activerain contests: Invite Members to ActiveRain Challenge - 06/15/12 06:14 AM
Do you remember the day you joined ActiveRain?  Most likely somebody told you to join and now you look back as it being one of the best career moves you've made :)  Many of you still feel indebted to that member who opened up your world to AR.
Let's get a new class in here, a new wave of members.  More members mean more comments, posts, referrals, leads and opinions.  Let's get some newbies who didn't know they could blog, didn't know they could make their phones ring from publishing market reports, didn't know about this wonderful diamond in the haystack … (67 comments)

activerain contests: Showcase Your Real Estate Photos on's Homepage - 04/16/12 01:51 AM
Want to showcase your real estate photos to the world?
Submit a photo in’s new photo challenge and you could have YOUR listing or photograph featured on the homepage of before more than 1 million consumers each month!

Real estate is beautiful.  One of the core values of is being photo-centric and letting the homes speak for themselves.  Just check out some of the alluring pictures featured on the current Home Page of
We want to open up the opportunity for YOU to have your photos and listings featured on the home page of We have … (58 comments)

activerain contests: Back to School Contest - 08/09/11 05:45 AM
Pretty soon the lemonade stands will be a distant memory and all the little angels will be back at their desks, dressed to the nines with brand new SpongeBob lunchboxes.  Most of you are jumping up and down with excitement at the very thought!
Through much analytical research, we found that back to school searches are heavily used this time of year.  We all know that hyper local posts bring clicks, views and business.  Being up-to-date on the happenings in your neighborhood speaks volumes. 
Moms and Dads, Nannys and Grandmas will soon be searching in preparation for the first day of … (673 comments)

activerain contests: ActiveRain/KeepSum Contest: Cut Your Business Expenses by 60% - 08/08/11 01:14 AM
At ActiveRain, we're small business owners too. So are the folks at KeepSum!
We know first hand that being an "independent contractor" or running your own real estate brokerage or any small business for that matter is not easy. Yes, many believe that being a real estate agent is easy and glamorous: you make your own hours, you collect what appear to be huge commission checks, and you drive fancy cars. However, what the public doesn't see is what really goes on behind the curtains.
You have to split commission checks with everyone - even your kids. Post cards, websites, signs, … (236 comments)

activerain contests: Piece of AR History Winners - 07/01/11 09:41 AM
Thanks to all who entered the contest.  Your hyper local posts makes us want to journey to each and every place.  While we had quite a few entries, only 20 lucky members won.  I thank you all for your participation and congratulations to the winners.
We put each fabulous entry into a hat and picked 20.  Here they are in no particular order:
Ken Cash                                               
Cindy Edwards
Jay Markanich                                                   
Bob Gilbert                                         
Debra Brooks
Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman
Ed Silva
Barbara Martino-Sliva
Stacey Smith
Donnie McKinney
Shar Sitter
John Hrisco
Kathy Streib
Cynthia Larsen
Mimi Foster
Amy Hahn
Ralph Gorgoglione
Barbara Hensley … (67 comments)

activerain contests: Win a Piece of AR History - 06/23/11 12:03 PM
As you all know, ActiveRain celebrated our 5th anniversary with a big birthday bash earlier this week at the Hard Rock in downtown Seattle.  We have a few limited edition, one of a kind, never to be replicated coffee tumblers left over and I'm dying to ship them out to a lucky few.
20 lucky winners will win and be the envy of all their java-addicted friends.
If ActiveRain Headquarters was in your neck of the woods, where would you have held the big bash?  Write a hyper local post about a specific venue in your area which includes information … (81 comments)

activerain contests: Extra! Extra! Read All About It! - 02/13/11 04:29 PM

We all know what a rare and amazing community ActiveRain has.  The rarity of this community is so precious because its made up of individual, extraordinary members like yourself. Each one of you makeup an unbreakable circle that reaches beyond any horizon.
Do you ever stumble across a post where your name is highlighted for doing something great?  You slowly feel a smile start to form and you get a little warm with that "aw schucks" feeling.  It's a great thing to have happen and I want to see more of it.
So, I've got a challenge for … (188 comments)

activerain contests: Announcing Activerain's "MakeoverToTakeover" Event - The Call for Entries! - 05/11/08 07:51 AM
 Whether your Real Estate career has just begun,
or is in dire needed a complete overhaul,
here's your chance!

Think "Top Chef," less the cooking.
                           Or "Extreme Home Make-Over," but without Ty and his annoying megaphone.                                           The Biggest Loser, only you're a Winner!
From the same folks that brought you 'Project Blogger" comes the latest reality 'realty' event....
The Contest is simple: We will be selecting up to 15 'Makeover' Teams, comprised of one (1) seasoned real estate veteran (Mentor), … (108 comments)

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