albuquerque homes: Help! A Schnauzer with Chicken Pox ?? - 08/29/11 02:02 AM
Help! A Schnauzer With Chicken Pox???I need input from all you pet loving owners in the Rain!  Ten weeks ago I groomed our Mini Schnauzer, Dixie, myself as I always do.  This time I used newly sharpened blades on both razors.  The next day we noticed she had a few tiny red bumps on her.  We thought it was razor burn and blew it off thinking it would go away.  Next week the pup is eating or drinking very little.  Covered in larger bumps that are easily seen with the necked eye from her rump to her ears.  Still no scratching … (12 comments)

albuquerque homes: Keeping In Touch Does It Work? - 08/25/11 02:20 AM
Keeping In Touch Does It Work? You bet! It works great with our clients and friends here at Albuquerque Homes Realty.My motto has always been to stay in touch with clients and they will remember you when buying, selling or referring time comes again. Here are a few simple ways we stay in touch.  We keep all clients in our data base and without fail they will receive a hand written note in their yearly birthday card.  This includes their children too, kids grow up and buy homes.  Our buyers get an annual home anniversary card with a note always recalling … (10 comments)

albuquerque homes: Beautiful Owl Killed ... Why!! - 08/25/11 01:50 AM
My wife and I enjoyed afternoon strolls with friends down a dirt arroyo watching this amazing Burrow Owl and her mate for weeks.  This pair seemed to know we were no threat allowing us to stand and watch while taking photos.  They nested in the dirt arroyo wall and raised a family.  Taking turns one owl would take care of the babies, standing guard while the other would fly to find food and stretch it's wings.  Our hearts sank one afternoon when we found the body of this awesome bird killed for no reason at all.    We had been in awe of a huge Albino Owl and … (24 comments)

albuquerque homes: Getting The Look From Our Schnauzer - 08/24/11 03:14 AM
Dixie our two year old Mini Schnauzer normally gets under the bed while the vacuum cleaner is running.  On this particular day she opted for the bedroom chair, sitting there giving my wife the look of hurry up mom!  It was just too good not to grab the camera and get the photo.  Hope you enjoy "The Look" as much as we did.


albuquerque homes: Fear Is One Step Away From Courage - 08/23/11 07:59 AM
This post by Tom Arstingstall is so very true we have to step out and away from our fears, have faith and courage to move forward. Most often when we face our fears, open the doors placed before us the journey on the other side is rewarding and enriches our lives.  Had to re-blog and share.

Have you ever stood still in fear of not knowing what to do? Afraid of what may happen, not knowing what is ahead if you move forward, and unsure what the future holds. It is a paralyzing experience.
Fear and Courage can not exist … (5 comments)

albuquerque homes: Amazing Moon Rise - 08/22/11 03:18 AM
Albuquerque NM is known for it's awesome moon rises and sunsets.  This moon is quiet outstanding with the proof in the photo.  As we watched the east sky in anticipation of this huge May moon the sky began to brighten then this beautiful moon peeked over the Sandia Mountain.  As it rose we were speechless and in awe of it's beauty.

albuquerque homes: Bottoms Up At Bosque del Apache - 08/22/11 02:55 AM
My wife and I took this photo while walking around Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge.  These two ducks were in perfect sync as they dove for small fish and played in the safe waters of Bosque del Apache.  We named this picture 'Bottoms Up".  Hope you enjoy and make it a great day~


albuquerque homes: Hand me the remote while your up - 08/19/11 12:55 AM
Had to take this picture of our beloved Schnauzer kicking back on the sofa and pillow while the big overhead fan keeps her cooled off.  While all kicked back it was as if she was saying excuse but could you Hand me the remote while your up!  You know like she couldn't be bothered.


albuquerque homes: My Buyers Kids are Beasts - 08/18/11 03:48 AM
My Buyers Kids are Beasts. A couple of years back I had a serious online lead I followed up with and bingo we were off and running with my online shopper doing some serious searching.Each morning I would have a long and detailed email from him expressing about the homes he had saved and how the wife and kiddos were excited about making the move from Indiana to Albuquerque.  All of them were ready to escape the bitter winters and looking forward to riding around with top down in the 300 days of sunshine we enjoy.In each email he always mentioned … (9 comments)

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