heather fitzgerald: Indianapolis Short Sales - 11/28/10 08:48 AM

There are currently 58 Active Greenwood IN Short Sales.  They range in price from $27,000 to $499,888. There are currently 3 Pending Greenwood IN Short Sales.  There are 9 successfully closed Greenwood IN Short Sales in the last 90 days. Some of these are listed with experienced Short Sale agents, and some are not. A short sale is very risky to do with an inexperienced agent.  They have the fresh start to your life in their hands.  Are they making the necessary phone calls to push on your short sale?  Do they know how to make those calls?

heather fitzgerald: New Greenwood IN Real Estate Listing, Great Price!! - 11/03/10 05:06 AM
Great & Affordable Home in Greenwood!!! … (1 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Motivation on Monday - 09/20/10 05:43 AM

  The average person works at fifty percent or less of their potential. Your job is to unleash that extra fifty percent. - Brian Tracy   This is a frightening percentage!  It feels sometimes like there is not enough time in the world to get everything accomplished that we want to get accomplished, so if the average person works at this percentage, we have plenty opportunity to improve on our potential!     The happiest life is that which constantly exercises and educates what is best in us.- Philip Gilbert Hamerton   Perhaps if we live this life, we will … (0 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Best Pizza in Indianapolis!!! - 09/07/10 09:40 AM


Bazbeaux opened in Broad Ripple on May 12, 1986. It started in a house that had been the home of the gravedigger for the town cemetery. In Broad Ripple, Bazbeaux quickly became famous for its fresh made, delicious pizzas served next to the canal and the fire station. "By the end of the first year the restaurant had earned its first in an unbroken 20-year string of “Best Pizza in Indianapolis” awards."
"Many Bazbeaux customers have been loyal since day one. Bazbeaux is also fortunate to have many loyal employees, caring so much to uphold our … (2 comments)

heather fitzgerald: RIB FEST INDIANAPOLIS 2010 - 09/04/10 05:14 PM
Rib Fest Indianapolis 2010

Rib Teams The 15th Annual Rib America Festival will feature the World's Best Ribs!!!

heather fitzgerald: Before you abandon your Indianapolis Short Sale-Read This! - 09/02/10 05:24 PM
Before you abandon the property that you are thinking of selling as a short sale, you might want to reconsider!

On FHA loans for Indianapolis IN Short Sales and Avon IN Short Sales, most of the lenders that we are dealing with want a specific date of abandonment, why, and sometimes a  relocation due to loss of job has even been put to the test.  Talk with your agent and with your lender before you abandon your property!

Facing Foreclosure?  Find out how we can  help!
If you need … (1 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Save Save Save and Don't try to keep up with the Jones's-They just went into Foreclosure - 08/31/10 02:15 PM

I keep reading articles out there about the housing market and the slump was supposed to be over by the end of 2009...REALLY?? Based on what information?  If you review your Sheriffs Sales for the counties that you work in, the amount of Short Sales, analyze the time it takes from the Sheriff's Sale to listing as a Bank Owned property and see that it can take quite awhile, you start to get a bigger picture of inventory not yet on the market. Add to that the July home sales for this year being the lowest since the NAR … (4 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Motivation on Monday - 08/30/10 06:34 AM


   Hope is a state of mind, not of the world. Hope, in this deep and powerful sense, is not the same as joy that things are going well, or willingness to invest in enterprises that are obviously heading for success, but rather an ability to work for something because it is good. - Vaclav Havel

Hope is such a powerful word! When we are down, frustrated, lonely, depressed hope can seem out of reach, but when we clear our minds, Hope is an incredible thing! … (2 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Don't let your home go to foreclosure and have your mortgage company freeze your assets! - 08/29/10 03:28 PM
Don’t let your home go to foreclosure/Sheriff's Sale and have your mortgage company freeze your assets when they come after you for the deficiency balance!  It can happen!

There are many  ways to lose your home but having the Sheriff show up at your door is the  hardest. Then to have your mortgage company then come after you for the deficiency judgment by freezing your assets/bank account makes life even more challenging.  For owners who can’t afford to keep mortgage payments current any  longer or are behind already on their mortgage, there are … (3 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Indianapolis Foreclosure-Sold!!! - 08/13/10 01:05 AM
SOLD-INDIANAPOLIS FORECLOSURE!!!!  3 Bedroom, 2 baths at Eden Ridge Ct. Indianapolis, IN

heather fitzgerald: Enjoy NASCAR? Indianapolis Motor Speedway - 07/21/10 07:18 AM
The Indianapolis Motor Speedway opened in 1909.  In 1911 the first Indy 500 race took place. This weekend the Brickyard will be filled with race fans as well as well known NASCAR drivers. 
"The term "Brickyard" is in reference to the nickname historically used for the Indianapolis Motor Speedwaybrick in 1909, and a one-yard strip of brick remains exposed the start/finish line" since 1910.  "Since the inaugural race, the Brickyard 400 has become NASCAR's most–attended event, drawing an estimated crowd of more than 250,000 fans annually. It also has become NASCAR's second highest paying race in dollars (behind the Daytona … (1 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Motivation on Monday - 07/19/10 08:22 AM
Who doesn't love some Stephen Covey to get their business week started??

