utah county real estate market: 2nd Qtr - Provo from 2009 to 2010 - 07/21/10 07:18 AM

The number of sold homes in Provo UT increased by 14.  Median price fell below $200,000 and average price of Provo houses declined from the mid to low 200s.

utah county real estate market: 2nd Qtr - Pleasant Grove from 2009 to 2010 - 07/21/10 07:09 AM

Sold Real Estate in Pleasant Grove stayed about the same but price dropped.  Median price of Pleasant Grove homes decreased 21% and average price dropped 17%. 

utah county real estate market: 2nd Qtr - Lehi from 2009 to 2010 - 07/14/10 07:51 AM

Lehi homes sold increased 2.5% or 4 homes.  Median sold price decreased 2.6% and average sold price slipped 5.7%.  Lehi Real Estate is currently priced in the low to mid 200s.

utah county real estate market: 2nd Quarter - Alpine and Highland from 2009 to 2010 - 07/14/10 07:40 AM

Highland Real Estate and Alpine Real Estate saw increases across the board.  Sold homes in Highland and Alpine increased 8%, median price increased 5.5% and average sold price increased 24%.

utah county real estate market: 2nd Qtr - Eagle Mountain from 2009 to 2010 - 07/14/10 07:14 AM

Real Estate in Eagle Mountain didn't change too much.  Homes sold increased by less than 1% and median and average sold prices of Eagle Mountain homes decreased by less than 3%.

utah county real estate market: Springville, Utah - 2009-2010 - 05/27/10 09:05 AM

By 2005, sold Real Estate in Springville Utah had more than doubled.  By 2008, numbers had taken a big fall and sold homes in Springville numbered under 300.  Last year in 2009, numbers again saw a small increase.  Springville Real Estate prices also increased in 2009, following a pretty solid decrease from the year before.

utah county real estate market: Spanish Fork, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/27/10 05:20 AM

In just five years, Spanish Fork Utah Real Estate sold more than twice the number of homes.  Unfortunately, it only took three years for numbers to be cut in half.  In 2009, numbers for sold homes in Spanish Fork were almost the exact same as they were in 2000.  Spanish Fork home prices increased pretty heavily in 2006 and 2007 and then decreased in 2008 and 2009 ending at about the same amount from 2006.

utah county real estate market: Saratoga Springs, Utah 2000-2009 - 05/27/10 05:02 AM

Price of homes in Saratoga Springs stayed pretty consistent until they jumped in 2005 and even more so in 2006.  Since then, numbers have slightly decreased. Saratoga Springs homes sold increased pretty steadily until 2006 then, like sold price, a decrease occurred.  This decreased lasted for two years then in 2009, Saratoga Springs Real Estate increased to a ten year high.

utah county real estate market: Provo, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/27/10 04:38 AM

Provo Utah Condos did pretty well until 2007, when numbers turned around.  This eventually led to 2009 being a ten year low for sold condos in Provo.  Price has stayed pretty solid, with small increases and decreases close to an estimated appreciation curve.

Sold Real Estate in Provo Utah witnessed a pretty solid increase from 2000-2006, then an equally solid decrease from 2000-2009.  When only looking at number of Provo homes sold, it seems like nothing has changed in ten years.  Yet change has come in price as median Provo Real Estate prices have increased over … (2 comments)

utah county real estate market: Pleasant Grove, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/26/10 06:15 AM

Like many other cities in the county, Pleasant Grove real estate experienced a solid increase up through 2007 then decreased in 2008.  Sold homes in Pleasant Grove increased again in 2009 so increasing numbers have definitely been the standard over the past ten years.  Sold price of Pleasant Grove homes has seen mostly increases over the years as well but a slight decrease has happened over the past two years.

utah county real estate market: Payson, Utah 2000-2009 - 05/26/10 05:49 AM

Prices of real estate in Payson Utah has stayed pretty close to a 4% appreciation line set from 2000.  Payson homes sold increased to over 350 in 2006 and dropped just below 150 in 2009.  Even with the decrease, it was not as dramatic last year as it was in the years prior.  This could be a sign of an increase of homes in Payson sold within the coming years.

