tips and advice: 3 Tips - How Google Buzz and Profiles Generate SEO and Business - 11/30/10 02:21 AM
3 Tips - Can Google Buzz really generate SEO and business?
Is there a strategic way to use Google Buzz by mixing business and personal communications to generate ranking in search engines and at the same time, increase your visits and place in line making deposits at the local bank? 
First tip: Stop standing in lines at the bank, use ATM's and secure on-line banking. lol~
Second tip: Watch this video and see what you think, cmon' you know how you are, if you don't buy into it, then nothing else matters anyway. Remember the "Buzz" when Google Buzz was introduced? Is … (29 comments)

tips and advice: How To Design a Facebook Page - 09/14/10 02:57 AM

How Cool is your Facebook Page? 
Do you have a Facebook page or just a Facebook profile?
There are so many people that ask me how to create a Cool Facebook page?  They want to incorporate some or all of their AR stuff, or show off a brand and flaunt their wares.  It use to be so much more challenging, but I've found this site called that will assist you in creating one.  It's easy and it's FREE for the taking.
So let me ask you?  What do Lady Gaga, President Obama, and an Oreo Cookie have in common, … (86 comments)

tips and advice: There's Blog Power in Your Mouse - It's The Right Click - 11/30/08 05:28 AM
How many times on average do you think you will click that mouse button in your lifetime?  LOL~  I can't begin to imagine how many times I have already.  This is a tip that I will preface by saying, "it may be a simple one, and you may already know this, but if you don't, this will save you tons of time and frustration when it comes to copy and paste on ActiveRain."  The tech tip today is: "The Right Click!" for FIREFOX USERS!!
Is There Blog Power in Your Mouse?? Here's the scenario - let's say you are going to … (95 comments)

tips and advice: "The Extinction of Money" or "Tips For Buyers" - 10/02/08 11:52 AM
Normally I would have announced this RAIN Radio show before it took place, but this one just snuck up so quick, it bit me right in the you know what, so I thought I better get this out there today.  Why?  It was a good one.  We had one of our very own rainers, Janet Guilbault as our special guest today talking about the mortgage crisis.  Now wait!  Don't stop there, just because this topic has been beat to death, Janet answers some great questions that you might find useful for some of your clients in your area.
They included:
1. … (32 comments)

tips and advice: Safety and Security in our Industry - 03/31/07 06:50 AM
 This is NOT to scare or alarm anyone, but it is rated PG. Yesterday was another great class put on by First American Tile - in Vallejo, CA.  This class focused on Realtor Safety and Security Awareness.  There were quite a few things that were shared, and some of them may help you from becoming a victim or target of a crime.The reason we sponsored and put this event together, was partially because of an article I received.  A Realtor in Texas assaulted and robbed.  Two days later, an email came from a client in Vacaville, who had just experienced a setup, and almost became a victim herself. 
Mornings on 2, (a … (6 comments)

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