UPDATED:  MARCH 24, 2009 The IRS has now issued an updated Form 5405 which rules on a number of questions raised around the 2009 ($8000) and 2008 ($7500) home buyer tax credits. Here are some of the key IRS rulings and other answers applicable to the the 200+ questions I received on this credit: ...
First of all, I would just like to say that I am now affiliated with Connect Realty.  After a year with Prudential (which I'm going to miss some of the agents and my old broker), I am sad to say that I have found another brokerage where it is willing to offer a high split than what I am or was ge...
Let's all welcome Menchie here in AR... I know that you will enjoy AR as much as we all do.  You get to post blogs on any topic that you like and get to read other people's blog as well... it is so cool.  It's like myspace, but only better.  It's actually the real world...    
Ok, you probably read my first blog about WAMU's negotiation process in short sale.  This is an update... I recently received a counter-offer from the negotiator and I think it is ridiculed.  According to the appraisal report, WAMU countered the buyer's offer $40,000 more without any credits to b...
Jennifer is a co-worker of mine here in Prudential CA Realty in Stockton.  We've worked together hand-in-hand in the past for our investor client... and she is great!  Without her there, I would have dissolved in tears already because of the listing side.  This particular listing agent is just im...
Another lender that I cannot stand during short sale negotiation is Countrywide.  I have another shortsale listing and this time it's with Countrywide as the first and EMC as the second.  Both Countrywide and EMC has the short sale package since April of 2008.  On August 2008, I received an appro...
This mitigation department will drive me to go drinking.  Here's my scenario: I'm helping my seller do a short sale on their property in Tracy.  We already have an offer and have submitted the short sale package over to WAMU.  The property has been appraised over two weeks ago and the negotiator ...
This is so cool!  So far, all of my listings are SHORT SALE.  Some lenders are very easy to work with and some are (you know what I mean).  Overall, it's a great experience because I'm sure that short sales will come back again in the near future.  So, why not, get started with it right now in th...

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