john mccormack: Joan, Ginny, John & Debbie Floating Around Albuquerque - 11/04/14 12:07 PM
Joan, Ginny, John & Debbie Floating Around Albuquerque

If there were ever a picture worth a thousand words it would surely be this one.  
Just look at the smiles of Colorado Realtor Joan Cox, Rhode Island Realtor Ginny Gorman, Albuquerque Realtor John McCormack and marketing queen Debbie McCormack as they floated around Albuquerque.

john mccormack: Balloon Fiesta Brings Rainers To Albuquerque - 10/08/14 02:35 PM
What a great treat!  Rhode Island REALTOR® Ginny Gorman and Denver REALTOR® Joan Cox arrived in Albuquerque to enjoy the 2014 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta!
Debbie and I met with Joan and Ginny for a classic New Mexican dinner at Casa de Benavidez.  We had great fun watching and cheering Ginny on as she experience her first ‘real’ Mexican meal complete with Hatch green chili.  She was a trooper and dived right in.  Who knows we may have even convinced Ginny that a honey filled sopaipilla is health food :).  Joan loves it hot so when she broke out in a sweat and … (66 comments)

john mccormack: It Happened! Albuquerque Active Rain Meet-Up August 5th 2014 - 08/05/14 04:48 AM
It Happened! Albuquerque Active Rain Meet-Up August 5th 2014

This morning (August 5th) it was a pleasure to finally meet long time blogging pals in person!  We gathered at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe for breakfast.  Of course there were tales to tell and food to enjoy. We did manage to discuss business topics as well.  Each sharing what seems to be working best for them and their business.
Gene Riemenschneider and his son Nelson attended as they are making their way across country in order for Nelson to begin college life.  Who knew Gene was an Author as well as … (50 comments)

john mccormack: What Does John McCormack Have That You Don't? An Audience! - 06/09/14 07:55 AM
Talk about being caught off guard when I stumbled across this post by Don Sabinske!  Debbie and I both follow Don and appreciate him and all he does to give others a shout out and hand out as needed in the Rain.  You're the one that ROCKS Don and we appreciate you!
If I can assist you with buying or selling of your Albuquerque or Rio Rancho NM home please contact me.  I would love to help you meet your NM real estate goals.
Albuquerque Homes Realty
John McCormack, Owner, Qualfying Broker, REALTOR®

john mccormack: And Then It Happened…. An Unexpected Call From John G Johnston - 03/31/14 02:03 PM
And Then It Happened…. An Unexpected Call From John G Johnston

We all have those days when we’re a tad overwhelmed by all the things real estate and life can bring in a day.  Monday was certainly one of those days for me.  My mind was rushing in multiple direction, I had two places to be and the interstate was a mess and I was feeling agitated and  frustrated.
Then it happened!  An unexpected call from my friend and Westcliffe REALTOR® John G. Johnston.   John’s upbeat, laid back persona was just what I needed as a finale … (42 comments)

john mccormack: Is it acceptable to ask a seller to pay closing costs in todays market - 02/02/14 11:05 PM

Who pays closing cost varies from state to state and Scott brings a good question to the table.  In the Albuquerque area it's common for NM sellers to pay the bulk of closing cost.  Cost are negotiable. 
If you're considering selling your Albuquerque or Rio Rancho NM home contact me, REALTOR John McCormack.  I'll run the numbers for you and explain who pays what in your area.    
What should a Buyer do if they need the Seller to Pay closing costs? Are sellers still saying yes to this in this market? I like to inform all of … (3 comments)

john mccormack: Don't Let the Move into Your New Home Bite You in the Butt - 02/02/14 10:35 PM

Realtor and friend Debbie Reynolds shares some great information for home buyers.  As fees vary from area to area it's wise to have your REALTOR explain in detail exactly what you will be responsible for.
Don't Let the Move into Your New Home Bite You in the Butt

There is more to buying a home than the cost of the home and the closing costs. A very good post about the closing costs expenses was written by George Souto. But there is much more to it than you might think. Let's look at some of the costs that you may have not … (1 comments)

john mccormack: What I Learned this Week at ActiveRain-January 26-February 1, 2014 - 02/02/14 10:31 PM

Kathy Streib shares her weekly "What I Learned this Week at ActiveRain."  Kathy's Sunday posts make it easy to catch up on intresting and informative post we might otherwise miss.  Thanks Kathy!
John McCormack
What I Learned This Week At ActiveRain- January 26  to February 1, 2014.
I learn something new every day at ActiveRain!  With this series I try to highlight one post per day that gave me that “lightbulb” moment.  It could be something techie, about Real Estate, about a place or person!

January 26:  Marte Cliff     For Better Client Communication-Become a Parrot
Ask any client/customer and a … (0 comments)

john mccormack: Last Week's Favorites on Active Rain: January 26th-February 1st - 02/02/14 10:27 PM

I was surprised and excited to see I made it to Patrica Kennedy's Favorites.  Sometimes it's the little things like a re-post or a Like to make our day.  Thanks Pat for making mine.
So happy Superbowl Sunday, or wait - it's PotBowl Sunday.  Anyway, a few of us will out there working with buyers this afternoon.  But before you start off, here are the posts that made my favorites list for last week:
Cindy Jones:  Automated Value Or Real Life Experience To Sell Your Woodbridge VA Home"  Well, what do you think?
Belinda Spellman: Does Everything Always Have to be a Profit Center  A lesson … (0 comments)

john mccormack: Merry Christmas To You And Yours - 12/24/13 08:37 AM
Merry Christmas To You And Yours

