marketing: How To Create A Great Start-Up Business - 03/12/12 08:34 AM
There are but a few critical pieces needed to create a successful start-up business today. In this example, you'll see that it doesn't take much and that it all stems from a simple GREAT idea that you can expand on and yet still have fun at the same time.
Here's five important pieces of the puzzle for a successful start-up business.
#1 - You'll need a niche, a group, or a target of people or prospects that need your product, tool, or service.
#2 - You need to be economically competitive, a price people won't think twice about, they … (40 comments)

marketing: Marketing and Advertising On ActiveRain - A Time and A Place - 08/16/10 05:49 AM
Marketing and Advertising On ActiveRain - How To Create and Setup Ads
Your ActiveRain BLOG is not necessarily the best place to be marketing and advertising your goods or services to other ActiveRain members.  Promoting and marketing yourself is great but is there a more effective and efficient way than using your Blog to do it? Maybe, but you'll never know if you don't try it or know about it right?
One of my favorite quotes from Ardell DellaLoggia, another member here on ActiveRain: "Blogging is the show, not the commercial.  If you make it into a commercial, then your … (42 comments)

marketing: How To Enhance Your Business Listing & Rank Higher and More Often - 01/27/10 03:00 AM
Enhance Your Business Listing - Rank Higher and More Often
Having your Local Business Listed on the web is important for its future survival.  Claiming your listing will help give you more control over how the search engines index you and will also help prevent spammers from hijacking it.  There's also a good chance it could improve your search engine rankings and deliver your Company increased traffic. has some tools and information to help you get your Business noticed on the WEB and by the searching consumer.  GetListed checks the most popular and commonly used search engines like Google, Yahoo, … (125 comments)

marketing: Pictures and Video "DO" Help Sell Real Estate - 08/29/08 05:49 AM
So is there a secret to selling Real Estate using photos and video?  I ran across Bob Sokoler's post today called "What's Helping Us To Sell Homes? Video!"  It's nice to see those results are finally starting to come in.  Thanks Bob.
What is the benefit of ActiveRain Video using Mixpo, and why would anyone ever consider paying for something they think they can get elsewhere for FREE?  The truth is, YOU CAN'T!  Let's address this often asked question. The following videos help explain why AR Video and Mixpo are different than other sites.  Glenn Pingual - VP of Marketing at … (67 comments)

marketing: An ActiveRain Video Invitation - 03/26/08 08:59 PM
As you may have heard, there's a big "Video Contest" being put on by your TEAM here at ActiveRain. This is a contest that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER should enter. You know that video is coming, and that it will be the next level of technology we MUST incorporate to stay or be competitive. You do know that right? :-) So get your video camera, and have some FUN!! You can't miss an opportunity like this one for sure!
Just look at these prizes:
1st Prize 1 ticket to the Day with Seth Godin event in New York City Hotel accommodations … (61 comments)

marketing: Marketing and Farming Your Blog - 11/17/07 11:22 AM
Isn't it great when you write a post on a topic you're passionate about, and you get a string of intelligent and informative comments?  This creates an awesome platform to educate, and share your knowledge and experience with your clients and other consumers.  Are you waiting for them to come find your great post using Google?  Do you hope they just find your post by coincidence, or from a keyword search?  If you want to be proactive, and get this information out to readers and clients everywhere, they'll need to know that it's there.  Are you "Farming Your Blog?
Many Active … (240 comments)

marketing: Making Your Post, A Mini - Webpage - 06/25/07 04:46 PM
Over 20 Years Experience, Helping You Provide Your Clients, The American Dream! 

View My Profile Memoirs of a Blogger View My Associates Get Linked In Search Active Rain             Real Estate Technology Group Target Marketing Group  The Title and Escrow Group Solano County Network Group My Corporate Office Property Comp Information Realtor Designations  Bay Area Real Estate Tech Fair Real Estate Website Links Agent Freebies My Escrow Blog The Best Network in the World My Music Blog My Photography Blog Creating a post to look like a website is in my opinion, a great way to market yourself and provide valuable information to … (72 comments)

marketing: Paying It Forward, Active Rain Style - 100 Links You MUST See! - 06/02/07 10:27 AM
This is my 100th post and my 100th Day on Active Rain.  First, I want to thank Dustin Luther for introducing me to Active Rain.  I have met so many great people, and really had the chance to see what Blogging and ActiveRain is all about.  I have countless success stories and have seen first-hand what Blogging and Networking can do for you and your business.  My goal was to invite 100 people (their photo's all over this post), create a blog with 100 posts, and share 100 things or reasons why Active Rain and blogging is worth the time and effort, and do … (236 comments)

