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Okay Ann Arbor, have I got some good news for you:New Exciting Borders Store is open:  3140 Lohr Road, Ann Arbor close to Saline, Michigan. 734.997.8884But even more exciting is the music coming to this new store:  SARA BAREILLES  This is all via 107.1 FM Our very own Martin Bandyke is attending ...
This Valentine's Day is an opportunity to show some of the Active Rain love.  You say you didn't know there was AR Love?  Oh yea, its really very common and appreciated and I'm going to open up the doors to additional Hidden Gems here in the Rain and I hope you will all look at their works, make...
If the snow out your window is getting you down, don’t despair!  We have the first annual Indoor Triathlon coming to the new YMCA. Date:   Sunday, March 30th, 2008 @ 8:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.       Address:  400 West Washington                Ann Arbor, MI  48103 Phone information:  734-996-9622 Websi...
         Happy Valentines Day to Everyone and Remember Your Special Sweetie!I thought my life was going as planned,Parallel, congruent, and right,                                                                      Until I met you,My supplement,My perfect square. But now I don't seem to know acu...
Big News from the Powerhouse today: Google Announced that they are going local for news reports.  They are going to search for the newest piece of information and that is going to be at the top of the list for local news from Google.  Who better to do it?  No one I'd venture to say.     "The bigg...
Okay so I hope you have a sense of humor...and I'm sure I'll hear from people if they don't. This is really a sign in Ann Arbor.  How about your town?  Have you ever wondered...what in the world were they thinking?  I sometimes think the people who name towns or street or cities are just laughin...
The University of Michigan has an incredible music program and this week the following events are occurring: University Symphony Orchestra            Feb  5      8pm            Hill AuditoriumConcert Band performance                  Feb  6      8pm            Hill AuditoriumChamber Choir        ...
 There is a wonderful public elementary school I want to share with everyone.  It is the Ann Arbor Open School @ Mack.  It is a magnet school that anyone can attend no matter where they live in the Ann Arbor Public School District and bus transportation is provided.  It is the elementary school m...
Chelsea is a wonderful town west of Ann Arbor and it is a place difficult to leave.  You can ask Jeff Daniels about that.  It is so idyllic that he has never even left.  He does leave for town to do his movies, but he and his wife have decided that staying put and raising a family here in Chelsea...
I am thinking all of received the e mail from NAR today with the request to add to the relief package loan limits on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  They are claiming all kinds of additional loans will be processed if we do this (138,000 additional purchases and 200,000 refinance loans).  Now, someo...

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