albuquerque homes: My Clients Called .........You want me to do WHAT? - 05/29/13 11:41 PM
Last fall I had a couple from California that built a new home with me as their buying agent. It would be December when the home was complete and they would make their move to Albuquerque.   We playfully bantered back and forth via emails and phone calls that my wife and I would help them move in when the time came.
The long distance home construction and closing went smoothly.  At 10:00 on a Friday night I get a call from my happy home-buyers they were about 30 minutes away from their new home.  I’m thinking they want me to meet them … (128 comments)

albuquerque homes: Should I List My Home In Winter? - 12/21/12 05:24 AM
Should I list my home in  Winter? I am often asked during a listing appointment with potential Albuquerque home sellers “Should I list my home in Winter”?  The answer...if you want or need to sell then yes, list your home in the winter months or at anytime.  Home buyers search and shop for homes 365 days a year and if your home is not on the market it’s certainly not going to sell.  Yes, as an Albuquerque REALTOR®  I normally see a slower pace in the market during the late fall and winter months but it certainly doesn't cease. Many things … (70 comments)

albuquerque homes: Hillcrest Condominium Sale Now Pending - 02/29/12 08:21 AM
Hillcrest Condominium Sale Now Pending  Hillcrest Condominium complex now has a sale pending at 3835 Montgomery Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87109.
This 965 Sq Ft Hillcrest Condominium  is now “Pending” and will close soon.  The new home owners will certainly enjoy a nice kitchen with all appliances, pass through dining, large living area with fireplace and access to private balcony.   Two spacious bedrooms with large walk in closets, full bath, coat and linen closets and laundry area with stack-able washer and dryer.
The new Hillcrest Condo owners are sure to appreciate the sparkling pool this summer, the small gym, clubhouse and … (20 comments)

albuquerque homes: Oxbow Neighborhoods in NW Albuquerque NM 87120 - 02/19/12 10:15 PM
The Oxbow Neighborhoods in NW Albuquerque NM 87120 offer a wide variety of home options.  The Oxbow community is divided into 5 separate and distinct subdivisions to include Oxbow Bluffs, Oxbow North, Oxbow Park, Oxbow Village and Enclave at Oxbow.  The range of available home is extensive from 1500 sq.ft Patio homes in Enclave at Oxbow to a 7700 sq.ft luxury masterpieces in Oxbow Bluffs.  Some of the communities are gated while others are open. View all Oxbow Homes For SaleThe Oxbow development began in 2004’ with Charter Homes being the primary builder.  Some of the larger lots on the eastern … (18 comments)

albuquerque homes: Christmas Ornaments Courtesy of Nature! - 12/02/11 04:01 PM
This is Mother Natures very own Christmas tree.  I took this shot because of the vibrant young pine cones adorning this beautiful pine.
Just perfect, don’t you think?

A great time to see homes is during the holidays.  The decor, the fragrant aromas and the love of home all are manifested during these times.  If your considering the purchase of a home here in Albuquerque give me a call it would be my pleasure to show you some magical homes.

albuquerque homes: My 2 cents on - 10/17/11 05:36 PM
Is it just me or do we all get those nasty little expletive responses from our lead capture pages found on our websites.  You know the ones where we politely ask them to register in order to continue receiving the FREE information they came looking for or so we can send them a report they decided they would like to read.  Obviously I can’t and won’t use those expletives that come across my screen on occasion but I think you get the gist.  I don't know about you but I get my little feelings hurt  I mean I'm only asking them … (22 comments)

albuquerque homes: Fall is a great time to invite Mr. Clean to your Albuquerque home - 10/14/11 02:01 AM
Fall is a great time to invite Mr. Clean to your Albuquerque home for sale. Just because the trees are not green and the flowers not happily blooming it's no reason your home shouldn't show well.  Buyers understand your New Mexico home curb appeal isn't going to be drop dead gorgeous during the fall and winter season they get it.  However showing your Albuquerque home in it's best light should still be priority one.  So take advantage of the fall season to clean up the place up and get it looking great.Consider trimming back those trees and bushes, rake loose leaves … (18 comments)

