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The Old West Side of Ann Arbor has some wonderful aspects to it and one of these gems has been the Jefferson Market which has just been sold and the new business is:Jefferson Market and Cakery                                                   The new owner is Mary Rasmussen from Saline who fell i...
I am so excited to share my new outside blog with all of you.    The reason I am working on a blog is to help explain the current market conditions and I encourage anyone to post questions and I would love to answer them. I cover Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea and Ypsilanti, Michigan.  If you have qu...
Active Rain is so huge and offers so many benefits that even if we are active participants we might miss something and I have to share another wonderful aspect of the Rain.  It is the new video section of AR and I found a Seth Godin who is Mr. Marketing to all of us.  Everyone of us should see th...
Top 10 Things We Love in Ann Arbor10. Going up "North" for vacation                       9. Coffee shops  8. Downtown   7. Diversity  6. Parks  5. Art and Art Fair  4. Music  3. Schools  2. Books  1. Michigan Football   Top Things We Hate* in Ann Arbor   10. Cloudy days  9. Art Fair  8. Long dri...
If you don't take advantage of this, don't say I didn't warn you.  It is my service to you today: Service Bulletin: Certain compounds used to manufacture the electronics inside a computer monitor can leach out over time and cause a dirty film to form on the INSIDE of most computer screens.  Users...
KW Cares Sponsored Blood Drive         Keller Williams has a wonderful part of the company, which warms the hearts of anyone lucky enough to attend Family Reunion and see Mo Anderson live.  It is KW Cares and this is the philanthropic arm of Keller Williams Realty.  We raise money with each closi...
I have some wonderful news for people moving to Ann Arbor Area.  We have a mid Winter break with both the Ann Arbor Public schools, Saline Public Schools as well as the University of Michigan.  The schools take advantage of the break and we certainly could use it to recharge our batteries.If you ...
Michigan is in the middle of a contest and this is for anyone in the state.  If you find the biggest pothole and send the photo to drivemi.org you could win $360.00. The organizers for the contest figure people will laugh about the thought of potholes big enough to lose small dogs and they do exi...
  Ann Arbor is a great city for walking, biking and some mass transportation and to increase the sustainable future of Ann Arbor there is going to be a discussion tomorrow Thursday, February 21, 2008.  Please join us with your questions and comments:    Crazy Wisdom Bookstore Tea Room114 S. Main ...
If you want to get a feel for Ann Arbor, Michigan you can check out our great town in the newest Hollywood film "Jumper".  You will see Gallup Park and Huron High School and a huge number of students as extras.  Our city has been featured in a few books but this is the most recent Hollywood movie...

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