cmhc: More Leaky Condo Woes... - 05/23/10 07:08 AM
Arrival of HST to add to leaky condo woes - by Wanda Chow - Burnaby NewsLeader - Published: May 19, 2010
Letter to the Editor,
What a crock…
1.    A provincial government spokesman said: “…the loan program delivered far more money than originally expected”
This is because the government was completely inept at understanding the extent of the on-going multi-billion dollar leaky condo disaster, and through the government appointed board of the HPO, the portfolio has been completely mismanaged.
2.    A provincial government spokesman said: “…the government more than met its commitment to help homeowners with the cost … (4 comments)

cmhc: Home Inspector certification, licensing and regulation across Canada... - 11/27/08 05:32 AM
The origins of the National Certification Program (NCP) for home inspectors in Canada stretch back to 1997 when a report was issued by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) that uncovered noteworthy inconsistencies in the skill and diligence of home inspectors across the country that still persist today. 
With the support of CMHC, Human Resources and Social Development Canada and the Construction Sector Council, a voluntary national accreditation and certification program was developed by the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI) in an attempt to help ensure the competency and professionalism of home inspectors. Home inspectors who have met the … (2 comments)

cmhc: New Homes Warranty Act is no guarantee... - 09/21/08 02:40 PM
As a British Columbian outsider I am utterly disgusted reading this article on the plight of the Shuman's. I have a great deal of difficulty comprehending how a certain percentage of performance value or work disqualifies a claim for sub-standard workmanship or materials.
Okay, so it is none of my business poking my BC nose into how the Ontario homeowner protection system is structured, or what the legislation and justice allows. 
Well maybe it is my business because precedence doesn't seem to have provincial boundaries. Furthermore, the first place other provinces look when reviewing their own homeowner protection is other parts … (0 comments)

cmhc: Developer pulls out of project, again... - 03/02/08 05:17 PM
A few years ago the Bambu development on Vancouver Island was cancelled.When the plug was pulled on Riverbend last year, you might have thought that it would be big enough to get some real legislative changes made, especially after making national news: Well now the Eden Group of Companies has cancelled 3 projects; big enough again for national news coverage:"If a proposed development does not proceed and the purchase contract is terminated, pre-sale purchasers are entitled to have their deposit money repaid. However, unless the pre-sale contract requires interest to be paid, the purchaser may not receive interest on that deposit." a termination … (0 comments)

cmhc: What you should know before you agree to buy a condo - 01/10/08 05:53 PM
This CBC Marketplace piece is a must see for any buyer considering a condo: In 2001 I became distantly acquainted with Bob Aaron, a Toronto lawyer and homeowner champion.  Bob says it like it is, "builders have sway, consumers don't" which just about says it all.Builders, developers (or sociopaths) or whatever you want to call them, "write the rules for themselves", and with a disregard for the rights of buyers.Bob started the CBC segment stating, "Consumer protection is horrible", and ex-agent, Charles Hanes, says he hasn't seen any "Condo Police".Who is supposed to be regulating to protect the Canadian home buying … (10 comments)

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