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LeadTrader PRO is an easy way for agents and brokers in Miami to buy real estate leads on demand with no contracts. Buy the number of leads you want, whenever you want them.



I noticed that the percentage of homebuyers who start their search online has risen to 90%, according to NAR's Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers for 2012. It was 87% the last time I looked, not a huge jump but when the number is this high then a 3% rise is still significant.It's inevitable that i...
The further along the production process that you buy something, the more expensive it is and the less opportunity there is to make a profit. For instance, if you're willing to get your hands dirty and dig out tons of paydirt on a gold mining claim and run it through your own washplant you can bu...
The best show on TV, Gold Rush, is about to start at 9pm on Discovery. It's a real life show about a few different gold mining crews up in Alaska and their trials and tribulations whilst trying to strike it rich. I've taken a lot of lessons from the show, the biggest one being that if you're not ...
Common complaint: "Internet leads are crap, only 1% of them will convert into buyers" Solution: erm, buy 100 of them?
Create Your Custom Pricing Page For Leads There are a lot of factors that have a big effect on the value of an "internet lead", not least of which is the location of the actual lead in relation to the location in which they are searching for properties. This is especially true in popular tourist ...

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