swfl real estate: Your 1 Stop Shop to All Utilities for Your Move in Day =) SWFL - 07/11/13 11:21 PM
Moving in? Here's your resource list for Cable, Utilities, Water, Garbage, etc. Cape Coral City Directory Power Companies Florida Power and Light Lee County Electric Company Television and Cable Providers Comcast Century Link Dish Network Direct TV Utilities Lee County Utilities Cape Coral Utilities Contact AJ today! Or call 239-565-7867.
We serve Southwest Florida: Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Captiva, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Sanibel.

swfl real estate: CONSTRUCTION LOANS - How they Work... - 07/07/13 11:26 PM
Much like buying a home, building a home requires you to either pay for it outright or get a loan. Here is how construction financing works today:
Financing construction involves obtaining a construction loan from a lending institution. Construction loans are usually considered short term financing. Once the construction project is completed, the loan is typically converted into a permanent mortgage loan.
This is the third tip in What’s New in New Construction: 12 Tips for Building a Home in Southwest Florida Today, a free eBook.
Qualifying for a construction loan
Construction loans may be harder to qualify for … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: FREE TIPS on How to Sell Your Home Fast! - 07/04/13 10:49 PM
Houses 4 sale on the market today…

This is the second tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook atwww.AckermanSWFL.com/ebooks/.
…are usually great deals (if not steals) for buyers. But what if you’re on the other end of the transaction? Read on for tips for sellers!
For many, part of the buying process means selling a home as well, unless of course you are a first time home buyer. At first, you may be inclined to go to the local newspaper and immediately list your home in the houses 4 … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: What Happens After a Realtor Shows Your Home? Read to Find Out =) - 07/02/13 10:55 PM
This is the ninth of 12 Tips on How to Sell Your Home Fast, which can be downloaded from our free eBook library.
After you have an open house event or an agent shows your home to a prospective buyer, there are three possible outcomes. You can get no offers on your house, you might get one offer or, in the best case scenario, you receive multiple offers!
If You Don’t Get an Offer

If you don’t get an offer immediately on your home, don’t despair. Even when homes are priced correctly, it often takes multiple showings to find the right buyer … (1 comments)

swfl real estate: ATTN: NATURE LOVERS! Cape Coral is right for you! - 06/10/13 09:45 PM
This is the fourth installment of Top 12 Reasons to Retire in Cape Coral, Florida which can also be downloaded from our free eBook library.
If you read our last tip, you know that Cape Coral has access to some of the most amazing beaches in Florida. But, the nature in Cape Coral is not limited to the beach. If you love the outdoors, Cape Coral has an abundance of activities for nature lovers of every kind. The city is home to several parks, including Saratoga Lake Park, Horton Park, Four Freedoms Park and more….
One of the … (0 comments)

swfl real estate: ATTENTION: Not All Agents Are The Same - 06/09/13 10:58 PM
Real estate agents have gotten a bad reputation as “salespeople” who hold selfish interests in your home.

This is the third tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook at www.AckermanSWFL.com/ebooks/.
On the other end of the spectrum, successful and reliable agents, while experts in marketing and sales, are experts in negotiation and advisement when you are selling or buying your home. Knowing what to look for and how to pick an agent will ensure that the process goes seamlessly and quickly.
Many horror stories have … (0 comments)

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