utah county real estate market: Orem, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/26/10 04:59 AM

Throughout the past ten years, Orem Real Estate sold experienced a big increase then an even bigger decrease.  The ten year low was reached in 2008 with about 250 less homes sold then what sold in 2000.  2009 saw an increase in Orem homes sold so hopefully that's also a reflection of years to come. Despite a small decrease here and there, price of Real Estate in Orem has mostly been on the increase over the years.

utah county real estate market: Lehi, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/26/10 04:23 AM

Lehi Utah Real Estate saw overall increases until 2006 for home sales and until 2007 for prices.  Lehi homes sold decreased until 2008 but last year sales rebounded.  Price of homes in Lehi on the other hand have continued to decrease.  Even so, prices are still above the estimated 4% appreciation line.  Dramatic increase in the number homes over the years has been a testiment to the strong growth Lehi has experienced.

utah county real estate market: Highland, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/26/10 03:53 AM

Since 2001, Highland Utah Real Estate has sold over 100 homes.  The range within that has differed over the years and peaked out in 2006 at 204.  2009 shows the second highest number of Highland homes sold at 180.  Sold price has stayed close to or above the appreciation line set in the year 2000.  Prices of Highland Real Estate has been on the decline since 2008 and stopped last year just above the appreciation line.

utah county real estate market: Eagle Mountain, Utah 2000-2009 - 05/25/10 11:30 AM

Real Estate in Eagle Mountain Utah experienced a pretty good increase of homes sold from 2000 to 2006.  Sales decreased by about 200 over the next two years then last year they were back up again.  That being said, Eagle Mountain Real Estate has had it pretty good.  Prices dropped below the appreciation curve for a few years then increased above it and dropped slightly below again last year.  Eagle Mountain homes are very reasonably priced under $200,000.

utah county real estate market: American Fork, Utah - 2000-2009 - 05/25/10 11:06 AM

American Fork Utah Real Estate went from its best year of home sales in 2006 to its worst year in 2008.  That meant that over 100 fewer homes sold in just a two year period.  American Fork homes sold close to the same number of homes as sold ten years ago but prices are quite a bit higher.  When looking at a standard 4% appreciation from the year 2000, both median and average price of homes in American Fork are about $10,000 higher.

utah county real estate market: Alpine, UT - 2000-2009 - 05/25/10 10:49 AM

Alpine Utah Real Estate has been on quite the roller coaster over the past ten years.  In fact, last year ten fewer homes sold than what sold ten years ago and that was after a big increase.  Alpine homes sold peaked in 2003 and 2005 when numbers broke 100 then about half that many homes sold in 2008.  Median price of Real Estate in Alpine dropped below $400,000 for the first time since 2003.  Although the numbers seem pretty bad, an increase from last year seems to be a sign of hope for those looking to sell.

utah county real estate market: Provo Utah 1st Qtr 2009-2010 - 05/24/10 04:51 AM

Provo Real Estate followed a similar trend that several other Utah County cities experienced.  Sold homes went up a decent amount and median and average sold price of Provo UT homes decreased.

utah county real estate market: Orem Utah 1st Qtr 2009-2010 - 05/24/10 03:07 AM

Orem Utah Real Estate saw a big increase, up 35.3%.  Median price of homes in Orem decreased from $208,500 to the $197,000 and average price slipped 11.88%.

utah county real estate market: Utah County Real Estate Market Summary: Homes are getting less expensive. - 03/09/09 10:26 AM
Homes in Utah County Utah are getting more affordable each month. Many of the huge Utah Valley homes for sale are actually selling, and for very low prices. This is bringing up the average square footage of each home sold. The average home sold in Utah County last month was more than 3,000 square feet. It was also just $85 per square foot. These graphs show the trends of average square footage, and price per square footage for Utah County Homes.
. Median Home prices of both properties listed, and sold has consistently dropped every month for the last year. … (0 comments)

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