activerain: My High Recomendation of Scott Godzyk, REALTOR® New Hampshire - 01/23/13 02:52 AM

Mr. Scott Godzyk Owner, Broker and REALTOR® at Godzyk Realty Group is a top performing agent in the Manchester New Hampshire real estate market.  Scott’s hard work and dedication to his clients is always first and foremost.  Being a skilled listing broker for REO (Bank Owned) type properties gives him a leading edge for those institutions seeking a skilled and proven professional in that field of expertise.  
The word is out and sellers seeking seasoned advice for their upcoming Short Sale are calling Scott Godzyk to list and sell their homes, they know he has the skill sets necessary to … (37 comments)

activerain: Thankful for ActiveRain - 11/19/12 08:53 PM
Thankful For ActiveRain
As I reflect on the year gone by and consider my blessings I realize how Thankful I am for ActiveRain.  When first signing on some 16 months ago I thought ok I’ll give this AR blogging thing a try but truthfully I had my doubts and my ambition was lacking.  After lurking about for a while I finally took the plunge, wrote my first blog article and I haven’t looked back since.Thanks to AR for providing sound advice by top notch staff, teachers, mentors and fellow bloggers. I have risen in the eyes of the Google lords which … (79 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Connection at 35,000 feet - 11/12/12 11:45 PM
ActiveRain Connection At 35,000 Feet
While my wife Debbie was flying back east last week she noticed her flight mate seemed a bit down and out.  Of course Debbie being the conversationalist she leaned over asked if the young woman was okay.  She expressed that she was but had endured a long day with flights being delayed etc.  The conversation quickly progressed to what they do for a living.  My wife explained we are in real estate, owning and operating Albuquerque Homes Realty.  
Her new flight friend told her they were thinking of selling a Huntsville Alabama home.  Debbie said, … (131 comments)

activerain: Are You An ActiveRain Shot Caller - 09/11/12 02:31 PM
Are you an ActiveRain shot caller?
It seems like only yesterday it was mid Januray 2012 and I was posting the below blog.   Here it is September and I'm now reaching 300 shot calls!  Wow...I got to tell you that's a lot of reading, commenting and "SUGGESTING" your blogs!  No wonder my vision is dimming and my suggesting mouse finger is arthretic :) 
I shall continue to seek out those dynamic articles, soak my aching suggest finger and continue being that active shot master.   So how about you....Are you an ActiveRain shot caller?

Active Rain Shot CallerOne of my personal … (63 comments)

activerain: 365 Days of Making Puddles in the Rain - 07/19/12 12:26 AM
365 Days of Making Puddles in the Rain
Today sets another milestone for my ActiveRain blogging efforts, the anniversary of 365 days of making puddles in the rain...ActiveRain that is!  So hard to believe a year has blazed past since that first blog post “The Top Five Things to Do in Albuquerque”  I do admit I lurked around a bit before conquering that debut article but hey it’s still #2 in the land of Google.  Step forward 365 days and 916 Blog Posts later (Whew) and here we are. Enjoying so much of what ActiveRain and the AcitveRain community provide.  Little … (97 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Weekend Birthday Party - 06/29/12 04:00 AM
ActiveRain Weekend Birthday Party
It’s time to help three great friends in the ActiveRain celebrate their birthday weekend!   If you don’t know Jon Eliason, Maureen Bray and Rose King it’s time you do.  Each are outstanding individuals who contribute selflessly to ActiveRain with their informative posts and always quick to leave encouraging and appreciated comments.So let this party begin with a big ActiveRain Happy Birthday wish for Jon, Rose and Maureen.  To open each friends page in a new window simply click on their names and open their individual pages.
Happy Birthday Friends -  Enjoy your special days to the … (34 comments)

activerain: Doug Bullwinkel 200K Member In ActiveRain - 06/25/12 07:43 AM
Doug Bullwinkel  200K Member In ActiveRain

