video: How To Embed Customized Youtube Video Players - 12/30/13 12:09 AM
Here are (3) three really great custom Youtube video player embeds you can use for adding variety to your site or self-hosted blog. All three are using videos hosted on Youtube, but the players are unique based on the desired end result. For example...
How To Embed a Customized Youtube Video Player without Links
I've been trying to figure out how to embed a Youtube video and player without having relevant videos popup at the end. I was also wondering if there were a way to remove the Youtube logo from showing up in the bottom lower right corner of the … (27 comments)

video: How to Use Video and Youtube to Enhance Your Blog and Business - 04/07/10 01:28 AM
ActiveRain University - How to Use Video and Youtube to Enhance Your Blog and Business
How are you using Video in Real Estate and on your ActiveRain Blog? Are you creating or using Video Listings, Virtual Property and Community tours?  Does your video show up on Google Earth? Can your videos make you money?  Want to generate more traffic to your videos and visitors to your Blog?  This week at ARU, we are going to be sharing some things about video and Youtube that will be very beneficial to your Video library on Youtube and your Blog on ActiveRain.
Here's a … (118 comments)

video: Tools to Enhance Your Real Estate Video - 04/27/09 10:15 AM has some pretty nifty layouts and tools if you want to enhance your Real Estate or personal videos.  Having used for photo slide shows in the past, I thought I'd check back to what they have added or updated.  Some of their tools for video have been improved and are easily embeded to many of the social networks and Blogs including ActiveRain.  It has been quite a while since I last visited their site.
It's always good to check back with some of those sites you've discovered from the past.  They will either be gone, the same, or better.  … (65 comments)

video: Youtube and Your Real Estate Videos - 04/20/09 01:42 PM
Many of us use Youtube to host a variety of Real Estate and personal videos.  I noticed that when videos are done playing, in most cases, other videos will pop up on the screen that have a similar topic or title.  Does this hurt or help you?  I guess this depends on how you "see" it, no pun intended.  Having a video on your site or post can certainly help to create a more captive audience, but those next videos that pop up may be having a subtle and adverse affect. Yesterday, I was watching a Real Estate Video that was … (151 comments)

video: Video Audio Indexing - Converting Your Voice and Audio To Text - 09/20/08 06:37 AM
For the past few years, we have had the ability to convert "Text To Speech" (TTS) on our computers.  We can even select a male or female voice to read back text in a Word Document or on the computer screen.  My son, a college student, uses the TTS "Speech synthesis" feature to have his computer read back stories and articles for homework assignments while he multi-tasks on other programs and applications.  Well fasten your harnesses...
It was recently announced that Video can now be searched on using audio converted text. WOW! So what does this mean?  What you say … (36 comments)

video: Reel Dwellings TV meets RAIN Radio - 09/18/08 02:40 AM
Sounds like a Terminator meets Alien showdown, but it's not... it's better!  Today we have Tara Jones from Reel Dwellings TV on the show talking about Video and how to take it to the next Radical Level.  Tara Jones is an experienced Professional Video Host.  She'll be discussing various aspects of Real Estate Video and how it affects today's Industry and YOU.  Tara will share answers on many of the questions we all have about Real Estate Video. 
When to do it yourself vs when to rely on the pros?  How to over come the fear of video and how to … (63 comments)

video: 3 Ways To Reach Your Audience - Blogging Just Isn't Enough - 09/17/08 03:42 PM
In the beginning, well...many years ago, the only way people could communicate and share information with others, was by traveling on horseback or by boat to personally deliver their news.  Then came mail.  In regards to advertising, marketing, and providing news and information, this must have been a nightmare.  Word of mouth was pretty much it!
Once newspapers were created and evolved, they quickly became the "Resource" to get information, and find out what was going on in local areas and around the world.  Then came radio, followed by television.  Now the Globe became smaller, and the World felt more connected.  … (106 comments)

video: Pictures and Video "DO" Help Sell Real Estate - 08/29/08 05:49 AM
So is there a secret to selling Real Estate using photos and video?  I ran across Bob Sokoler's post today called "What's Helping Us To Sell Homes? Video!"  It's nice to see those results are finally starting to come in.  Thanks Bob.
What is the benefit of ActiveRain Video using Mixpo, and why would anyone ever consider paying for something they think they can get elsewhere for FREE?  The truth is, YOU CAN'T!  Let's address this often asked question. The following videos help explain why AR Video and Mixpo are different than other sites.  Glenn Pingual - VP of Marketing at … (67 comments)

