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Real Estate Sales Representative - for real estate results in the Tri-Cities.
As a Port Moody REALTOR located on St. Johns St, John Grasty is a hyper-local neighbourhood specialist, offering unique advantages and real value in the Tri-Cities real estate market. Google John Grasty to find out more.



If you’re a Buyer, and unfamiliar with an area you are considering moving to, you’ll have plenty of important questions that could affect your Quality of Life and your decision to buy.  •                  Are there homes to buy where I want to live? •                  Will local bylaws allow me t...
What is the chance of you being asked, "So why don’t I see your ads in the newspaper?"  Given today's market and demographics, the chance of being asked is slim to remote. Real estate evolved and is a whole new industry today. Realizing social media marketing is not a fad, I embraced online marke...
Are you working with a “Bona Fide” Buyer? Many Buyers don’t have the financial resources and cannot qualify for a mortgage. It is therefore imperative that all Buyers be pre-approved before they start tying up the assets of a Seller with bogus offers. Asking the Buyer a few pre-screening question...
"A Day in the Life of a REALTOR®" is a video with some choice language that many of us may have used (quietly under our breath of course) from time to time. You've been warned! Let us all know if you can relate to anything in "A Day in the Life of a REALTOR®" here:   Thanks for any comments...
“There should be responsible and integrated planning for the Evergreen Line and a connector from Murray to the Barnet Highway. To do any less is an affront to the taxpayer.”  One definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. By this definition, current planni...
Port Coquitlam’s cityscape is about to change with construction underway of, “The Shaughnessy on Lions Park”. Scheduled for completion in late 2012, this will be the city’s first residential highrise delivering a sweeping view of the North Shore mountains, the Fraser River and the Lower Mainland ...
Have you ever been asked, "What’s ActiveRain?" As an Internet mass medium, the ActiveRain real estate social network builds community by engaging, educating and empowering real estate professionals throughout North America. The almost 200,000 blogging member roundtable facilitates and promotes a ...
Using this 2008 post as a benchmark, I am curious to see what has been done and whether progress has been made the past two years. I was particularly interested to learn that C21 were the first (1973?) to advertise on TV, and more recently, the first to publicly state they would not be doing anym...

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