albuquerque homes: Royal Gorge Is A World Wonder - 10/12/11 02:45 AM
Royal Gorge Is A World Wonder    The Royal Gorge is a world wonder and is often called the Grand Canyon of Arkansas River.  
Whether you’re walking or driving across the Royal Gorge Bridge you will marvel at the breathtaking views.  The Royal Gorge Bridge hangs 965 up and is stabilized by cables alone.  It spans a quarter mile across the granite canyon that was carved out by water.
Take a ride on one of the world’s longest aerial tram at the Royal Gorge.  Its length is 2,200 feet and is 1,178 feet above the bottom or 6 seconds to death if … (20 comments)

albuquerque homes: Bad Sonotube Cost Albuquerque Sellers over $16K - 10/06/11 02:23 AM
I recently closed a transaction with a delightful young couple purchasing their first home together to settle their growing family.  What makes this transaction stand out is the astonishing information derived from a home inspection.  We ordered the typical inspection covering mechanical functions of any home.  As the inspection progressed he suggested the home have a “Duct Inspection”  he was able to determine that the duct work in this home was Sonotube which is an in-floor type encased in the concrete slab.  You may be aware of Sonotube and its potential issues as I am but I had no idea it … (20 comments)

albuquerque homes: Unser Racing Museum Albuquerque NM - 09/15/11 05:07 PM
Unser Racing Museum Albuquerque NM I really enjoyed the hands on experience of Albuquerque’s Unser Racing Museum.  This Albuquerque museum uses modern technology to educate and intrigue visitors of all ages into the world of racing.  Take a guided tour or explore on your own and of course interact with racing history.  This pristine museum has a variety of cars from restored antiques to wining cars, pace cars and race cars.  Check out the cool trophy room and note the artwork, library and tons of unique items.  There’s even a gift shop for you to browse.  I walked away with a … (18 comments)

albuquerque homes: 14th Annual Albuquerque Maize Maze - 09/14/11 02:35 AM
14th Annual Albuquerque Maize Maze Happening Now Each fall thousands enjoy the Albuquerque Maize Maze.  Located in the lush North Valley area of Albuquerque. The 7-acre maze of 6 ft corn paths is precisely cut by GPS technology to form the Dinosaur Maze.  Follow the Dinosaur tracks, play with bones and find eggs along the maze!  It’s great entertainment for kids of all ages with special events taking place September 24th – October 31st.  See you at the Albuquerque Dinosaur Maize Maze.
Special Events At The Albuquerque Maize Maze STARLIGHT MAZE – SEPT 24thNight-sky telescopes with AlbuquerqueAstronomy Society. Open until 10pm … (10 comments)

albuquerque homes: Petroglyph Art Shares Stories of Ancient Past - 09/12/11 02:05 AM
A favorite stop for Albuquerque tourist and locals alike is the Petroglyph National Monument. This special place and the petroglyph art shares the stories of an ancient past.  The images left behind were created by slowly pecking through the outer layer of rock and leaving a lighter color stone showing through.  The art and stories they tell have survived over 3,000 years for us all to see, enjoy and reflect on.  Some of the petroglyph art were created much later around the 1700’s when Spanish colonist came through leaving images of crosses, horses and domesticated animals.  Archaeologist claim to have explained  … (8 comments)

albuquerque homes: May God Bless America - 09/10/11 06:50 PM
There's a lady I've known forever. She's very sick. On top of that, she's being abused by those she has given everything to. It seems like she is being attacked from all sides. Just breaks my heart. I can not help her by myself. But maybe, if we join in and lift her up, WE can help. She's well over 200 years old, but way too young to die. Her name is AMERICA.                                                                              May God Bless America! … (16 comments)

