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Caveat Emptor - Let the Buyer Beware! Some new (at least new to me) information has caused me to change my thinking on the "Chinese Drywall" topic.  Let me share - Let me start with the idea that "Chinese Drywall" is a misnomer - there are some labs reporting that some problem drywall may be labe...
Does your inspector use technology in his/her inspections?  Hand-written inspection reports?  Electronic moisture meter?  Infrared imaging? Laser Thermometer? I was surprised the other day by a client who was watching me very intently... he asked all kinds of questions about the equipment I carry...
Well, I suppose some of you are getting what you want...  On July 1, Florida's first regulation of the Home Inspection industry takes effect.  From now on, the home sellers and buyers in our great state will be protected from the unscrupulous home inspectors.  Or will they??? The new licensure la...
We're coming up on a long weekend... Monday is Memorial Day!  Memorial Day was established to commemorate the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in the military service of our country.  For years, the tradition was to fly a flag in front of our home, and many paople visit cemetaries an...
A short time ago, I was called to inspect a new home for the owner.  It is actually 4 years old, built in 2006.  It's in a nice neighborhood - all built by this builder.  I won't mention the builder's name, but they are a large national builder. The problem was pretty simple... a 2 story house wi...
In the last 2 months, I've done inspections on 3 different homes in which the homes were re-plumbed.  This means the entire home's plumbing has been replaced.  It's done for a variety of reasons, but these were all homes built with Polybutylene (PB) pipe.  PB pipe was used 20+ years ago as a new,...
In my area, more and more properties are being sold recently, and so many of these are bank-owned or short sales.  It seems the biggest obstacle to getting the inspection done is now getting the utilities turned on. I've done at least five houses in the last month where the utilities were not on....
I finished an inspection today on an 8 year-old house. It was listed as a 4/2, and I spent 15 minutes looking for bedroom 4! It has a master suite with a very nice bathroom and a "sitting room" which is about 10x10 and has a walk-in closet. It turns out that apparently during construction, the ow...
First... Happy 2009.  I hope that your 2009 will be happy, healthy, and prosperous. I had a call last month from an investor, wanting to give me notice he will be buying some bank-owned properties in the Poicnciana, FL area.  God knows there are enough there to give him a good selection!  He said...
SubTitled, Let's See If He Catches This... Several times over the past few years, I've had clients and/or Realtors try to trick me.  They've done this by not filling me in with their concerns or their observations.  I even had one client say her father had told them not to call my attention to a ...

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