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas from the McCormack home.  Debbie and I hope you enjoy the true meaning of the season surrounded by the love and laughter of family and good friends.
Merry Christmas ~
John and Debbie McCormack
Albuquerque Homes Realty

john mccormack: I’m Declaring Today John McCormack Day! - 10/02/13 09:57 PM
You can imagine the surprise when I discovered this awesome post declaring a John McCormack Day by Kristine!  It made my day, heck it made my week or longer!  Kris is a great friend to have a super Home Stager.  Please leave your comment on her post.  I'm sure she will appreciate hearing from you and enjoy John McCormack Day
Kristine Ginsberg I’m Declaring Today John McCormack Day!
I’ve been on Active Rain for almost 2 years and there is one person, John McCormack of Albuquerque Homes Realty who stands out for his consistent support of so many of us on … (0 comments)

john mccormack: Albuquerque Realtor John McCormack Brings Buyer - 01/18/13 12:36 AM
Albuquerque Realtor John McCormack Brings Buyer

7215 Sol Poniente NW Albuquerque NM 87120

I received a sign call on a Sunday morning wanting to see one of my listings within 15 minutes.  I told the caller I could be there in 20.  After meeting and showing the home they decided it didn't really fit their needs.  They were going to go looking around some more.
I carefully explained to the home buyers they did not need to drive all over town looking for those For Sale signs.  After explaining how they could simply share with me exactly what … (47 comments)

john mccormack: Home Ownership - Living The American Dream - 12/20/12 09:42 PM
Home Ownership - Living The American Dream
In this day and age of so many uncertainties one thing still remains.  The majority indeed want to live the American dream of owning their own home.  
If you are considering the purchase of an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or surrounding NM home I look forward to hearing from you.  I welcome the opportunity to utilize my NM real estate knowledge in order to assist you in living the American dream of becoming a homeowner. Rates are very low and an FHA loan only requires 3.5% down.   The New Mexico Finance Authority even … (37 comments)

john mccormack: Would the real John McCormack please stand up - 12/02/12 02:31 PM
Would the real John McCormack please stand up!
When I first entered the real estate business back in 2000' Gasp! I was leaving the automotive aftermarket after 20+ years of service where dress code was not a point of contention.  So when I jumped into this business I thought I had to be "All That" you know all spiffed up, the fitted suit, necktie,stiff  shirt and creased pants.  I had to look the part of a seasoned professional you know.  So off to the professional photographer I go for some individual head shots as well as Team photo with my new … (53 comments)

john mccormack: Are You Looking For A Realtor That Can Juggle NM Real Estate? - 09/20/12 08:59 AM
 Looking For A Realtor That Can Juggle the In's & Out's of NM Real Estate?
Are you looking for a Realtor® that can juggle the in's and out's of NM real estate?  If so contact  Realtor® John McCormack, with Albuquerque Homes Realty.  John is ready to listen to your real estate needs, and put his NM knowledge and juggling skills to work for you in making your real estate needs and desires become a reality.

Looking For A Realtor That Can Juggle the In's & Out's of NM Real Estate? Call John McCormack!

john mccormack: Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home - 07/10/12 08:58 AM
Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home

Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home
Whether you're selecting a Peach or a Perfect Home you will surely want to touch it, smell it and experience it.  Many may appear to be the same on the outside but neither peaches nor homes are all the same on the inside.  You probably don't want a home that is bruised or damaged and you're certainly not seeking a money Pit. You're likely looking for that perfect Peach of a home, nicely rounded, great to look at and really sweet on the inside. … (27 comments)

john mccormack: Realtors® Alphabet Soup - 07/09/12 11:17 PM
Realtors® Alphabet SoupWe as REALTORS® walk in some interesting shoes, wear many hats and fill many roles in our ongoing efforts at conducting day to day business.  We continually guide our clients and work to be the glue of an often difficult puzzle (a prior post).  I have determined that throughout my real estate career I have likely filled the entire bowl of Realtors® Alphabet Soup duties, responsibilities and unique roles to keep the Alphabet Soup hot and the clients cool.  Here are some of my entries into the Realtors® Alphabet Soup.   Common share some of yours!

A.  Adviser, … (88 comments)

john mccormack: So what's in a name like John McCormack anyway. - 06/01/12 03:02 AM
So what's in a name like John McCormack anyway?

Over the past 50+ years I have enjoyed the same name, yes the same one my parents decided to crown me with although from what I understand it took a few days after delivery to come up with such a unique name like “John”.  I like my name just fine and have no plans on changing it although my wife does call me Mac and my AR friends call me Q.  John is not often misspelled although I have seen is spelled J.O.N maybe for those that didn't fare so well … (72 comments)

john mccormack: I have a new Real Estate Hat..Pest Control! - 05/30/12 01:29 AM
This last week I discovered that I have yet another hat to proudly sport in my collection of real estate hats.  I now have a Pest Control Hat!  Indeed I discovered this new hat and talent while taking a second peek at a home with my awesome clients who recently put the home under contract.  The home is vacant and has been for a good while.  During this visit I noticed a “Snap Tail” Lizard adorning the wood floors of the family room.  How how this fierce lizard made his way into the home is beyond me but I do know … (33 comments)

john mccormack: Albuquerque Homes with a Basement - 05/22/12 04:46 AM
Just recently I took a new listing of an Albuquerque Home with a Basement.  Now I know that doesn't  seem like such a big deal, but actually it is.  Basements are not a common theme or building practice here in the Albuquerque High Desert.  With a quick check of our current available inventory of 3,913 residential detached homes only 77 or 2% had a basement. See this great home at 7109 Alexandria Albuquerque with a basement!
What I do not fully understand is WHY NOT?  The soil is mostly sandy so it’s a breeze to excavate plus with the hot summers and … (27 comments)

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