albuquerque homes: La Luz Trail an Oxygen Thin Experience - 09/08/11 03:24 AM

For many hiking the La Luz Trail can be an Oxygen Thin Experience.
Hiking in New Mexico and around Albuquerque is a favorite activity for many including us.  We have explored most of the popular hikes and some not so popular.  New Mexico has such a diverse landscape from sand dunes to high mountains that it’s easy to find a great trail almost anytime of year.  The Sandia Mountain area alone offers over 50 trail options.One of the most famous Sandia Mountain trails is the La Luz (Spanish for “the light”). This 7.5 mile one way hike starts at an … (14 comments)

albuquerque homes: Amazing Tent Rock Kasha-Katuwe Near Albuquerque - 09/03/11 06:45 AM
One of the many area attractions found around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho New Mexico is a well kept secret known as Tent Rocks.  This is a National Monument but it’s off the beaten path so it’s not uncommon to enjoy some seclusion and serenity while visiting this magical place. (scroll down for photos)Tent Rocks or Kasha-Katuwe (white cliffs) in the native language was formed over 6-7 million years. Volcanic activity in the Jemez mountains spewed rocks, ash and a pyroclastic flow down through these valleys.  Over the millennium wind and water have slowly carved out these marvels of nature.  The Tent … (10 comments)

albuquerque homes: New Mexico Wine Festival at Bernalillo - 09/02/11 10:47 AM
What: The New Mexico Wine Festival 2011When: September 3, 4 & 5th.  Labor Day WeekendWhere: Bernalillo, NM.  (13 Miles North of Albuquerque. Exit 242 and Follow Signs)How Much:  $12.00 at Gate or Tickets On-LineThe New Mexico Wine Festival kicks off just in time for the Labor Day Weekend!  This awesome annual event showcases some of New Mexico’s finest wineries and wine makers. Not a wine connoisseur? No problem because there is a whole lot more going on than just wine tasting.  You will be enjoying some great live entertainment as well.  Five different bands are lined up for each and every … (7 comments)

albuquerque homes: She is no ordinary home inspector! Albuquerque's Best! - 09/02/11 03:37 AM
While in the mountains of Taos NM last weekend taking some much needed R&R.  I was standing on the deck of our cabin and noticed our high energy Schnauzer conducting a little Home Inspection of the place.  As you can see by the photos she was quite willing to get down and dirty and sniff out all possible defects. Sure enough this was a bad drain allowing the elements and vermin in.  I told you..She is no ordinary home inspector. ;>)  See below for some actual home inspectors I highly recommend in the Albuquerque, NM area.

If your looking for … (10 comments)

albuquerque homes: Hummers are juicing up - 08/31/11 06:38 AM
Humming Birds around Albuquerque are juicing up in preparation for migration to warmer climates!  My wife and I really enjoy watching the tiny birds zip and zoom around the feeder.  At dark they normally settle down and share the sugar water before bedtime.  We have a birds eye view if you will as they dart about drinking from the flowers at our kitchen window box filled with colorful blooms.  Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that bring great pleasure ~


albuquerque homes: I'd like to find a good topless bar - 08/31/11 02:21 AM
I had a really awkward yet funny situation arise just the other day.  I was working with a very pleasant couple who are moving to Albuquerque from Texas.  We were looking at about 15 homes this day alone so we were enjoying some good conversation between properties. My clients mentioned as we passed a particular Church that they were of that same denomination and so we conversed about this subject a bit more. After brief pause and just a few moments later the husband states  “I’d like to find a good topless bar”. I hesitated a moment then said something like … (116 comments)

albuquerque homes: Win a trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta - 08/30/11 11:39 AM
Win a trip to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta October 1st - 9th 2011  
Enter To Win Here > Valued at Over $2,650  
Must enter by August 31st 2011 The winner receives 3 nights in Sheraton Uptown, Rainbow Ryders will give you a free hot air balloon ride, three days admission to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta with VIP passed to the Gondola Club Hospitality Suite, Admission to the Anderson-Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum and Diamond Club. Also enjoy 2 official International Balloon Fiesta jackets and a $200 gift card to be used to airfare, gas or shopping! … (7 comments)

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