help: ActiveRain Members and RainMakers - Do You Need Help? - 09/03/10 09:42 AM
ActiveRain Members and RainMakers - Do You Need Help?
I'm looking for AR members who feel they need some training and coaching.  There are many great trainers and classes/coaching offered out there, but they might NOT be what you're looking for and what you REALLY NEED.
Are You Serious? Are you Ready?
What are your questions or concerns about Social Media, networking online, or Blogging on this massive Real Estate community and network?  What things might you be missing that will make a difference in your efforts here? What do you want-vs-need?
After many years of working with AR members day in … (43 comments)

help: The ActiveRain "HELP" Toolbar for Your Browser - 03/02/10 12:43 AM
The ActiveRain "HELP" Toolbar for Your Browser - created to help members and non-members find important pieces of information in and around the network.

In this post I wanted to explain each section of the toolbar and show how it might be helpful.  The "Toolbar" is not just for AR members, it's also for anyone who wants to keep up with what's happening in the world of Real Estate on and through the AR Network.  It works on Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers and it's FREE.

The first section of the toolbar allows you to access AR with a … (23 comments)

help: How to Add a Power Point Presentation to Your Blog - 03/21/08 04:29 PM
Do you use Microsoft Power Point for any presentations at all? Here's the instructions for adding a Power Point Presentation toyour Blog. We are going to incorporate it into this post and show you how it's done: Today I will use There are otherslike, but I have not tested them thoroughly yet.
A couple things you'll want to know first: The two most common Internet Browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Depending on the readers/viewersbrowser will determine how your presentation will appear. I would suggest always having a quick disclaimer or instructional commentfor both platforms. I like … (116 comments)

help: 5 Ways To Subscribe To Blogs - 03/07/08 01:52 AM
Active Rain has many fantastic Blogs and Writers.  They have also provided you with some useful tools to help you keep track and follow some of your favorite Bloggers and posts.  Here are 5 ways you can "Subscribe" or "Track" your Favs.  I will also cover how to "ADD" the subscribe link many of you have used to "Subscribe" to my Blog.
The first way to subscribe to another members Blog is very simple.  As you navigate through Active Rain and stumble upon posts and writers that have "value-added" content, or subject matter that you are particularly fond of, you can … (98 comments)

help: NEW MEMBERS - Start Here - 02/26/08 04:26 AM
Welcome Active Rain New Members & Invited Guests - If you are looking to Active Rain as a place to get rich quick, or just score points, you're in the wrong spot.  However, if you're looking to surround yourself with incredible knowledge, experienced professionals, worthy relationships, industry support, and marketing ideas to grow your business and better your Blogging skills, you've landed in the BEST spot on planet earth. 
For months now, I have been welcoming "New Members" by adding links in your comments, and a welcome message to your "Very First Post" here on Active Rain.  Now, I still welcome … (262 comments)

help: Video and Your Blog - Featuring Future Technology - 11/26/07 08:31 PM
Ok my friends, I'm back to my old self, and off on another Technology and Marketing tangent! This is a three point post I think you'll really enjoy.
1) A New Widget 2) Technology and Marketing 3) Video And Your Blog!
This is the new YouTube Widget that allows you to host multiple Videos via a single player. I have chosen “Future Technology” as the feature for this Widget. Watch the videos in this YouTube Widget and discover a new and exciting world of technology, NOT for our future, it's here now! To access your own YouTube Video Widget, you must have … (104 comments)

help: Marketing and Farming Your Blog - 11/17/07 11:22 AM
Isn't it great when you write a post on a topic you're passionate about, and you get a string of intelligent and informative comments?  This creates an awesome platform to educate, and share your knowledge and experience with your clients and other consumers.  Are you waiting for them to come find your great post using Google?  Do you hope they just find your post by coincidence, or from a keyword search?  If you want to be proactive, and get this information out to readers and clients everywhere, they'll need to know that it's there.  Are you "Farming Your Blog?
Many Active … (241 comments)

help: 3 Ways To Find Out Who's Reading Your Blog - 11/09/07 08:35 PM
When I first started on Active Rain earlier this year, I had no clue how much I would learn in such a short time.  The first thing I remember noticing about Active Rain was that there was vast amounts of knowledge, and so many wonderful people here.  I wanted to learn all about Blogging, the benefits, the value, and why anyone in our industry would want to consider Blogging.  I needed to know so I could share with my clients if this were something they should invest their time in doing.
I was spending hours just reading and learning from all … (370 comments)

help: Your Active Rain Profile - Your Masterpiece! - 11/01/07 06:09 PM
Are you getting the most from your Active Rain Profile?   Does it have the same information or content as your website?  Did you cut and paste like many of us I know did?  Is it a "Wall Of Words?"  Here's an opportunity to make your AR Profile even "BETTER" than your website.  You should put as much attention and love into your profile page as you do your posts, maybe more.  Are you updating it with fresh content weekly, monthly or never at all?  The truth is, the profile is the first place we all start as "New" members!  The … (238 comments)

help: Active Rain Blogs - Finding What You Need - The Ultimate Search! - 10/28/07 12:13 PM
Here's a "community tip" you may not be aware of regarding how to "SEARCH" Blogs.  Active Rain is a huge wealth of members, knowledge and resources!  There are so many Blog topics, ideas, instructions, do's and don'ts, opinions and posts of information, it really can be over-whelming.  This post will show you how to maximize the "Search" options that are available to you on Active Rain.
When you click on the "SEARCH" feature from the menu bar above, you'll have 3 options and choices to search from.  Profiles, Blogs, and Blog Comments.  When you're searching Blogs, it ONLY searches … (186 comments)

