seattle homes for sale: QUEEN ANNE CONDOS INVITE YOU HOME - 02/01/13 02:29 AM
98109 AND 98119

Queen Anne is Seattle living at its very best.
Why not experience the joys of a turn key home with low maintenance lifestyle and every extraordinary amenity one could desire?

To date, there are sixty-six Condo - town home scenarios available for your viewing pleasure in Queen Anne.
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seattle homes for sale: DOWNTOWN SEATTLE CONDO ALLURE - 02/01/13 01:57 AM
98101 and 98121
A great way to make life easy on those of us who enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle, is condo living. Especially if you love all the benefits that go along with urban dwelling. 

Luxury finishes and opulent amenities are yours for the taking, along with astounding views of Cascade, Olympic Mountain and Puget Sound views.

To date, there are eighty-five active condos in the 98101 and 98121 zip codes available for your viewing pleasure.  
Find your place in the sun...
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seattle homes for sale: SEATTLE VIEWS FROM QUEEN ANNE - 01/30/13 01:13 AM
Finding Seattle homes for sale doesn't need to be a daunting task.

If you are looking for a distinctive Seattle neighborhood to call home, your choices will be abundant.

Price point, proximity to our downtown financial district and individual needs will all come into play to bring together the perfect environment to call home!

Find your place in the sun...
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seattle homes for sale: Mercer Island For Outdoor Fun - 01/29/13 12:32 AM
Mercer Island is a coveted Lake Washington community. This island city offers an extensive array of waterfront and view homes, highly rated schools plus access, via floating bridge, to Downtown Seattle and Bellevue.

Outdoor activities abound within Mercer Island Park systems as well. You will discover hundreds of acres of waterfront park land,

including hiking/bicycle trails, a public boat dock, fishing pier, picnic pavilions, baseball fields,tennis courts, playgrounds, an amphitheater and swimming beach.

Find your place in the sun...
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seattle homes for sale: Find Your Seattle Real Estate Compass - 01/28/13 07:11 AM
Without a plan, some things just don't happen. If you are interested in finding the perfect Seattle neighborhood to call home, why not step in the right direction?

Contact Accurate Realty Group for a consultation. They can assist with all of your real estate needs, putting you in the knowledge position about today's real estate market in the greater Seattle area.

From finding out what you actually qualify for, to receiving updates that match your search criteria, you can have friendly neighborhood experts helping you find your new Seattle home!

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seattle homes for sale: Time For a Change - 01/25/13 01:51 AM
Are you considering the purchase of a new home in Seattle? Are interest rates at an all time low, and the fact that the housing market has gone beyond stabilizing given you a sense of urgency about finding Seattle real estate?

Perhaps, it is indeed, Time to buy!


seattle homes for sale: Rainy Days and Soup - 01/23/13 04:45 AM
The rain is back for Seattle, after a good run of sunny and very cold days. No need to worry. We just put on our rain boots, water proof coats and a hat. No umbrella needed for our misty sort of rain.

A good time for a hot bowl of soup and some most excellent lettuce cups at P.F. Changs China Bistro on 4th and Pine!

Love the warm ambiance and friendly service. No surprises with the menu either.

Consistently good food and reasonable prices make it a top ten choice for an impromptu dinner!

seattle homes for sale: Your Path to Seattle - 01/20/13 11:43 PM
 Finding yourself traveling to downtown Seattle's business district? Or, renting one of the wonderful waterfront apartments rather than buying because you can't handle the angst of daily trips to the city? There are many solutions to alleviate the pain of a stressful commute!

Water travel has been a commuter's choice to obtain all our vibrant business district has to offer without the hassle of parking fees, driving, or busing in for many of us. 
Why not enjoy the views with a cup of coffee, and have that commute time to catch up on the news, walk a few laps … (1 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Finding Your Best Seattle Neighborhood - 03/02/12 08:10 AM
Finding Your Best Seattle Neighborhood
It comes as no surprise that Seattle is a vibrant, forward thinking city filled with abundant choices for entertainment, dining and outdoor activity. See plays, musical venues from jazz to symphony, enjoy stand up comedy, world class art and an unparalleled library. You can stroll the waterfront and experience our local marine life at Seattle Aquarium or take a trip across Elliot Bay on one of the lavish Argosy Cruises that show off the splendor and beauty of the Great Northwest from the Harbor to Locks.

When it comes to Seattle neighborhoods, you will … (7 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Seattle Neighborhood of North Admiral - 01/17/12 06:57 AM
You can discover many extraordinary Seattle neighborhoods when searching for your new King Countyhome. Why not look into what North Admiral has to offer? This community is actually the oldest neighborhood in West Seattle, giving North Admiral a historic appeal along with an exciting element of contemporary flair. North Admiral sits high on a bluff above another well known community called Alki, offering a true beach just minutes from home. 
North Admiral homes for sale are rich architectural accomplishment by any standard, with a sense of self sufficiency provided by a hub of shops, restaurants, markets, and businesses, allowing North … (12 comments)

seattle homes for sale: A New Discovery - 11/28/11 08:31 AM
A trip to Snoqualmie Falls proved to be quite an adventure for my best four legged friend. Rather than wade through the Black Friday crowds, we chose a forty minute trip to one of Washington state's most popular attractions. Before heading to the waterfall, we decided to hike one of the trails. 

