austin: Hard Water and the Little Problems It Can Cause - 09/24/10 04:12 PM
Hard Water and the Little Problems It Can Cause
As a home inspector in the Austin, Texas area I run across problems caused by hard water all the time.  Around here hard water is normally due to elevated levels of calcium in the water.  Since the Texas Hill Country is an area with heavy concentrations of limestone it is easy to understand why our water is so hard.  
Limestone is, after all, calcium carbonate or CaCO3.  All that calcium ends up in out water supply where it can wreak havoc on our plumbing pipes and our fixtures. 
The fixtures in the pictures … (9 comments)

austin: I Love It When I Make It To The Top - 09/19/10 04:56 PM
I Love It When I Make It To The Top.  When I do I usually take a picture just to prove I was there! 
As a home inspector in the Austin area I get to walk on top of a lot of people's homes and I love it!  Sometimes I can't believe people pay me to do this.  As a kid, my friends and I could be found climbing on something almost every day, and that includes other people's roofs.  We did this quite often during super charged games of hide and seek. 
Now that I'm in my 40s I somtimes … (4 comments)

austin: Are You Ready to Feel the Burn?? - I Sure Wasn't - 09/16/10 01:55 PM
Are You Ready to Feel the Burn?? - I Sure Wasn't
As a Home Inspector in Austin, Texas I end up in some fairly precarious places.  I mean steep roofs, crawl spaces and attics can present hazards that many people don't encounter in their daily routine.
Last week while doing a Home Inspection in Austin Texas I got burned.....literally.  As I entered the attic I accidentally touched an exposed 100 watt light bulb with the inside of my arm.
When I do a home inspection I call out all exposed bulbs no matter where they are.  Exposed light bulbs get extremely hot, … (5 comments)

austin: Keep an Eye Out for the X - REI Garage Sales - 09/15/10 04:30 PM
Keep an Eye Out for the X because they are everywhere these days.  Especially on really great outdoor gear.
Every few months our local REI Stores have a garage sale.  They sell all the stuff that people have returned at really great prices.  Some of the items are unused or barely used while some things have had the life beat out of them.
I guess that happens a lot because REI allows you to return just about anything at any time if you're not satisfied.  It's a great policy but I'm confident that a few folks take advantage of their system.

austin: Dining For Life - Stand up by Sitting Down - 09/12/10 02:59 PM
Dining For Life - Stand up by Sitting Down
The 18th annual Dining for Life benefiting AIDS Services of Austin will begin tomorrow and run through Tuesday. 
Please consider dining at one of the following restaurants on Monday September 13th or Tuesday September 14th.  A substantial portion of each guests check will be donated to the fight against AIDS and HIV. 
There are some great restaurants on the list this year.  So, it is the perfect opportunity to have a great meal and also help a great cause. 
This years lineup of restaurants is as follows:

*All meals, all day.
Thank … (1 comments)

austin: The Builder's Third Party Inspectors for New Construction - Home Inspection Pictures of the Day - 09/06/10 04:12 PM
The Builder's Third Party Inspectors for New Construction
Last week I did a New Construction Home Inspection for a home located in the Austin area.  As I was entering the home I met the builder's "third party" inspector as he was leaving.  We said hello to each other and as he was getting into his truck I asked if everything checked out OK.  His reply to me was, "You won't find any problems with this one".  Folks, those were his exact words.
While inspecting the systems in the attic I came across this:
That, my friends is an almost full … (5 comments)

austin: Restaurant Week in Austin Texas - 02/28/10 03:57 PM
Restaurant Week began in Austin today and will run through March 3rd and next week on the 7th through the 10th.  
This year sixty-three restaurants are scheduled to offer meals.  The meals are normally comprised of 3 courses and all cost less than $35.00 per person.  There are even lunches planned this year that will be priced between $10 to $15 per person.
Restaurant week benefits Austin's Sustainable Food Center and 5% of the proceeds from the event will be donated.  Restaurant Weeks are held throughout the US and Canada.  Here is a complete list of the other host cities.
Here are the Austin area restaurants … (12 comments)

austin: The Lost and Lonely SnowPeople of Central Texas - 02/24/10 02:33 PM
Yesterday it snowed in the Austin area - a lot.  At least for Central Texas it was a lot.  To celebrate everyone I know went outside and made a snowman.  For many of the children this was their first chance to see snow and also their first chance to make a snowman.
Today the snowpeople of Central Texas looked lost and forlorn.  Slushy blobs of their former selves.
Tomorrow they will be gone until the next "big storm" which for us might be years away.  Please enjoy a few of the pictures I took today as I returned from my inspection.


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