facebook: Do you Need Help? - 04/16/12 11:57 PM
It is so simple yet so few people utilize the help sections of each social media platform. I get questions on a daily basis from fans and clients which I often direct to the specific help page for the answer. They are the best place to start learning about a new social media site you might be interested in or even to enhance your experience with that platform.
You’ll find FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), video demonstrations and documents with step-by-step instructions.You can even find troubleshooting and known issues. Below is a quick list of the help sections for some of … (2 comments)

facebook: Find Locals on Facebook - 01/18/12 02:00 AM
You can perform a simple search of your local areas on Facebook to find who is talking about the areas where you work.
Let's perform a simple search of "Moving to West Chester." Type in the search box at the top of your Facebook page, then click "See results for moving to West Chester" in the box that pops up below your search.

What should you do with this information? I'll tell you first what not to do: don't invite yourself to be someone's newly found friend so they can buy a house with you. Also, don't comment on their wall … (5 comments)

facebook: Apps of The Day-10/11 - 10/11/11 01:09 AM
Noterize allows users to import PDFs and PowerPoint files for annotation. The app integrates with Box.net, Dropbox, and Google Docs for online importing and exporting. Documents can be annotated with typed text, sticky note formatted text boxes,  as well as freehand pen and highlighting. Notes may be many pages in length and reordering of pages or insertion of PDF files is easy. Completed notebooks may also be shared via Twitter, Facebook, and email.
Submitted by Diane Cameron. Visit her Website.

facebook: FB.com - 08/03/11 04:18 AM
By now I am sure you have heard that Facebook has made it even easier to get your page noticed.
When you have a Facebook Business page and create a username for your your page, you can now use FB.com/username instead of spelling out Facebook with www.facebook.com/username.
It is shorter for printed pieces, especially business cards if you have a long web adress. This will also make it easier for you to add your Facebook address to your email signature.
Have you started using this newer shortened version yet?
Remember: Always try your links before you make them public.
Oh and visit our facebook page: … (2 comments)

facebook: Tumblr-Microblogging - 07/21/11 08:10 AM
If you are looking for a tool that will help you organize your social media posts and get you some google juice, take time to review this product.
Tumblr is the best of traditional blogs and social networks. While post don't have character restrictions like Twitter, the community encourages short posts and quick updates.
As with twitter, people can repost your content with one click and they can even use the ubiquitous "like" button. Tumblr is used as a photo or video blog by some and the ability to post from your phone makes it so much easier. Visit www.tumblr.com/goodies once you sign … (2 comments)

facebook: REALTOR University Webinar Summit - 05/19/11 04:05 AM
Facebook, video and online marketing are all highly effective ways to generate qualified sales leads but how do you do use them effectively and affordably?You'll get the answers to these questions and more when you register and attend the upcoming Webinar Summit on May 24th. REALTOR® University is proud to offer this exceptional educational opportunity which features successful agents and industry experts that will reveal the latest cutting edge tech tools, powerful trends affecting the way we transact business, out-of-the-box marketing, and the very the latest pricing techniques you can use to increase your bottom line. Register TODAY and get all … (0 comments)

facebook: Favorite Apps on my Blackberry - 10/19/09 11:52 PM
If you own a Blackberry then you’re probably appreciative of the amazing ease of use as a business tool. The keyboard makes sending and answering emails very easy. The ability to sync with your contact management system keeps your calendar, contacts and email at your fingertips.

Make sure your downalod the BlackBerry App World™ onto your Blackbery where most apps are found. http://appworld.blackberry.com
Here are some other apps to consider to make your blackberry an even more effective tool. Google offers a great collection of mobile applications, including Google Maps, Gmail, Docs, and Sync. Deciding which one to include here … (12 comments)

facebook: Using Facebook as a Prospecting Tool - 06/08/09 01:20 AM

Facebook is one of the most hyped web service/platforms right now. Many people have already found Facebook to be a valuable addition to their web marketing strategy. Why? Because Facebook social networking can effectively connect you with potential clients, with no cost and minimal effort. Consider using Facebook as a tool for:
• Marketing to new clients
• Protecting your brand
• Testing out marketing ideas
• Measuring impact of your marketing
Think of it as an “addition” to your prospecting. As you connect on a consistent basis with your past customers, sphere and clients you are probably doing … (8 comments)

facebook: Facebook Applications - Some Useful, some you need to IGNORE! - 04/04/09 07:10 AM
Facebook is one of the popular web service/platforms right now. Many people have already found Facebook to be a valuable addition to their web marketing strategy. Why? Because Facebook social networking can effectively connect you with potential clients, past customers and friends, with no cost and minimal effort.

Buyers & Sellers are interested in their “Micro-market”, where they live and work. Your goal is to give them information they can’t get anywhere else and they will be hooked.
Other than your all important status updates, adding applications selectively can help your business grow. Right now, there are over 2000 apps … (11 comments)