I love the smell of leaves and pine needles thick and wet against the earth! Sun beams filtered through the trees and hit the moss as it overtook giant trees decaying back into the ground from where they began…

But wait!…Something strange from above. What is … (18 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Seattle Aquarium For A Fun Learning Experience - 11/26/11 04:52 AM
Every trip to Seattle Aquarium on Pier 59 in downtown Seattle is a fun adventure. Each time I go, I discover something I haven't seen on my last visit.

Today I really enjoyed the coral reef displays, with their vibrant sea anemones and the amazing assortment of coral inhabitants that live in our Pacific waters. 

Orange Cup Coral has a different life than tropical coral because of the cold water it lives in. They build their reefs by creating an outer skeleton and fastening itself to a rock, where it stays for life.

Just another reason to love … (5 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Seattle Aquarium's Underwater Dome - 11/26/11 04:32 AM
As I step into the Dome Exhibit, there is an immediate realization that I am the one who is under water! 

How wonderful to be resting beneath local marine life and witness first hand how schools of Salmon, Ling Cod, and Sharks live in our Seattle waters. Starfish, Sturgeons and other fish that call the Pacific Northwest home are fun to watch for kids and grown ups alike!

Each visit to Seattle Aquarium is an adventure different from the last, and I always enjoy my trips to Pier 59, with astounding views off Elliot Bay, the wonderful waterfront shops … (7 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Staying Sharp At Seattle Aquarium - 11/21/11 09:01 AM
A trip to Seattle Aquarium requires the ability to stay sharp if you don't want to miss any of the exciting exhibits on a busy day! 

After making my way in from the Pier 59 entrance, which is always a wonderful waterfront sight to behold, I headed for the coral tanks to see if I could manage some entertaining photos. Looking up gave me the opportunity to see up close and personal how big a local six gill Shark is,

looming above me with his menacing double rows of pointed saw blade teeth and eerie sort of grin. 

You … (10 comments)

seattle homes for sale: A Glorious Seattle Day - 11/16/11 08:57 AM
Today is a blustery day in Seattle. It is raining that soft misty rain that leaves your face dewy when you step out of it and into the warm confines of a shop. 
I decided to brave the elements and go on a downtown Seattle walk about. What a magical experience it was! I headed up to 5th and Pine where Macy's, Barney's and Nordstrom had people putting up their elaborate Christmas displays. Christmas music was playing as I wandered in and out of shops. Much to my surprise, there was no angst or indignation about the premature marketing ploys … (14 comments)

seattle homes for sale: TO OUR VETERANS - 11/11/11 05:00 AM
We may not recognize them as the stand beside us at the light, sit next to them on a bus, pass them on the street or in a store, but they are among us. The ones who volunteered to give everything they had to serve our country.
To them, we owe our freedom. 
To them, we owe our way of life.
To those among us, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for us,


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seattle homes for sale: This is My Seattle - 11/03/11 05:15 AM
Taking the ferry to Bainbridge Island is always a pleasure! Bainbridge Island is a beautiful place with a quaint hamlet feel and the ride over can be an adventure, if you choose to partake in the outdoor decks rather than enjoying the warm lounge areas offering caffeine, snacks and the ever popular eight dollar glass of beer!

Being the adventurous sort, I chose to enjoy the outdoor decks, exploring the two open levels, observing which gave me the best vantage to shoot some photos of Downtown Seattle looming on the horizon. I enjoy Elliot Bay and mountain views daily from … (21 comments)

seattle homes for sale: Seattle Autumn Leaves - 11/01/11 08:27 AM
It was inevitable that I would find a way to get out and stroll among the vibrant colors of fall in Seattle with camera in hand before all of the trees were bare. The autumn leaves of red and gold have been calling me to join them, their haunting melody returning softly to remind me that time will not stand still to wait for me…
So here we are, enjoying a typical fall day in the Emerald City. Blustery, wet, with a hint of damp cedar clinging in the air. As one who truly loves this climate, the adventure was … (17 comments)

seattle homes for sale: A Spooky Halloween Story From Seattle - 10/20/11 05:23 AM
A full moon rises on the water. It stirs me from my slumber as I obey the command of a distant voice, echoing in my head saying "rise up, rise up now"… Crossing the room, as if in a trance, to my window, I move like some stranger, totally possessed by forces I cannot see. I glance upon the October moon as it transforms everything in its path  into a twisted blur of menacing light. 
Nothing else matters as I see what I must do in the mystical clouds shrouding the moon on this ominous night. I turn from my … (12 comments)

seattle homes for sale: October Sunset on Elliot Bay - 10/18/11 05:59 AM
Seattle view homes are not hard  to find! Water and mountain ranges are abundant in the great northwest. No matter what the weather, you will enjoy an infinite kaleidoscope of breath taking views throughout Seattle, from snow capped mountain tops to ships gliding across the sound, the expansive splendor of nature can create a one of a kind experience for all who enter your home!
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