marketing: NEW Google Maps for TREO... FREE?...AWESOME!! - 03/16/07 01:28 PM
If you like technology tools, this one's for you! Do you own a TREO phone? How would you like to never get lost again? If you own a TREO mobile phone, and have internet access, you can have google maps right at the touch of a button. I read an article today in PC Magazine that talked about this new FREE download from google. You can actually download the application right onto your phone, and install it without hooking up to your computer and doing a hot-sync.
You know me, first to jump on the wagon to see if it works, … (28 comments)

marketing: RSS Feed and Windows Vista - 03/12/07 06:33 PM
I just found that the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system has a built in RSS Feed reader, right on the desktop. 
You can select any group from Activerain, click on the "RSS feed", subscribe, and the information from that group gets routed to your Windows Vista Reader.Really cool, now only one click away from all the information you need, and everything you want to be kept up to date on.  I know there are many different readers out on the web, this one is nice because it's right on the desktop of the computer. Literally 1 click away, running in … (17 comments)

marketing: Should you always Search Before You Blog - 03/07/07 07:09 PM
             Did I learn the hard way? YES! I think...I always do a search now, before I post a new blog. There have beenmany times I had a great thought or an original idea, only to find that 15 other people had blogged about the very same idea or concept already.
For example, I spent 15 minutes preparing a piece on DST (Day Light Savings Time) and the affects it would have on your computer, the calendar, you know...all the techy stuff.  Right before I clicked on Post Blog, I decided to do a search in the "Search Blogs field, there must … (22 comments)

marketing: Convert For "Sale By Owners" - Get Buyers in the Process! - 03/07/07 06:21 PM
Another FSBO converted to a listing, but with a whole different approach.  I haven't seen a post that suggested this yet, so allow me to share.  Next time you see a FSBO as you're driving down the road, pull over and stop in front of the house!  This may be the hardest part of it all!  
Have courage, be strong, don't be a prisoner of fear.  Get out of your car, go up and knock on the door.  When the owner answers the door, simply say these words:
"Hi I'm Brad (please use your name though) and even though I'd love to … (73 comments)

marketing: Activerain MLS Online - 03/06/07 06:40 PM
                                                                                 Welcome to the Activerain MLS Online group.  This group was created to make the search for listings easy to find within the AR Network.  Each group member here has the desire to do more business and networking, but also with the expectations of getting referrals, generating leads, exposing their inventory to potential buyers, and having their names and companies moved up in the search engines.
I have looked through the 23 pages of "groups" and joined those that peaked my personal interests.  However, I had difficulty finding just one group that focused on posted listings.  Search no more.  We already have members joining … (69 comments)

marketing: Taking Title? - Don't Advise! Be wise! - 03/03/07 06:34 PM
When a buyer purchases property in California, often times they will ask us, or you, "How should we take title?"  We cannot advise the buyers, we can only suggest they speak to their CPA or attorney etc.
Now, there is a tool that helps one understand the ways in which they can take title and the different methods of holding title on real property.  We provide this to our realtors and our buyers. There is an explanation of the different ways to hold title and the benefits or explanations of each. 
Don't wait till the last minute to discuss this with your buyers.
They … (4 comments)

marketing: Electronic Signatures and Real Estate - 03/02/07 05:09 AM
I often wonder where technology is going to take the real estate transaction.  Is buying Real Estate online really the way of the future?  Will Online transaction management systems like AgentFirst, Sureclose,Settlementroom, or REBT's RELAY be the way we do business in the days ahead?
Now there is electronic signatures.  Sending your clients contracts via email, (in a pdf format), that they can sign online, from any computer, anywhere in the world. WOW! 
The question is, where does it go from here?  What will happen to the notary?  We can never replace the handshake and a smile, but will technology take us to a place where we … (60 comments)

marketing: ActiveRain Generates Referrals!!!! - 03/01/07 01:45 PM
I just got another referral from Activerain today! I love you guys!! I signed up 6 days ago and already, it's changed my life, my business, my outlook on blogging, my placement on google searches, and my income. If you are not a part of this phenomenon, you just are missing the boat!
I have told so many of my clients and my resources, they are all getting on the wagon.  I am teaching aclass on the 15th of March to share this awesome network with others. In 6 days, I have had over 51 people sign up, 3 referrals, 3 Featured headline posts, and found 3 … (30 comments)

marketing: -vs- - 02/27/07 09:38 PM
After mulling around in the rain network for the past 3 days, I have come to realize that this network of Realtors, Lenders and affiliates has become quite valuable to me.  I am already getting referrals and doing business with others that are in and out of my area.
The amount of resources available here, and because the knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is "SO WELL"  represented here, do you think that consumers will catch on and come here to to find their Realtor? Thousands of consumers go to to search and find proerties for sale, do … (8 comments)

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