florida: How long does it take to build a home? - 08/23/13 07:30 AM
Generally speaking, the home building process in Southwest Florida is about 4-6 months. There are many factors that can affect the time frame for building a home. From the size of your home to the size of your building crew, to the potential issues that may arise throughout the process, it can be hard to estimate an exact time frame. However, below are the phases that you can typically anticipate as you progress through the process. Most phases are about a week, but some may be 2-3 weeks, while others may be only a few days.
This is the … (0 comments)

florida: Quick Tip on How to sell your home fast! - 08/03/13 01:32 AM
Hiring the wrong broker 
There are many ways of finding a good broker. Personal recommendations from friends and colleagues are often the best way to go. If someone outside the real estate business with nothing to gain is bringing up a broker, you can be pretty sure you’re on to a winner. The best brokers —  the top 10 percent —  do 90 percent of all the business. So don’t get stuck with a lemon. You want someone with enthusiasm and drive, someone who will give you the attention you need and steer you through the whole messy process with courtesy and professionalism.
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florida: Where is a good place to retire with low taxes? - 07/31/13 11:32 PM
This is the eleventh installment of Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida which can also be downloaded from our freeeBook library.
Another great reason to retire in Florida (especially Cape Coral) is because it’s one of a few low tax states!
States with no income tax
In 2010, the average Cape Coral resident paid about $1,436 in property taxes. They also enjoyed paying no state income tax since Florida is one of 7 states that do not tax individual incomes.
A 6% sales tax, which ends up including many tourist dollars, helps to offset the lack of a state … (0 comments)

florida: What an AMAZING COMMUNITY! Check out SANDOVAL in Cape Coral, FL. - 06/10/13 09:49 PM
Buying a Home in Sandoval Are you thinking of buying a home, and wondering if Sandoval is right for you? You've come to the right place! We've gathered all the information you need in one convenient location.
Do you already own a home in Sandoval? Check out our Sandoval Seller's Guide to see if now is the right time to sell. Or, if you have friends interested in buying or selling, send them here so they can learn more about this great community.
What's Sandoval Like? Location: If you're looking to live next to shopping, fine dining, parks, the Gulf of Mexico, and schools, … (0 comments)

florida: How much does it cost to build a home? - 05/31/13 09:50 PM
  So, once you’ve decided on a design for your new home, just how much will it cost to build? A good place to start is a free online building cost estimator. (There are many websites that have this available.) Once you have the general idea, you will need to then look for hidden costs that may add to your final bill. Here are tips for estimating the cost of your new home:
This is the sixth tip in What’s New in New Construction: 12 Tips for Building a Home in Southwest Florida Today, a free eBook.
Talk to Local Builders

florida: What is the #1 Reason to live in Cape Coral, Fl? - 05/19/13 09:38 PM
This is the first installment of Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida which can also be downloaded from our freeeBook library.
If you prefer sunny, warm breezes over blizzards, Cape Coral real estate might be the right choice for you. Snowbirds (the affectionate name for our seasonal residents) have been enjoying mild southwest Florida winters since Edison and Ford started the trend of migrating south over a hundred years ago! If it’s January and you’re watching the Weather Channel, then you already know what you might be missing.
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florida: Would you like to sell your home fast? - 05/17/13 09:36 PM
This is the second of 12 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.
When your agent has fully prepared for a listing appointment with you, they will be ready to help you sell your home fast. Before this meeting, your real estate agent will research comparable home sales in the area. They will look at homes similar in age, size, features, and price in your neighborhood to create a report that will give an educated “best guess” of your home’s fair market value.
The most important piece of data that your agent should be preparing for … (1 comments)

florida: Can you help me sell a home? Why Yes! Click here. =) - 05/10/13 11:51 PM
Houses 4 sale on the market today…

This is the second tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook at www.AckermanSWFL.com/ebooks/.
…are usually great deals (if not steals) for buyers. But what if you’re on the other end of the transaction? Read on for tips for sellers!
For many, part of the buying process means selling a home as well, unless of course you are a first time home buyer. At first, you may be inclined to go to the local newspaper and immediately list your home in the houses 4 … (0 comments)

florida: Cost of Living getting you down? See how Cape Coral, Fl. Compares! - 04/08/13 11:18 PM

This is the twelfth installment of Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.
In the September 2011 issue of Money magazine, Cape Coral was named one of the Top 25 Best Places to Retire.
The city was recognized because of its weather, amenities and access to the luxuries of a retirement lifestyle. Another important reason why Cape Coral was among the top 25 is because of its low cost of living.
Take a look at the chart above to see how Cape Coral real estate stacks up … (1 comments)

florida: Cash or Finance? Which will you choose when making your home purchase? - 03/26/13 09:58 PM
Cash or credit? It’s the universal question in retail purchases.