video: When NOT to use a Tripod for VIDEO - 08/18/08 11:01 AM
Happy Monday!! I couldn't figure out why I was so tired this morning. WARNING! This is not my typical post on the AR Blog. (It's NOT A TUTORIAL) LOL~ You might not even recognize ActiveBrad in this one, but it really does explain why I am so exhausted today. I learned a neat little tip this weekend about Video. "When NOT To use a Tripod!" I know that many of you have read my top 10 tips for video, and this goes against everything I ever told you, but really, you tell me where a Tripod in this video has a … (48 comments)

video: A Symphony of Annoying Computer Sounds - 08/07/08 09:19 AM
We've all heard those wonderful/annoying sounds that come from our computers. We have for many years now. You know the ones I'm talking about, and I think just like advertising ads on our screens, we become immune to them both. The clicks, dings, twits, starts, shutdowns, arriving emails, lockups, crashes etc. Are we really listening or seeing for that matter? I see and hear things much differently after watching this. You'll never look at your screen or listen to the sounds from your computer the same way ever again. haha! It's genius. I wasn't surprised when I found out this was … (33 comments)

video: ActiveRain Voices - Members Speak Out - 07/28/08 07:19 PM
When I returned home from Inman's Real Estate Connect in San Francisco last week, I searched through my notes, videos, photos and handouts looking for something to post about that might be unique. There were so many things that I learned this year, some really great topics and technologies, wonderful panels with experienced speakers, it was fantastic. I was a bit challenged on what to post and share today.

Looking back, the one thing I came away with more than anything else this year, was the impact of the people and all the friendships I have made. Socializing, Networking and … (124 comments)

video: Mr. Scribble on VIDEO - It's Not For Everyone - 05/29/08 06:25 PM
Something happens to every human being when that red light goes on, and they "KNOW" they are being recorded on video. It's like a trigger goes off inside us, and for some of us, an alien thought process takes over while for others, they become borderline vain. Listen to what Mr. RE Scribble from the ScribblerBlog, and his friends have to say about Video.

What happens to you when that RED light goes on? Do you get the incredible urge to cover that camera with your hand? R.E. Scribbler taught me that no one will ever love you less because … (97 comments)

video: Real Estate Video Hosting - Dare To Compare - 05/23/08 08:52 AM
Here are 5 common Real Estate Video Hosting Sites that I wanted to test and compare. This is to demonstrate the quality of each host. I used the same exact video for each site. It's a 2 minute video tutorial that I uploaded to the following locations. Play them, compare, and then you decide. These are all great video hosting services, each with their own unique tools and benefits, but for this post, I just want to compare the quality. Look what happens when you upload your original videos to these servers. Youtube Video Google Video Viddler Video Vimeo Video WellcomeMat … (118 comments)

video: 7 Unique ActiveRain Video Tools - 05/12/08 04:39 AM
There are many valuable and powerful tools using ActiveRain Video, these are just some of my favorite that I wanted to share and let you know are available.  Comparing these Video Hosting Sites these past few months has been challenging, only because there are so many.  Each unique in it's own way. I totally support ANY video platform that can help your business marketing and advertising. Here's a recent post Video in Real Estate Is Viral!  be sure to check that one out.
7 unique things about ActiveRain Video for existing users and others who might be interested.
Everything is ALL online.  … (113 comments)

video: 10 Tips For Creating Better Quality Videos - 04/09/08 10:02 AM
I am in no way the Video expert, but there are some things that I have learned these past few weeks that may be helpful to you when creating Video for your Blogs or Websites.  Many of us have to just learn by doing.  Shooting a quality Video is the same as writing a quality post for your Blog.  Content is king, but there are a few other factors that come into play.  Just like a well written Blog, there are some techniques, styles, tricks, and tools that should probably be considered and implemented when creating Video to share with the … (51 comments)

video: An ActiveRain Video Invitation - 03/26/08 08:59 PM
As you may have heard, there's a big "Video Contest" being put on by your TEAM here at ActiveRain. This is a contest that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER should enter. You know that video is coming, and that it will be the next level of technology we MUST incorporate to stay or be competitive. You do know that right? :-) So get your video camera, and have some FUN!! You can't miss an opportunity like this one for sure!
Just look at these prizes:
1st Prize 1 ticket to the Day with Seth Godin event in New York City Hotel accommodations … (61 comments)

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