor and he was pretty excited about the opportunity.  Great company and seems to be a nice town...but he is comi...

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