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Seems there is always something new to be learned and discovered.  Twitter, FriendFeed, Online Webinars, the Information is flying around the WEB 2.0 World at high speeds and at high altitudes, but if you try to grab on to some of this stuff, it's amazing what you can learn from being connected t...
Today I had the pleasure of having some fun with our very own Jeff Corbett.  At the last minute, I tricked him to coming on the RAIN Radio broadcast so we could chat about business and social media stuff.  What Jeff Corbett didn't know is that prior to going "Live", I placed a few calls today to ...
This is much simpler than you may think, so don't complicate it or get frustrated until you have reviewed this entire post.  This was written to walk you through the process with little or no pain.  Let's see how I do. Hit Router is really a simple Pay Per Click system, very similar to Google Ad ...
ActiveRain's Hit Router allows you to "opt-in" or "opt-out" depending on if you have an IDX and want to participate or not.  What is IDX you ask?  "IDX or Internet Data Display, is a program initiated by the National Association of Realtors which went into effect on January 1st of 2002. The IDX c...
As evidenced by my lack of posts here on AR this past week, most of you are aware that I have been away from home for 6 days now.  It has been quite the Journey and I'm ready to head home tomorrow.  My last visit home for a few short hours between the REBarCamp and where I am now, only gave me a ...
Follow us and enjoy what's going on in Houston Texas at the REBarCamp this year.  We'll be posting Audio, Photos, Interviews, Podcasts, Videos, Links, and Updates in up-to-the-minute, real time "LIVE" feeds to this post.  I'm including the Utterli Widget, UStream.TV Widget, and Twitter to keep yo...
What is an REBarCamp?  Why Would I want To Go?  Who Is Going To Be There?  How Will This Benefit Me or My Business?  What Are The Topics?  Where's it at?  How Much Will It Cost?  The Door is Unlocked                           Knock on the door of your choice to find out more about REBarCamp.  You...
You're probably thinking of the 1985 classic by Jefferson Starship aren't you?  This post is about AR Cities! As I was searching for the "missing Blog link" the other day, I discovered an exciting change that you may not have seen yet.  It's the City pages on ActiveRain.  I was so excited, I actu...
hanks to all the members that responded to our request for information about their and widgets, we now have an "Approved" list for you to use as a guideline.  Our programmers have determined that the following are safe and available for you to use on the network. For those of you who ma...
SPAMMERS BEWARE - WE'RE AFTER YOU!! Have you been SPAMMED here lately?  If so, please report these critters that are taking the time to fill out a profile on AR, just to SPAM you!  If you report any member who is obviously here with one intent [TO SPAM OUR MEMBERS],  shoot me an email, and I will...

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