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YEAH!  The "NEW" AR Blog Customizer was released over the weekend, and is now up and running.  Thanks to Brad Carroll over at Dakno, the AR Blog Customizer was birthed a few months ago, and added to the network allowing members to customize the headers and backgrounds of their Blogs. In fact, it ...
Mark this day as another that will go down in History as an "AWESOME NEW FEATURE" added to the ActiveRain Network.  We have added and are rolling out Twitter auto-feeds for your AR Blog posts.  If you have a Twitter account already, you can set yours up now.  If you don't, you'll need to go to Tw...
Last week, I had the chance to take my family to go see Cheap Trick, Heart, and Journey at the Pavilion. Talk about a flash-back from the eighties. WOW!  What really made this show and evening so special, were my kids getting to see some of the musical talents of bands and friends that my wife an...
There are so many things to learn once you join ActiveRain.  How to create links, add photos, use HTML, don't spam or hijack, add video etc., not to mention Channels, ReBlogging, Outside Blogs, Localism and the Referral Network just to name a few.  It's no wonder some of our new members and visi...
Some financial pundits are hailing this last week's bailouts, bankruptcies and market crash as the most significant since 1929. Former investment banker Pat Kitano will be on Rain Radio today at 11:00am PDT, to sort out the two opposing theories on the market - is this the beginning of Financial ...
For a long time now, my mother has spoken of this place and a time where a tremendous earthquake shook the Country...the earthquake was so violent that it hurled down the Giant Redwood trees like matchsticks.  Fire, ashes, and molten lava came out and coursed down the valley in which now lies the...
My ActiveRain Blog sidebar has forever been a hosting ground for widgets, gadgets, gizmo's, buttons, and anything else I could place there that didn't break my Blog or the AR Network. LOL  Most of the buttons there were just links to other Blogs and sites where I participate.  The others were jus...
I have been on ActiveRain now since February of 2007, and been a full-time employee since March of 2008.  I've received over 3000+ member emails, 20,000 comments and have been asked every question I think there is to ask (some multiple times..LOL) and still, no one has ever asked the question abo...
For the past few years, we have had the ability to convert "Text To Speech" (TTS) on our computers.  We can even select a male or female voice to read back text in a Word Document or on the computer screen.  My son, a college student, uses the TTS "Speech synthesis" feature to have his computer r...
Sounds like a Terminator meets Alien showdown, but it's not... it's better!  Today we have Tara Jones from Reel Dwellings TV on the show talking about Video and how to take it to the next Radical Level.  Tara Jones is an experienced Professional Video Host.  She'll be discussing various aspects o...

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