widgets: Featured Tools for Your Blogs - 02/02/12 02:14 AM
Check out these new tools for clients and prospects that work really well on ActiveRain, Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous, and your Websites. Providing valuable information, data, interactive tools, and great content on your blogs and websites will help you to cultivate, capture, and convert target prospects and visitors into clients. Here's just a few I thought you'd be interested in knowing are now available: How Much Home Can You Afford? Get This Widget Here How Much House Can You Afford?Mortgage calculator provided by Zillow What's Your Monthly Payment Going To Look Like? Get This Widget Here Monthly Payment CalculatorMortgage rate calculator … (14 comments)

widgets: 3 New Widgets That Add Enormous Value To Your Site - 02/28/11 01:14 AM
I'm really excited to announce 3 new widgets that launched this past week.  Each of them offers great value to you and to your visitors.  Let me show you each of them so you can decide if they are something you would be able to use on your sites and blogs, or that your clients might like to see. I'll be installing the contact form generator as soon as this post goes public, it's one of my favorites.  Why?  Because it has the potential of capturing contacts that can be converted to clients at a later time.  Plus, they're all FREE.

widgets: Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets - 10/13/10 10:24 PM
Real Estate and Mortgage Widgets
OK, I've struck GOLD!  Yep, Pay Dirt!  Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about Widgets, Gadgets, and Watchamacallits.  It's true, I'm somewhat OBSESSED!!  I actually think I was the very first member to ever break ActiveRain with all my Blog sidebar widgets, at least that's what TLW would have you think.  lol~ 
I really did crash my blog on ActiveRain with widgets....
One thing I have learned for sure is that widgets, as fun as they may be, MUST bring value to your readers, especially at the risk of slowing down or even locking … (84 comments)

widgets: FlickRiver for Flickr Photos - Tips and Widgets for Blogs and Websites - 04/15/10 06:40 AM
I just found a really cool site that takes all your Flickr photos and places them on their own URL as a single display.  The search results in FlickRiver (as in most photos) are based on the title, description, tag words, and geo-tagging.  I did a search just for fun and found some photos out there with me in them, many of which I had never seen before.  WOW!!  Don't worry, there's nothing you shouldn't see...I hope!   lol~
The FlickRiver Search tool is pretty advanced but easy to use, give it a try.  Type anything you want in the search … (29 comments)

widgets: ¿ǝuıɯ ʇı sı ɹo ɹǝʇndɯoɔ ɹnoʎ ɥʇıʍ ƃuoɹʍ ƃuıɥʇǝɯos sı - 01/01/10 04:19 PM
It looks like this may be my final post for 2009, it sounds so weird saying that. Where did the year go? Anyway....
I am a technology Widget-Gadget-Gidget-Whatchamacallit-Sidebar-Addict.  There, I said it!  I love all those little tracking tools, the neat little links, the fun social networking buttons, cool graphics, icons, HTML objects and embeds, and all that other techy widget stuff.  How selfish of me though, what have I done?  Did I break your browser?  What?  I locked up your computer all these years? Oh No!!
Well it's time to clean house for 2010.  (and it's long overdue)  You might … (143 comments)

widgets: New ActiveRain Widgets for ActiveBlogs - 02/03/09 01:56 AM
He won't admit it, but Rich Jacobson is addicted these little things so I have to keep testing them out and requesting them for HIS Blog!  This isn't the first time I've written about Widgets and Rich, and it won't be the last.  haha!  Those who know me well, know all about my Widget World fetish.  lol~
Seriously, while most of you were sleeping and the other late night Bloggers were posting...(like me), our AR Tech MASTERS released another update for the Outside ActiveBlogs.  I had said earlier that these were coming and when I heard they were here, I just … (130 comments)

widgets: ActiveRain Widgets & The New and Approved HTML List - 12/05/08 11:07 AM
New and "Approved" means "Improved" Having a network with 123,000 members poses this question, can our network handle this kind of volume and continued growth at this rate?  Yes it can!  However, there are some things that have had to be changed in order to build a better, more secured and stable platform.  Here's your update from the "ActiveRain Files" regarding Widgets and the New HTML approved list.
There are more widgets out there than we have members and new scripts and widgets are being created by the hundreds everyday.  Unfortunately, some of those widgets, scripts, and HTML codes can jeopardize … (292 comments)

widgets: ActiveRain Approved Widgets and Script Codes - 10/13/08 07:18 AM
hanks to all the members that responded to our request for information about their <scripts> and widgets, we now have an "Approved" list for you to use as a guideline.  Our programmers have determined that the following are safe and available for you to use on the network.
For those of you who may have missed the original post, the ActiveRain Team is making an effort to try and keep the network from being compromised by any malicious and threatening scripts or HTML codes.  We asked ALL members who were using <script> widgets or codes on their Blogs, to let us … (177 comments)

widgets: URGENT - Help Me Get This PreSCRIPTion Filled - 10/04/08 07:16 AM

We are removing ALL <script> HTML codes from the ActiveRain Real Estate Network.  Now that should have gotten your attention and maybe even ruffled some feathers.  Really though, we are removing script HTML coding from Blog Posts and the Blog Sidebars.  This may also remove some of the other issues we have been having on the network by doing so.  Having said that, here's where we REALLY need your help, yes YOU!
What widgets, gadgets, applications, chicklets, and gizmo's are you currently using on your Blog that you absolutely cannot live without?  Do you use MyBlogLog?  This … (321 comments)

widgets: SEO Tools - You Should Know, about SEO - 07/11/08 08:11 PM
SEO?  There are Groups, Blogs, Website Graders, those who claim they know it all, and those who confess they know nothing whatsoever about it.  Both in and out of the community, many have benefited greatly from the SEO that comes from Google, Yahoo, MSN etc.
What about those who haven't a clue about SEO, what it is, how it works, why they need it, and who the heck cares?  This site, SEOBook has some fantastic information and tools for any beginning Blogger new to SEO.  All of you experienced Bloggers may already know this stuff, but for some, SEO is still difficult … (135 comments)

widgets: Do You Want Visitors Searching Your Blog? - 12/07/07 08:41 AM
Last month I did a post regarding ways to search Active Rain using the built in "Search" option.  I also shared how you can use the URL address bar above to search Tags or Keywords.
Now you can have your very own search engine built into your Blog.  Have you ever read a post by another member, book-marked it, then tried to find it in that list of the other 3000 posts you've book-marked? :-0  Here's a really cool tool that will allow you and your readers to search your Blog for any topic or keywords.  NOT JUST TAGS either.  This … (271 comments)

widgets: Widgets: How to Add Them to Your Blog - 08/12/07 12:18 PM
How do you add "Widgets" to your Active Rain Blog?  You can only add them to either your profile page, your posts, or in the right side column on your main Blog page.  These instructions are to add a Widget to your Blog under your photo, the same as you see on mine.
The first step is to select a "Widget" that you'd like to add to your blog.  All Widgets will require you to use the HTML code provided by that Widget, and then paste it into Active Rain.  If you would like to see some samples of the Widgets I have previously used, you … (232 comments)

widgets: Widgets...Can Be Hazardous to You and Your Readers! - 06/22/07 08:28 PM
Well I finally did it!  Pushed the envelope!  Went over the edge, maxed out, and crashed my Active Rain Blog!  As many of you know, I am kinda techy, and love to share my Widgets, Gadgets, and What-cha-ma-callits with others!  On my previous post, Broker Bryant commented that it was taking a ton of time to load my blog on his screen, and that the cookies were killing him. (Mine, not TLW's) LOL  I made some wisecrack about him needing to get a … (52 comments)

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