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I can't believe that there are some people who lump REO/Bank-owned/Foreclosure homes in with short sales as being difficult to work with.  REO (real estate owned), bank-owned, and foreclosures are the same thing...the bank owns them outright and wants to sell them. Just like in other parts of the...
There is a new phase out at Hidden Springs called Rolling Hills at Hidden Springs.  There are some wonderful view lots available at excellent prices (with home).  I snapped a few pictures of the area the other day when I was up there and wanted to share them with you.  The land was purchased by a...
Hidden Springs has become one of the premier communities in the Boise area.  Because much of the development occurred within the last 5-7 years it has been hard-hit by the recent market difficulties.  With market volitility comes some pretty sweet deals. I don't know if we've hit the "bottom" yet...