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Being Green Is Easy   Incorporating green habits into our lives can be easy, if we choose it to be, fun, should we so desire, and healthy as we find new ways to adopt Green habits... Here are a few easy tips to help you get started: GREEN UP YOUR SMARTPHONE Download coupons onto your phone and th...
A full moon rises on the water. It stirs me from my slumber as I obey the command of a distant voice, echoing in my head saying "rise up, rise up now"… Crossing the room, as if in a trance, to my window, I move like some stranger, totally possessed by forces I cannot see. I glance upon the Octobe...
Seattle view homes are not hard  to find! Water and mountain ranges are abundant in the great northwest. No matter what the weather, you will enjoy an infinite kaleidoscope of breath taking views throughout Seattle, from snow capped mountain tops to ships gliding across the sound, the expansive s...
Any day on the beach is always a good day for me. Living in Seattle has taught me to dance in the rain rather than wait for the sun! On our get away to Long Beach, we met with some blustery weather, that kept us on our toes! Misty salt air and water were in control of our every move, as we enjoye...
Today, as people protest in our streets over corporate greed and joblessness, Dr. Martin Luther King is being honored with a statue in Washington. There is no better tribute to this man, than to remember his words, and take them to heart. As our President dedicates a new memorial to MLK today, hi...
Living in or near coastal regions provides many of us the opportunity for jaunts to the beach on a whim.   What are the highlights of your local beach communities? What addictive lures brings you back, time and again to the salty breezes and briny low tides? What beckons and inspires your pilgrim...
Watching the full moon take us to sunrise this morning was an especially joyful occasion! It gave me the chance to reminisce, looking back on my one and only son's accomplishments over the past thirty five years, on his birthday today.   As I stood gazing out at Elliott Bay bathed in the warm glo...
As he declares that changing our vision of housing needs to start with seniors, Gordon Walker, renowned Seattle architect is leading the way. Walker, in his seventies, has created his concept of a retirement home for himself and his wife, in the trees on Orcas Island. Modular to a degree, and ass...
Please take a moment to read this important post and watch the video. If you feel so inclined, take another moment to click on one.org and sign the petition to end famine.  Thank you Malcolm for posting this in Active Rain! I realize that we in the Western world can get fatigued by all the pleas ...
Come with us now, into the woods, and feel Mother Nature. Her shimmering droplets of rain on our faces. Leaves cascade down ever so gently as trees stand tall and proud, even as their very roots are exposed for all to see.   Come with us now, as we cross over into a special place, that belongs to...

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