tools: How Big Is Twitter? - 01/03/11 06:43 AM
How Big is Twitter? This is without a doubt the largest "Twitter related" graphic I have ever embedded into an ActiveRain blog post. If you printed twitter today, here's some great comparisons of what that might look like with a really good printer! LOL~ I'm not sure how accurate this comparison is, but I did find this very interesting. Infographic by Cartridge Save My first tip and suggestion for 2011? DON'T PRINT Twitter! I'd love to see a similar comparison for someone considering printing Facebook, I'm willing to bet that it would most likely consume the earth's entire source of paper … (14 comments)

tools: Email Signatures - How Good/Bad Are They? - 05/19/08 06:54 PM
There are so many technology tools in Real Estate today, I think half the battle is determining which one's work and which one's don't. No matter what you use in your business to promote and make yourself available to consumers, family, friends and clients, I think an up-to-date signature on your email messages should be a top priority. I receive hundreds of emails on my ActiveRain and Yahoo accounts. So yes, I have seen many of YOUR signatures. :-)) (Brad Grins...)
Do you have your number or contact info there? Is your signature branded with your company logo and current photo? … (205 comments)

tools: 7 Unique ActiveRain Video Tools - 05/12/08 04:39 AM
There are many valuable and powerful tools using ActiveRain Video, these are just some of my favorite that I wanted to share and let you know are available.  Comparing these Video Hosting Sites these past few months has been challenging, only because there are so many.  Each unique in it's own way. I totally support ANY video platform that can help your business marketing and advertising. Here's a recent post Video in Real Estate Is Viral!  be sure to check that one out.
7 unique things about ActiveRain Video for existing users and others who might be interested.
Everything is ALL online.  … (113 comments)

tools: Do You Want Visitors Searching Your Blog? - 12/07/07 08:41 AM
Last month I did a post regarding ways to search Active Rain using the built in "Search" option.  I also shared how you can use the URL address bar above to search Tags or Keywords.
Now you can have your very own search engine built into your Blog.  Have you ever read a post by another member, book-marked it, then tried to find it in that list of the other 3000 posts you've book-marked? :-0  Here's a really cool tool that will allow you and your readers to search your Blog for any topic or keywords.  NOT JUST TAGS either.  This … (271 comments)

tools: 20 Google Tools for Your Business - 09/05/07 02:40 AM
These are some really great tools that are ALL provided by Google for FREE. It's obvious that they are on a mission to remain the leader in Internet services and tools for us in our business. You will have seen some of these before, but I am certain you have not seen or used them all. You'll be amazed at what Google can do for you and your business, your websites and Blogs, and for your overall health and wealth. :-)
Google SearchEveryone knows about Google's search engine and it's capabilities. This is one of the most universal search engines and … (270 comments)

tools: The Ultimate Tool Box - 05/17/07 04:10 AM
How does your tool box look these days? A good tool box, and the tools in it, are crucial to getting any job done right! 
What tools do you need for yourself?  How about your buyers and sellers?  Is your toolbox available online?  What new tools are available?This is my ULTIMATE ONLINE TOOL BOX. It is for YOU to use. If you're a Realtor, Lender, Buyer, Seller, Broker, Builder or Investor, there are tools in this box for you!|
About Us:
Strength and StabilityThe CorporationWhat's AvailableThe Homeowners ClubWhy First American Title?
Meet The Team Why The Vallejo Team Our Family … (22 comments)

tools: Who put a link in the comments of this post? Please Do!!! - 04/15/07 11:43 PM
Would You?  I know it's against the general guidelines of Active Rain and the Etiquette 101 Group to put links (SPAM) in the comments of other members posts.  I agree with this rule and will fully abide by it.  In this one case, can we make an exception?  
I wanted to share with others, some of the coolest things I have found out on the rain.  Being a newbie (there's that word again),  I wanted to share the resources and discoveries I have made.  My invite list has grown larger than expected, and I feel I owe them this post! 
I am asking … (188 comments)

tools: NEW Google Maps for TREO... FREE?...AWESOME!! - 03/16/07 01:28 PM
If you like technology tools, this one's for you! Do you own a TREO phone? How would you like to never get lost again? If you own a TREO mobile phone, and have internet access, you can have google maps right at the touch of a button. I read an article today in PC Magazine that talked about this new FREE download from google. You can actually download the application right onto your phone, and install it without hooking up to your computer and doing a hot-sync.
You know me, first to jump on the wagon to see if it works, … (28 comments)