This is the 10th tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook at www.AckermanSWFL.com.
Whether you’re in the drive-thru at a fast-food restaurant or purchasing your groceries at the store, the quick decision is continually running through your mind throughout the day.
It’s usually a quick decision to pull out your wallet to make such a simple transaction.
Pulling out your credit card or cash doesn’t require too much thought.
Other cash or finance decisions require … (1 comments)

florida: What are your Real Estate Agent's duties? Do you know? - 03/08/13 09:26 PM
This is the seventh of 12 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.
You are paying your real estate agent a commission to sell your home. What do you get in return? What are the real estate agent’s duties?
The first duty of your real estate agent is to prepare research for your listing appointment, as discussed in Tip #2. He or she is also responsible for marketing your home to potential buyers and should provide you with tips on staging your home for a quick sale.
A typical real … (1 comments)

florida: What's New with New Construction? - 03/06/13 08:57 PM
Posted by A.J. On March 6th
If you’ve been looking to buy a new home recently, you may be disappointed. There aren’t many old homes for sale, and many “new” homes were built as long ago as 2007.
Are you feeling like you’re out of options? Is new construction really a good choice right now?
I understand your desire to get exactly the home you’re looking for! You probably want it to be in the right neighborhood, up to date, and priced right. You might also have questions about how to go about building a home, to see if that’s … (0 comments)

florida: Selling? How Much Is Your Home Worth? - 02/28/13 07:49 PM
Selling? How Much Is Your Home Worth? Is now the right time to sell your home? How much is it worth?
How much will your home sell for?  
If you're looking to sell your home, you probably want to know if now is the right time. What's the highest price can you get? How long will it take to sell? Should you sell now, or, if you have a choice, wait for the market to change?
You don't want to underprice your home and lose money. But you … (2 comments)

florida: Do you know how to Stage Your Home? Learn More by watching my video! - 02/27/13 07:34 PM

Home staging is a great way to help your home sell faster. What is home staging?
Home staging is the process of improving your home’s look and feel to make it as attractive as possible to the greatest number of potential buyers. Home staging ideas can be incredibly simple or can require a lot of work and energy. It’s up to you how far you want to go.
The suggestions we give you in this tip are designed to give you a range of possibilities – from easy ideas you should definitely do, to intense tasks that take more … (3 comments)

florida: Do you want Golfing? Welcome to Southwest Florida! Places - 02/15/13 09:19 PM
This is the fifth installment of Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.
Between its sandy beaches and natural preserves, Southwest Florida has many attractions. But, for die hard golfers, the best attractions in the area are the golf courses!
With over 100 golf courses already being enjoyed by golfers – and many more to come – the Southwest Florida area is a golfer’s paradise. Why is that?
It’s been calculated that this area has more golf holes per person than any area of the United … (1 comments)

florida: Buying a Short-Sale or Foreclosure? - 02/13/13 09:07 PM
Its no secret that Florida is one of the most widely coveted states in regards to lifestyle.

This is the fifth tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook at www.AckermanSWFL.com/ebooks/.
Beaches galore and beautiful weather throughout the majority of the year are only a few reasons why tourists from all over the globe flock to Southwest Florida for vacations. The quality of life on Florida’s Gulf Coast is second to none. You may have thought that purchasing a home along Florida’s Gulf Coast was beyond your … (1 comments)

florida: Do you know why you need to work with a buyer representative? - 02/04/13 03:59 AM
Do you know why you need to work with a buyer representative? A buyers representative is a real estate professional that provides you, the buyer, with the knowledge you need to make buying a home pleasant experience.  They work with you to determine your needs, your initial investment, and your monthly payments so you know what you can expect and how much you can afford.  
Whether it is residential or investment property,  a buyers agents is involved throughout the entire process:
Determining a "fair market value" for the real estate you're interested in. Informing you of all your legal rights and obligations, Explaining the benefits … (0 comments)

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