realtor: High Wire Helicopter Flyer YouTube - 10/23/14 09:17 PM
High Wire Helicopter Flyer YouTube


I hope you enjoy this YouTube of a crew working on high tension power lines near the Petroglyph National Monument in NW Albuquerque.  

This took place near our home so when I saw the action I grabbed the camera  and enjoyed the skill and precision these guys must live by daily.  No mistakes allowed in their line of work.  I bet the pay is phenomenal and the life insurance just as much so.  The guys on the tower didn't slow their pace at all, it was non stop from the … (57 comments)

realtor: And Then It Happened…. An Unexpected Call From John G Johnston - 03/31/14 02:03 PM
And Then It Happened…. An Unexpected Call From John G Johnston

We all have those days when we’re a tad overwhelmed by all the things real estate and life can bring in a day.  Monday was certainly one of those days for me.  My mind was rushing in multiple direction, I had two places to be and the interstate was a mess and I was feeling agitated and  frustrated.
Then it happened!  An unexpected call from my friend and Westcliffe REALTOR® John G. Johnston.   John’s upbeat, laid back persona was just what I needed as a finale … (42 comments)

realtor: I took a new listing today in my PJ’s - 01/08/14 11:53 PM
I took a new listing today in my PJ’s

Yesterday morning was a first for me after 14 years in the real estate business I took a new listing today in my PJ’s.  Now this may be the norm for some but certainly not for me.  I was expecting a slow day and was preparing for a trip with my wife the following day.  I was in my home office buttoning up some details when the doorbell rings, I was expecting a neighbor or a door to door peddler so PJ’s were appropriate.  

When I opened the door it was … (116 comments)

realtor: Got NM HUD Realtor® - 09/13/13 05:57 AM
Got NM HUD Realtor®
Have you got a NM HUD Realtor®?  Many of today’s savvy home buyers and real estate investors are taking a serious look at homes made available by the government agency US Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.  HUD offers some excellent properties that run the full range of price, area and overall condition.  Many times buyers think of a “HUD” home as a negative or some stereotypical home in shambles or unstable communities.  The fact is a HUD home is simply a property that has been foreclosed on due to an unpaid FHA mortgage. … (27 comments)

realtor: Huntsville, Lake Livingston Texas Top REALTOR® Joni Staples - 01/23/13 10:34 PM
Are you looking for a top performing REALTOR® in the Huntsville, Lake Livingston Texas area?  Then look no further than Joni Staples.  Joni is a powerhouse REALTOR® filled with the knowledge and expertise necessary to guide her buying and selling clients successfully to the closing table.
Huntsville, Tx REALTOR® Joni Staples is a consummate professional that works diligently at her real estate craft.  She has earned several distinctive credentials including CRS (Council of Residential Specialist), GRI (Graduate REALTOR® Institute), e-Pro (Online & Technology Professional) and others.  But it’s not just designations that set Joni Staples apart from other real estate associates it … (29 comments)

realtor: Albuquerque Realtor John McCormack Brings Buyer - 01/18/13 12:36 AM
Albuquerque Realtor John McCormack Brings Buyer

7215 Sol Poniente NW Albuquerque NM 87120

I received a sign call on a Sunday morning wanting to see one of my listings within 15 minutes.  I told the caller I could be there in 20.  After meeting and showing the home they decided it didn't really fit their needs.  They were going to go looking around some more.
I carefully explained to the home buyers they did not need to drive all over town looking for those For Sale signs.  After explaining how they could simply share with me exactly what … (47 comments)

realtor: Home Ownership - Living The American Dream - 12/20/12 09:42 PM
Home Ownership - Living The American Dream
In this day and age of so many uncertainties one thing still remains.  The majority indeed want to live the American dream of owning their own home.  
If you are considering the purchase of an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or surrounding NM home I look forward to hearing from you.  I welcome the opportunity to utilize my NM real estate knowledge in order to assist you in living the American dream of becoming a homeowner. Rates are very low and an FHA loan only requires 3.5% down.   The New Mexico Finance Authority even … (37 comments)

realtor: Do You Need A Realtor When Working With A New Home Builder - 12/18/12 01:34 PM
Do You Need A Realtor When Working With A New Home Builder