tools: How Old Is Your Computer? ..."In Computer years" - 03/13/07 11:48 PM
Is it time for a new computer? Are you sure? When did you buy your current computer, or when was the last time you did any upgrades? Do you constantly find yourself waiting on the computer instead of it waiting on you? Have you calculated (like dog years) how old your computer really is? (5 years to 1)These are the questions I found myself asking, as I was patronizing the computer department at a local Best Buy store. Once I took a good look at some of the systems that are now available, I was no longer there to just get milk … (47 comments)

tools: RSS Feed and Windows Vista - 03/12/07 06:33 PM
I just found that the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system has a built in RSS Feed reader, right on the desktop. 
You can select any group from Activerain, click on the "RSS feed", subscribe, and the information from that group gets routed to your Windows Vista Reader.Really cool, now only one click away from all the information you need, and everything you want to be kept up to date on.  I know there are many different readers out on the web, this one is nice because it's right on the desktop of the computer. Literally 1 click away, running in … (17 comments)

tools: Convert For "Sale By Owners" - Get Buyers in the Process! - 03/07/07 06:21 PM
Another FSBO converted to a listing, but with a whole different approach.  I haven't seen a post that suggested this yet, so allow me to share.  Next time you see a FSBO as you're driving down the road, pull over and stop in front of the house!  This may be the hardest part of it all!  
Have courage, be strong, don't be a prisoner of fear.  Get out of your car, go up and knock on the door.  When the owner answers the door, simply say these words:
"Hi I'm Brad (please use your name though) and even though I'd love to … (73 comments)

tools: Microsoft Outlook Tech Tip - Spam and Pop-ups! - 03/04/07 10:52 PM
I DON'T LIKE SPAM...To reduce your email spam, turn off the preview pane in Microsoft Outlook.  This will allow you to still partially read the email without actually opening it.  The preview pane is usually on by default.  By clicking on the email to delete it, you aren't opening it and exposing yourself to future spam from the sender, or others that might purchase your email address from other spammers.  I have found this to be a very effective way to minimize spam without losing potential clients and referrals that find me on the internet.  You can setup rules in outlook to … (23 comments)

tools: Taking Title? - Don't Advise! Be wise! - 03/03/07 06:34 PM
When a buyer purchases property in California, often times they will ask us, or you, "How should we take title?"  We cannot advise the buyers, we can only suggest they speak to their CPA or attorney etc.
Now, there is a tool that helps one understand the ways in which they can take title and the different methods of holding title on real property.  We provide this to our realtors and our buyers. There is an explanation of the different ways to hold title and the benefits or explanations of each. 
Don't wait till the last minute to discuss this with your buyers.
They … (4 comments)

tools: Electronic Signatures and Real Estate - 03/02/07 05:09 AM
I often wonder where technology is going to take the real estate transaction.  Is buying Real Estate online really the way of the future?  Will Online transaction management systems like AgentFirst, Sureclose,Settlementroom, or REBT's RELAY be the way we do business in the days ahead?
Now there is electronic signatures.  Sending your clients contracts via email, (in a pdf format), that they can sign online, from any computer, anywhere in the world. WOW! 
The question is, where does it go from here?  What will happen to the notary?  We can never replace the handshake and a smile, but will technology take us to a place where we … (60 comments)

tools: ActiveRain Generates Referrals!!!! - 03/01/07 01:45 PM
I just got another referral from Activerain today! I love you guys!! I signed up 6 days ago and already, it's changed my life, my business, my outlook on blogging, my placement on google searches, and my income. If you are not a part of this phenomenon, you just are missing the boat!
I have told so many of my clients and my resources, they are all getting on the wagon.  I am teaching aclass on the 15th of March to share this awesome network with others. In 6 days, I have had over 51 people sign up, 3 referrals, 3 Featured headline posts, and found 3 … (30 comments)

tools: -vs- - 02/27/07 09:38 PM
After mulling around in the rain network for the past 3 days, I have come to realize that this network of Realtors, Lenders and affiliates has become quite valuable to me.  I am already getting referrals and doing business with others that are in and out of my area.
The amount of resources available here, and because the knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is "SO WELL"  represented here, do you think that consumers will catch on and come here to to find their Realtor? Thousands of consumers go to to search and find proerties for sale, do … (8 comments)

tools: The Northern California Real Estate Expo - May 11-13, 2007 - 02/26/07 05:53 PM
This is going to be HUGE!!!!  You don't want to miss this event if you're a realtor, lender, title company, homeowner, investor, builder, developer, etc.  The list goes on and on.  I was asked to consider putting on the Bay Area Real Estate Tech Fair again this year, but in lieu of this coming event, our committee has decided to wait until next year to do it again. Look at the sponsors, pavillions, and the size of this event.  This will be just like the state fair.  The 3 day event is the first of it's kind ever at the Solano Fairgrounds.  See the info … (5 comments)

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