internet leads: The Digital House Hunt, a joint study by NAR and Google - 01/11/13 04:27 AM
Here's an interesting joint study by NAR and Google. Most notably, it finds that 90% of homebuyers search online and that real estate related searches on Google have grown by 253% in the past 4 years.
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internet leads: You're Mining For Gold, Not Buying Jewelry - 12/17/12 09:26 AM
The further along the production process that you buy something, the more expensive it is and the less opportunity there is to make a profit. For instance, if you're willing to get your hands dirty and dig out tons of paydirt on a gold mining claim and run it through your own washplant you can buy gold for the cost of your time and diesel costs. It's a lot of work and you never know how much gold will be in the sluice box when you've finished, but the work and uncertainty are your currency, that's what you're paying with instead … (2 comments)

internet leads: Why Gold Rush is my favorite TV show - it's just like online lead gen! - 12/14/12 09:34 AM
The best show on TV, Gold Rush, is about to start at 9pm on Discovery.
It's a real life show about a few different gold mining crews up in Alaska and their trials and tribulations whilst trying to strike it rich.
I've taken a lot of lessons from the show, the biggest one being that if you're not running dirt then you're not making any money. You've got to run dirt, as much as you can, and the more dirt you run through the washplant, the more money you make.
It really is as simple as that, and the beauty of … (3 comments)

internet leads: 1% of 100 is 1 - 12/11/12 12:11 AM
Common complaint: "Internet leads are crap, only 1% of them will convert into buyers"
Solution: erm, buy 100 of them?

internet leads: I have an idea - 08/01/12 03:29 AM
I'm developing a new way for Realtors to buy internet leads - stay tuned!

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