honolulu lifestyle: Notes from Hawaii Kai on the Tsunami caused by the recent earthquake in Japan - 03/12/11 01:05 PM
Many of us in the Islands have friends or relatives in the devasted areas of Japan, and our sincere good thoughts are with them and their families.  Here's a little insight into the effect on Hawaii.After tsunami warnings, and evacuations where necessary in low-lying areas throughout the islands, we were thankfully spared any major damage.  Waves tore boats from their moorings and wrecked piers, but the damage was far less than scientists feared.  Water swept over the beach in Waikiki and surged over the break wall, but stopped short of the hotels.  In Keehi Small Boat Harbor, about 200 boats were damaged … (1 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: the Greening of Oahu - 03/12/11 12:38 PM
I now offer a new report on the efforts Hawaii is making toward energy independence.  Request a free copy on my web site.  Along with this, I've rededicated myself to helping others keep our island paradise clean and green, so will be highlighting green issues as well.The February issue of Honolulu Magazine includes a special section on the New Hawaii Home, a very exciting project under construction in Kaimuki.  This is the combined effort of more than 70 professionals in all the building, supply, and design trades, to create a home which - if managed wisely and well - will run off the … (1 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: Honolulu in Top 100 Best Communities for Young People - 02/20/11 12:54 PM
Jordan LaPier, senior director of the program for Washington D.C.'s America's Promise Alliance (APA), announced that Honolulu had again made the list (also in 2006 and 2008).  Communities were chosen for collaborating to shape policy that serves the needs of young men and women and reduces high school dropout rates,   "Our winning communities are not perfect places," said LaPier. "Every community has its challenges. But these are communities that are dedicated to making youth a priority and taking action to make that commitment a reality." Honolulu was one of more than 350 nominees drawn from across the nation for consideration, representing all … (0 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: Groundbreaking Scheduled on Honolulu Rail System - 02/20/11 12:40 PM
Feb. 22 will be the formal public ceremony of groundbreaking for the $5.5 billion Honolulu rail system.  City officials are hoping development around the 21 stations will soon follow.  Open grassy areas, park and ride stations, multi-family housing, Kapakahi Stream restoration, mini parks and retail plazas are all part of the city's vision for transit-oriented development, or TOD, along the rail route. Federal funding programs can be used for capital projects that support such development.
Negotiating with property owners is one of two actions the city was authorized to perform after the Federal Transit Administration issued its record of decision last … (1 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: Honolulu Rail Moves Forward - 01/21/11 12:00 PM
As reported recently by the StarAdvertiser.com, the Honolulu elevated rail project has ben given the federal OK to break ground, as federal officials approved the EIS for Honolulu's mass transit system.  This is a real milestone for Honolulu, which has tried for decades to implement rail transit as an alternative to car-based transportation into and out of Honolulu."The city expects to break ground on Honolulu's rail system in March, moving ahead with construction of the $5.5 billion transit project after receiving final environmental approval from the Federal Transit Administration."  The 20-mile project has met all the requirements of the environmental review … (1 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: New Community Survey Data for Hawaii - 12/17/10 12:17 PM
The average Hawaii household income grew by nearly 30% from 2000 to 2009, according to new Census data released yesterday.  The increase was almost enough to keep up with inflation.  In 2009, median household income in Hawaii was $64,661 a year. According to 2000 U.S. Census Bureau data, it was $49,820 a decade ago.  The annual increase is about 2.64%. However, Honolulu's Consumer Price Index has been increasing at 2.87% a year.
The figures come from the Census Bureau's 2005-2009 American Community Survey estimates, released for the first time this week.  "The ACS (American Community Survey) represents the first time such … (0 comments)

honolulu lifestyle: Honolulu, HI Demographics - 11/13/10 05:26 AM
Recently I finished work on a new web site for folks looking for information on Honolulu real estate, http://barbaraabe.gmragent.com/ (I hope you take a look).  While researching photos and trying to condense the information into a "brief introduction" on the major city of Oahu, I was impressed, as always, with the diversity found on our island.  There are so many choices in housing, recreation, scenery, education - really all facets of our lifestyle - and our population reflects these complementary options which make up Hawaii.
As reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, here are some interesting facts on Honolulu County.
Population estimate, 2009 - 907,574Under … (0 comments)