statistics: ActiveMeter Shutting Down - Remove Dead Codes on ActiveRain - 01/10/11 09:07 AM
Some time ago, I shared a post showing some of the alternative sites that allow you to install their widgets or codes to get access to a variety of stats and an analysis of your Blogs here on ActiveRain.  Since Google Analytics was not an option back then, I did find a few others that worked fairly well here.  Unfortunately, I was just informed that Activemeter is shutting down their service on Feb. 28th, 2011.  They were one of the alterrnative companies mentioned in this post.
If you use Activemeter (on any site or blog), remove the code from your settings … (19 comments)

statistics: Google's New In-Page Analytics - How Do You Use Stats? - 12/06/10 06:55 AM
Google Analytics - New In-Page Analysis and Advanced Segments
These are some of the most powerful tools on the web when it comes to analyzing your blogs and sites. Monitoring the traffic and visitors your content attracts is very useful.  You've created some great Blogs and webpages, added some of the coolest links and tools known to man (in your but what items and things are people really searching for, then clicking on when they find them? 
How are your visitors using your blog or site?  Which products are they clicking on?  Which options are they really using?  How are … (17 comments)

statistics: ActiveRain Statistics - Comments, Views, and Clicks - 11/08/09 04:21 PM
ActiveRain Statistics - Comments, Views, and Clicks:Your ActiveRain Statistics page shows an overview of ALL your Blog posts and the activity they are getting.  This is a great tool to gage what is happening with each of your Blog posts in real-time. 
The first column is the Title and Link to your Blog posts, there's no definition or description needed here.
The Second column is comments.  Many members and consumers may be reading your posts but not commenting. Those that do comment are accounted for and shown as a total on your stats page.  Don't think for one second that just … (120 comments)

statistics: ActiveRain Sets A New Network and Community Record - 08/07/09 05:19 PM
ActiveRain Sets A New Network and Community Record

While I was away this week at Inman Real Estate Connect, Jon informed me that our members broke and set a new Community Record.  We have seen so many great thresholds crossed this year.  The first was having our One millionth Blog post by Brandon Farmer.  Then we reached the 2 million plus monthly visitors mark to ActiveRain.  Next was the most homes searched on AR at over 100,000 in a single month.  This week we hit an outstanding Blog post record.  On Monday, there were 1755 Blogs posts submitted and posted … (104 comments)

statistics: How To Track and Monitor Your Blog Statistics and Traffic - 07/31/09 06:03 AM
5 Tools and Resources for Tracking and Monitoring Your Blog or sites Traffic and Statistics
Now that you are getting more traffic and results from your Blog posts, it's helpful and very informative to see where that traffic is coming from and what articles are getting you a variety of results.  I've put together this list of some tracking tools that are available on the web that will help you monitor your statistics and traffic results.  Hopefully these tools and resources will allow you to see what areas, topics, and Blog posts you can improve on based on the results of … (101 comments)

statistics: ActiveRain Launches Google Analytics for Outside Blogs - 03/30/09 07:09 AM
Finally, after numerous requests from members, and months of hard work, ActiveRain added the Google Analytics Widget to Outside Blogs today.  Google Analytics is a free service that provides detailed statistics about visitors to your blog.  This only applies to the ActiveBlogs, ActiveRains Outside Blog Platform.
How To Install the Google Analytics Widget 1. Go to your ActiveRain Outside Blog and Click on the link.
To create a new ActiveBlog (Outside Blog) CLICK HERE or go to your "My Home" page, and Click on the "Outside Blog" link located on your sidebar. It will be on the left hand side of … (139 comments)

statistics: Are You Using your Active Rain Statistics Page to Improve Your Blog? - 07/23/07 04:42 PM
I noticed today that my statistics page on Active Rain was begging for some attention!!  It was calling out to me, "Hey Brad!  Do you want to go out on a Blog with me tonight?"  Naturally, I said yes, and here we are!!  LOL!
I went through my statistics page to see what posts I had written that received the most views and comments. Finding your voice on Active Rain can be time consuming and frustrating.  Wanting to know what topics were of the most interest to readers had me intrigued.  These are the posts that made my "TOP LIST" for most … (76 comments)

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