“Don't argue for other people's weaknesses. Don't argue for your own. When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it, and learn from it / immediately.”   Stephen Covey
This next quote makes me stop in my track every time I read it, hear it, come across it.  Check out some of Stephen Covey's CD's (number 2 or 3) or his his books and you will understand this more completely.  “We may be very busy, we may be very efficient, but we will also be truly … (6 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Carmel Indiana Voted #14 in Best Places to Live 2010 - CNNMoney.com - 07/19/10 05:07 AM
Did you know that Carmel Indiana was voted the 14th "best places to live"?  According to the Best Places to Live 2010, CNNMoney.com
Carmel is located in Hamilton County, Indiana and over 70,000 residents work, play and live in Carmel.  Carmel is one of the fastest growing cities in Indiana with exceptional high achieving schools, nationally recognized public library and focuses on sustaining growth and excellence.
The Arts & Design District on Monon Trail offers unique shops, restaurants and offers year round activities and festivals as well as plenty of parks and recreation.
The Carmel City Center is currently being … (0 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Tips For Shortsale Buyers - Remember Sellers Play The Waiting Game Too! - 07/16/10 12:35 AM
If you are a short sale buyer or considering buying a short-sale in Indianapolis, there is important information you should know.  As a real estate agent in Greenwood IN I know the process takes a long, we've worked through many short sales and get them to the closing table.  Here are a few tips to help Indiana short-sale buyers understand the process.
Tips For Shortsale Buyers - Remember Sellers Play The Waiting Game Too! Short sales require lots of patience and know the process can be long.  So if you need to move yesterday I highly recommend you do not look … (2 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Don’t wait until the Sheriff is knocking on the door of your Indianapolis Real Estate - 07/13/10 10:10 AM
Don’t wait until the Sheriff is knocking on the door of your Indianapolis Real Estate.

There are many ways to lose your home but having the Sheriff show up at your door is the hardest. For owners who can’t afford to keep mortgage payments current any longer or are behind already on their mortgage, there are alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosure.
One of those options is called a "short sale."
More than half of our listing inventory are Short Sales and Foreclosures.
When lenders agree to do a short sale property on your home, it means the lender … (2 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Important Indianapolis IN Short Sale Tip - 07/05/10 12:40 PM

My business partner Pam and I work on numerous Indianapolis IN Short Sales.  If there is a tough Short Sale, my office comes to me to ask my thoughts or what would I do.  I help my broker out when one of his assistants occasionally gets stuck on a Short Sale.
There is a lot to Indianapolis Short Sales and it changes constantly, and we have to roll with it and push forward on behalf of our clients.
Last week one of my broker's Short Sales got hung up again. 
It had been hung up once because the … (5 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Indianapolis IN Foreclosure For Sale-Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity for Affordable Housing! - 07/05/10 10:50 AM
3 Bedroom, 2 baths at Eden Ridge Ct. Indianapolis, IN … (0 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Happy 4th of July! What does this day mean for you? - 07/04/10 03:24 PM
Our country has fought so hard to become independent!

My husband and I rarely watch t.v. together.  I thoroughly enjoy the detective shows and profiling shows, and my husband isn't much of a t.v. person. 
Last night we sat down together to watch t.v together and started watching a program on George Washington and how he sacrificed most of his adult life for our country, even when there was nothing he would have loved more than to rest at his Mount Vernon Estate.


I am not a history buff or history expert, but to … (0 comments)

heather fitzgerald: You have options-Westfield IN Short Sales - 06/27/10 05:38 PM
Westfield IN Short Sales Short Sales

Have you been struggling to make your mortgage payments and are not sure what to do? Have you spoken with your lender to see what options are available for your Westfield IN Real Estate?
I know it can be tempting to just bury your head in the sand and just ride out what is being thrown at you.
It is not the best option for most of you, if not all of you. Give your lender a call and see what your options are.
If you … (0 comments)

heather fitzgerald: Bargersville IN Real Estate Financing Info - 06/23/10 03:53 PM
Below is information about USDA financing for Bargersville IN Real Estate as well as some other Rural areas,
USDA financing is a great way to help your buyers find a home with limited cash out of pocket because it is 100% financing, truly the only type of no down payment loan left for non-veterans. The United States Department of Agriculture makes Guaranteed Rural Housing loans available to persons buying homes in areas considered to be rural. You can check a property's eligibility at this website http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/welcomeAction.do
The areas considered to be rural by this program may surprise you. There are … (0 comments)

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