A huge congratulations to Doug Bullwinkel for crossing the 200,000 point mark in ActiveRain!
For those of you that know Doug you reconize him as a knowledgeable guy and a great friend to have in and out of the Rain.  For those of you that don’t know Doug Bullwinkel yet I hope you jump over to his page, give him a big shout out and get to know him.  You won’t find a more supportive guy in ActiveRain.Congrats Doug on becoming part of the 200K Circle in ActiveRain! 

activerain: Do you look up to the Big Dogs in ActiveRain - 05/17/12 08:01 AM
Comments Have Been Disabled My Friends
Do you look up to the Big Dogs in Active Rain?
It has become self evident that there really are some Big Dogs in ActiveRain.  From day one as an ActiveRain newbie I have looked up to some of the Big Dogs here in Active Rain.  I have enjoyed the company of million plus pointers, Ambassadors and even some of the awesome ActiveRain staff. We all live by the same rules and guidelines and at the beginning of each day we all put our pants on one leg at a time.  So don't be afraid … (100 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Etiquette Dilemma - 05/07/12 10:41 PM
ActiveRain Etiquette DilemmaI hope you understand my ActiveRain etiquette dilemma.  Personally I have always believed  it is very import to reply to comments left on my posts.  It’s like having a two sided conversation and a way to acknowledge that the comments have been read.  In the past you know I typically responded to each comment.  I always read each and every comment on every single post and greatly appreciate them all.  With the real estate tides turning and being more on the run with business I have found myself in an ActiveRain etiquette dilemma.  There just doesn’t seem to be … (134 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Poured Into Santa Fe NM - 05/07/12 12:03 AM
ActiveRain Poured Into Santa Fe NM On Saturday May 5th ,2012 ActiveRain poured into Santa Fe NM.  We had a small gathering of 4.75 ActiveRain members representing 3 different states at the fun and quite educational meet-up.

Thanks to local Santa Fe Realtor®  Emily Medvec for her efforts in finding a great restaurant to meet called the Rio Chama.  The ambiance was very southwest and very Santa Fe style.  Emily made a great choice in all areas including the quietness so we could enjoy the round table discussion with ease.

Ginny Gorman of Rhode Island made the … (52 comments)

activerain: Joanna Cohlan Hits The 100K Jackpot In ActiveRain - 04/30/12 03:11 AM
Joanna Cohlan Hits The 100K Jackpot In ActiveRain

Over the weekend ActiveRain member and friend Joanna Cohlan hit the big 100,000 mark in ActiveRain!  If you’re not subscribed to Joanna’s blogs I suggest you connect with her.  Joanna provides the Rain with expert Home Interior Design, Decorating and Staging ideas.  Let’s start the day off right by coming together in welcoming Joanna to the 100K Club!



activerain: Joanna Cohlan hits 100,000 in ActiveRain - 04/29/12 09:15 PM
Joanna Cohlan hits 100,000 in ActiveRain
Joanna Cohlan, Active Rain member and friend hit 100,000 point over the weekend!  A huge hurtle and one to be celebrated.  If you're not subscribed to Joanna's post I suggest you do so.  She gives great advice on home staging and is very good about leaving comments on other's post.  An all around good friend to have in the Rain.  Leave your kudos on Joanna's page.  She will enjoy hearing from you!
It's official, it's real, and I did it!!! I joined Active Rain on June 25, 2011 and have just now crossed the Rubicon!

activerain: Do You Share ActiveRain Comments With Your Clients? - 04/10/12 06:03 AM

Do you share ActiveRain comments with your clients? 

When you advertise your home listings on AR do you share ActiveRain comments with your clients?  We email listing clients links to all marketing that their home is placed on so they can actually see and know I am working (hard) for them.  I’m not lazy and  just tossing one photo and a couple of sentences on the MLS and calling it good.  I am pushing their home as hard and as far online as possible.  As Realtors we know and do our best to educate our home sellers that … (74 comments)