help: How To Use Your AR "Settings" Page - 10/20/07 05:38 PM
Here is some information on "How To" use your Active Rain "My Settings" page.  I have tried to make this as simple as possible, for you to get the most out of your Active Rain experience.  To access your settings page, go to your "MY HOME" link at the top of the page next to the "Logout" option.  Make sure you are logged into Active Rain before you try and modify your settings.  Next, click on the "My Settings" link on the left hand side of the page just under the "My Ads" link.  The rest is detailed below for your … (510 comments)

help: New GOOGLE Tools for Your BLOG - Customized Mapping - 10/05/07 01:30 PM
When I think of the old traditional maps, I still think of the ones in my glove compartment.  You know the one, you unfold it six times to open it, stretch your arms across the entire front seat of the car to read it, and then you're never able to fold it back up the right way to get it back in the glove compartment again. LOL!  I use to get those maps from AAA before going on road trips with my family, just 2 years ago.
Today, there's GPS, Google Earth, Mapquest, Mapopolis, Yahoo maps, TREO's and other options to … (120 comments)

help: Blogger Startup Kit - 09/20/07 11:27 PM
When you first heard the word "Blog" you were probably just like the rest of us.  Not sure, confused, and maybe even uncomfortable with the whole idea and concept.  My guess is that you still are if you've opened this post and you're still reading it. 
Here is a Starter Kit with everything you need to know, for your Blogging and Blogosphere survival.  If you are new to Blogging (less than 3 months or so) this is the post for you.  Here is the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of Blogging, which is the newest and most exciting way … (190 comments)

help: 20 Google Tools for Your Business - 09/05/07 02:40 AM
These are some really great tools that are ALL provided by Google for FREE. It's obvious that they are on a mission to remain the leader in Internet services and tools for us in our business. You will have seen some of these before, but I am certain you have not seen or used them all. You'll be amazed at what Google can do for you and your business, your websites and Blogs, and for your overall health and wealth. :-)
Google SearchEveryone knows about Google's search engine and it's capabilities. This is one of the most universal search engines and … (270 comments)

help: 7 Mistakes to Avoid on Active Rain - 08/27/07 05:56 PM
I guess you can call these my Top 7 Pet Peeves on Active Rain. This is not a rant or a rave, it's just my way of sharing with members, what others members may feel, but never write about. Please don't take this personal if you fall into one or more of these categories. I know I did, but hopefully the TIPS I have provided below may help.
AND 1. It's frustrating when someone adds you as an associate, but they don't put a comment in the box. Then why are they adding you? Don't members know that this is … (668 comments)

help: Widgets: How to Add Them to Your Blog - 08/12/07 12:18 PM
How do you add "Widgets" to your Active Rain Blog?  You can only add them to either your profile page, your posts, or in the right side column on your main Blog page.  These instructions are to add a Widget to your Blog under your photo, the same as you see on mine.
The first step is to select a "Widget" that you'd like to add to your blog.  All Widgets will require you to use the HTML code provided by that Widget, and then paste it into Active Rain.  If you would like to see some samples of the Widgets I have previously used, you … (232 comments)

help: 5 Principles to Creating an Effective Blog Post - 07/03/07 09:57 PM

Before you post on your Blog, here's five principles that may help you get more views, readers and comments, and (no promises), featured on Active Rain!
First off, put some thought and effort into your posts.  There are so many things you can write about IE: your business, events, personal experiences, travel, technology, other members, the Market etc.
If you invest a small amount of time "thinking" about your post and your readers, their perceptions and what you are trying to get across, the better your posts will be. 
Don't knock yourself out, and remember, you'll never know what kind of response … (218 comments)

help: Adding Associates...The True Power of Comments - 06/05/07 10:32 PM
I was talking with Colleen Kulikowski awhile back, and she was explaining to me why she had taken the time, to organize the Associates she had added.  She said that by "grouping" your Associates, they will be easier to manage.  So I did.  Next, I thought, how can you utilize and benefit from the Associates you've added, and how do they benefit when you add them?
If I add you as an Associate, it may be for one or many reasons.  I either know you, like your Blog, maybe you left me a comment that really stood out, or what if I just like your picture because you look professional and nice.  … (121 comments)

help: Do You Want to be the "Featured Member" Here's Some POINTS! - 06/01/07 09:02 AM

There is only "ONE WAY" you can be the featured member.  It's Points!  You have to have the most points... period!  It is not based on your successes, your experience, your moral or ethical values, it's all based on points.  I will tell you from personal experience, that points don't get you leads, and points will not get you referrals, it's the content of your Blog that is the most important of all.  However, points do determine where you are placed both on ActiveRain and on

If you are not in the top 10, you will not show up on in … (731 comments)

help: Active Rain New Members - Getting Started - 04/11/07 08:49 PM
Have you invited others to the Active Rain Network?  Did you show them the manual?  Why not?  Because there isn't one..... yet.  Are you giving them instructions on what to do next or where to go for help?  I have spent quite a few hours this past week helping those I've invited, get setup in Active Rain.  I found myself wishing there was a manual or instructional page to help my invitees.
This is for all the New Member Professionals (I don't like the term "newbie", being one myself) to help you get up and running on the Active Rain Network. This is … (128 comments)

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