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This is the story of a new Realtor in Real Estate, in the Des Moines, Iowa home market.
We had another great day for showing in central Iowa. Sky was sunny and just a little breezy with a high in the upper 70's. You couldn't ask for better weather! I don't know how other agents did, but we had eight groups come through with about another 4 drivebys. That's my second best showing day...
03/27/2007 is great source of information for all types of transactions when buying a home or selling your home for the first time. If you've never sold a home before and need a little help with the process, THIS should help you out. If you still have more questions, give me a call or shoot me a...
03/27/2007 is a great resource for anyone interested in buying or selling. can explain the pathway to owning a home. They include making sure that you're actually ready to get into the process, to how to get preapproved, to choosing a home and making an offer. Find the page including...
Here are some great links that I pulled off of Trulia! Find everything Des Moines here.Local Maps for Des Moines Des Moines, Iowa Google Map (Area and Street Map) Des Moines, Iowa Windows Live Local Map (Area and Street Map) Des Moines, Iowa Windows Live Local Bird's Eye View Map Des Moines, Iowa...
Obviously, I'm not an expert on the Detroit home market. I can only go off of what the national media is telling me, which can be very skewed. But it looks like there's foreclosure heaven in Detroit. Houses listed at $525,000 now auctioned off at $130,000. Here's the full story from Yahoo! news.I...
Well, can you say it was a good showing day with only 4 groups gone through? I think you can say yes. Now I'm about to attend a weekly class in about an hour in which the instructor asks every week, "How'd your opens go this week?" So I'll be able to find out a little more closely if it really wa...
For the first time this year we had a good day for showing. The weather was warm and the sky was sunny. Unfortunately, I think that worked against me today. Don't get me wrong, I saw all kinds of people today during my open house. I saw couples walking, women walking their dogs, even entire famil...
I have a Broker's Open (Agent Tour, if you're in Iowa) this Tuesday, March 6th. It's for that GREAT house in Pleasant Hill. 2325 SE 68th. Take Hwy 5 to Vandalia Road and go east to 68th street, then head north on 68th street. There will be signs. Here's the official description."Beautiful 2 story...
So I have this new website that is working very well. I have alot of pages to fill. I was looking at the possibility adding a "Realtor Co-op" page. A place where I can link with other Realtors around the country to maybe get some referrals, but mainly to give both websites a little bit better ran...
So I've been doing a little internet advertising on I haven't been able to measure much statistics on how successful it has been. Obviously, it's not like it takes alot of time to put info in and submit it. I would justl like to know that it's working. Has anyone else had any succ...

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