Some may think they don’t really need a Realtor® when working with a new home builder.  The truth is you really should use a professional Realtor®.  Builders hire their own personnel who happen to be real estate agents and not always Realtors.  Their sales people represent guess who...the builder.  
You need your own representation to assist you in making certain the custom or planned community home builder meets all contract obligations, time-lines and fulfills promises.  You want to be assured short cuts are not taken, inspections are completed and … (60 comments)

realtor: REALTOR - 08/05/12 10:27 AM
Patty Da Silva  brings some fun and attention to how to say REALTOR correctly.  Come on now let's join Patty in saying R-E-A-L-T-O-R :)
I John McCormack am an Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM REALTOR and I look forward to assisting you with your NM real estate needs.
Almost on a daily basis I hear buyers, sellers, and some Realtors call us "reLAtors", and I brush it off because...potato, potato (not sure how to emphasis on the difference, but I'm sure you get it :o)).
But! I was in a Real Estate Conference in Las Vegas this past month and … (0 comments)

realtor: How Do I Find a Good Mortgage Lender In Albuquerque - 08/01/12 02:21 AM
How Do I Find A Good Mortgage Lender In AlbuquerqueMany first time home buyers and even seasoned home buyers may ask “How do I find a good mortgage lender in Albuquerque?”  It’s a great question with a multitude of possible answers.  You might search online, read the home seller magazines, let your fingers do the walking or just call one from those billboards hanging around town.  I’m not necessarily applauding any of these techniques.Finding the best loan officer for you and your specific needs is very important and should not be taken lightly.   One of the best ways to find a … (34 comments)

realtor: Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home - 07/10/12 08:58 AM
Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home

Selecting that Perfect Peach of a Home
Whether you're selecting a Peach or a Perfect Home you will surely want to touch it, smell it and experience it.  Many may appear to be the same on the outside but neither peaches nor homes are all the same on the inside.  You probably don't want a home that is bruised or damaged and you're certainly not seeking a money Pit. You're likely looking for that perfect Peach of a home, nicely rounded, great to look at and really sweet on the inside. … (27 comments)

realtor: Realtors® Alphabet Soup - 07/09/12 11:17 PM
Realtors® Alphabet SoupWe as REALTORS® walk in some interesting shoes, wear many hats and fill many roles in our ongoing efforts at conducting day to day business.  We continually guide our clients and work to be the glue of an often difficult puzzle (a prior post).  I have determined that throughout my real estate career I have likely filled the entire bowl of Realtors® Alphabet Soup duties, responsibilities and unique roles to keep the Alphabet Soup hot and the clients cool.  Here are some of my entries into the Realtors® Alphabet Soup.   Common share some of yours!

A.  Adviser, … (88 comments)

realtor: Albuquerque, Rio Rancho NM Buyer Broker for Bank Owned (REO) - 07/08/12 11:57 PM
  Albuquerque,Rio Rancho NM, Buyer Broker for Bank Owned (REO)

John McCormack Albuquerque & Rio Rancho NM Buyer Broker and Realtor® helps buyers with Bank Owned or Real Estate Owned (REO) PropertiesWith the ever increasing number of Bank Owned or REO (Real Estate Owned) type properties available in the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho NM market buyers of these types of properties would be well advised to seek out a buyer broker and Realtor® to represent their best interests.  The unique complexities of these type transactions can be overwhelming for most buyers and even uninformed or ill prepared real estate … (26 comments)

realtor: Relocation Expert for Albuquerque Homes - 06/24/12 11:17 PM
Relocation Expert for Albuquerque Homes
Recently I received an email from a couple looking for a Relocation Expert for Albuquerque Homes.  The couple had read my online profiles, AcitiveRain, Albuquerque Homes & Lifestyles Blog and client testimonials via my website.  

