web design: To Link Or Not To Link......That Is The Question. Here's The Answer - 01/21/12 03:31 AM

You probably know that inbound links are one of the best ways to increase traffic through your web site.  This is true for 2 reasons.  One reason is that there are more links to your web site for people to find.  This is not the primary benefit of many inbound links however.  The biggest benefit is the credit you get from a search engine standpoint and how the engine relays search results that contain your URL;  this is your rank.
Look at it like this.  You're debating on a restaurant.  Aaron's restaurant has 50 positive reviews (links) versus 200 … (3 comments)

web design: Sell Condos? Do Your Own Web Work? This Is For You! - 01/20/12 10:58 PM

I started my business career as a plain and simple Realtor.  When I started, things were slow and I quickly found I had nothing to do with the majority of my day.  I mean there was free cell, solitaire, video poker etc. but instead, I began building my own web site. I simply couldn't afford to have a professional do it.  I guess I took the road less traveled. No offense intended to other new Realtors that choose something different to try and drum up business.
You're doing the same thing and think you may have bitten off … (4 comments)

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