activerain: ActiveRain Server Upgrades and Scheduled More Downtime 2/16/2012 - 02/15/12 06:37 AM
ActiveRain Server Upgrades and Scheduled More Downtime 2/16/2012
Heads up in case you didn't get this notice earlier today.  Active Rain Will be off line 2/16/2012 for upgrades.  See you in the Rain my friends!
On Tuesday evening, February 14th, starting at 8pm Pacific Time ActiveRain will be down for scheduled updates to our servers.  ActiveRain will be down until midnight or 12:00am on Wednesday morning.  
Updated: On Thursday Evening, February 16th, starting at 8pm Pacific Time, ActiveRain will be down for scheduled updates to our servers. We expect this downtime to last for 4 hours, until Midnight Pacific … (0 comments)

activerain: Meet 2 of My Favorite ActiveRain Bloggers John McCormack & Joni Staples - 01/30/12 11:51 AM
Meet 2 of My Favorite ActiveRain Bloggers John McCormack & Joni Staples
Wow what an honor to be recognized along with Joni Staples by Kristin Hamilton in ActiveRain!  Please click the below link to leave your comment and input on Kristin's page and tell her John McCormack sent you her way. See you in the Rain. 
This month I am doing the 2012 January Blogging Challenge. One of the nine areas we have to blog about is “invitations” and then we feature them after they accept. Unfortunately I have invited quite a few people but no one has accepted yet. So our … (2 comments)

activerain: Times They Are A Changing In Active Rain - 01/24/12 07:26 AM
Times They Are A Changing In Active Rain
Times they are a changing in Active Rain and they will continue to change.  As I have read the many comments on ActiveRain today I’ve seen both the positive and negative feedback on the new changes. We need to recognize we can not prevent change or turn back the hands of time.  Indeed with or without us times they are a changing in Active Rain.
The photo above comes from an old family photo album.  Just imagine how many changes have taken place in daily life since this photo was taken.  Wonder what … (29 comments)

activerain: Flowers are Our Friends in ActiveRain - 01/17/12 03:14 PM
Toni Weidman presents us with a fun and delightful post about pansies and being part of her flowerpot of friends.  Read and enjoy then please leave your comments on Toni's page.  I am disabling all comments on my page.  
Flowers ARE our friends in ActiveRainI posted this picture of pansies last week which  I’m also using  as my laptop wallpaper right now. As I was staring at it, I started thinking that Pansies have such cute little faces. I wondered what they would look like if I could superimpose a person's face over them. Well, that didn’t work out the … (0 comments)

activerain: SOPA: The Internet will Go Dark on Wednesday. Will there be No more Facebook, No more YouTube, No more ActiveRain? - 01/17/12 03:04 PM
Fred Griffin has brought an interesting and somewhat troublesome fact to our attention. Please read Fred's post and leave your comments and input on Fred's page.  I am disabling comments on my page.  Please tell Fred, John McCormack, Albuquerque, REALTOR® sent you his way!
Google will Protest.  No more Facebook, no more YouTube, no more ActiveRain.  This will happen if Congress passes SOPA and PIPA, bills to purportedly end "Online Piracy". 

     Tomorrow, Wednesday January 18 2010, major websites including Wikipedia, Mozilla, WordPress, Reddit, and others will "Go Dark" in protest.
     Google will protest on … (0 comments)

activerain: 10 Good Tips for Better Online Contact Conversion - 12/10/11 03:24 PM
10 Good Tips for Better Online Contact Conversion
Brad Andersohn provides some good information on converting online conversions.  Please leave your comments and input on Brads page.  Please tell Brad that John McCormack, Albuquerque, Realtor® sent you his way.

Are you getting the absolute most and best results from your ActiveRain, Zillow, and other Agent memberships and sites?  Are there some things you’re doing or maybe not doing that could increase the results and successes you’re currently experiencing?
Many times we feel confident and believe that we are doing all the right things possible, but sometimes as Gary points out … (0 comments)

activerain: Happy Birthday Joni Staples - 12/08/11 09:51 AM
Happy Birthday Joni Staples

Today is our good friend and fellow ActiveRainer Joni Staples birthday.  Joni is a jewel, always there to help in any way she can in and out of the Rain.  Please stop by Joni’s page and leave her your good birthday wishes!
Happy Birthday Joni ~ We Love Ya
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