My initial follow up via email opened up some additional questions about the possible complexities of the relocation.  This couple had little to no knowledge of Albuquerque or the local real estate market and really need an Albuquerque Relocation Expert.  I was able offer them assurance through additional emails and phone calls that indeed I had the knowledge … (32 comments)

realtor: So what's in a name like John McCormack anyway. - 06/01/12 03:02 AM
So what's in a name like John McCormack anyway?

Over the past 50+ years I have enjoyed the same name, yes the same one my parents decided to crown me with although from what I understand it took a few days after delivery to come up with such a unique name like “John”.  I like my name just fine and have no plans on changing it although my wife does call me Mac and my AR friends call me Q.  John is not often misspelled although I have seen is spelled J.O.N maybe for those that didn't fare so well … (72 comments)

realtor: I have a new Real Estate Hat..Pest Control! - 05/30/12 01:29 AM
This last week I discovered that I have yet another hat to proudly sport in my collection of real estate hats.  I now have a Pest Control Hat!  Indeed I discovered this new hat and talent while taking a second peek at a home with my awesome clients who recently put the home under contract.  The home is vacant and has been for a good while.  During this visit I noticed a “Snap Tail” Lizard adorning the wood floors of the family room.  How how this fierce lizard made his way into the home is beyond me but I do know … (33 comments)

realtor: ActiveRain Poured Into Santa Fe NM - 05/07/12 12:03 AM
ActiveRain Poured Into Santa Fe NM On Saturday May 5th ,2012 ActiveRain poured into Santa Fe NM.  We had a small gathering of 4.75 ActiveRain members representing 3 different states at the fun and quite educational meet-up.

Thanks to local Santa Fe Realtor®  Emily Medvec for her efforts in finding a great restaurant to meet called the Rio Chama.  The ambiance was very southwest and very Santa Fe style.  Emily made a great choice in all areas including the quietness so we could enjoy the round table discussion with ease.

Ginny Gorman of Rhode Island made the … (52 comments)

realtor: Buying A Home? Have A Realtor! - 05/06/12 10:15 PM
Buying A Home?  Have A Realtor!
William True brings us a good post on who to expect to be involved when purchasing a home.  The most important is having a good and knowledgeable Realtor® working for and with you!  As a Realtor® I will walk you through every step of the home buying process from beginning to closing and beyond.
  When buying a home, it's important to know all the players involved. Do you know the difference between a home inspector and a home appraiser? Between a mortgage lender and a mortgage broker? Between a real estate agent and an exclusive buyer agent? If not, we hope this helps...
1) Mortgage Broker / … (0 comments)

realtor: Pending Contract Day 14 with Albuquerque Homes Realty - 04/22/12 11:07 PM
Albuquerque Homes Realty
Pending Contract Day 14

7617 Wells Fargo Trail NW Albuquerque NM

This unique and one of a kind 2062 Sq. Ft. home went under contract on day 14.  John McCormack with Albuquerque Homes Realty brought the home buyer for this impressive Taylor Ranch home.  The Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and surrounding NM area real estate market is certainly picking up.  If you're considering the purchase or sale of your New Mexico home now is perfect time.  Spring is in the air, sellers are listing their homes and buyers are out shopping.  Give me, … (37 comments)

realtor: SOLD & CLOSED 428 Barberry Albuquerque NM - 04/17/12 09:33 AM
428 Barberry Albuquerque NM
428 Barberry Albuquerque NM is now SOLD & CLOSED.  Making for happy home sellers, home buyers and Realtor®, John McCormack with Albuquerque Homes Realty!
     Congratulations to Home Sellers & New Home OwnersNow is a great time to sell or purchase an Albuquerque, Rio Rancho or Central NM home.  Please call, text or email me, John McCormack, Realtor® with Albuquerque Homes Realty.  I am ready to exceed your real estate expectations!
  SOLD & CLOSED  428 Barberry Albuquerque NM

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