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How Prior Criminal Drug History Can Affect the Landlord   Knowledge of prior criminal charges is a critical factor to consider when you are evaluating new rental applicants.  Studies show that those with drug convictions are far more likely to reoffend than those with any other type of conviction...
A close friend of mine just rented out her house without conducting any tenant screening.  Now this didn’t baffle me just because I operate a tenant screening company :), but for someone that I consider remarkably intelligent and responsible, I was mystified about how she could take such a noncha...
A new lawsuit in Washington state illustrates how critical it is for landlords, property managers, and tenant screening companies to know the specific tenant screening laws that apply in every state. The ACLU has filed suit against Yardi, a prominent tenant screening company, for rejecting tenant...
The idea of owning an income property and renting it out sounds very appealing to most people. What a great way to earn extra income, and in some cases potentially have the mortgage of your property paid by the tenant’s rent money! It’s the American Dream with the added feature of a passive incom...

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