leaky condos: Condo “For Sale” Signs in BC - 09/19/10 08:38 AM
Condo “For Sale” Signs are hung on what we in BC call "Trees".
While hanging real estate signs on fences or patio posts is unacceptable in most instances, there are many strata corporations in British Columbia who are not allowing “for sale” signs to be hung on the real estate sign tree in front of buildings.

This action is mainly in response to the abuse by a few irresponsible REALTORS®, who do not take down their signs on time, hang them when they don’t have a listing, don’t secure them properly, use oversize signs, etc.
While I … (3 comments)

leaky condos: Expert, Specialist or Professional; How do you self-proclaim? - 12/20/09 06:26 AM
At the most recent "Buyer Beware" seminar I was facilitating in Coquitlam, someone referred to me as an "expert"; they told me this because they thought I'm someone others look to when they want more information on homeowner issues.
Do I really possess superior knowledge when this is not a topic I studied at school? 
Today I serve on the advisory council of Canadians for Properly Built Homes, and it's been 11 years since I co-founded the Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners (with Dr. James Balderson and others) but I'm still called almost weekly by someone wanting to find out something … (33 comments)

leaky condos: "Buyer Beware" Seminar - September 17th. - 09/09/09 04:10 PM
Homebuyers get advice from Tri-City REALTOR® - by Gary McKenna - The Tri-City News

Local REALTOR® John Grasty will be holding a seminar this month to discuss the potential pitfalls home buyers face when entering the real estate market. Photo: COLLEEN FLANAGAN/THE TRI-CITY NEWS
John Grasty knows the pitfalls that can come when buying real estate.
In 1997 he discovered the condo he purchased in Coquitlam's Town Centre neighbourhood was one of thousands caught up in the Lower Mainland's leaky condo disaster.
Following the incident Grasty became an outspoken critic of building practices and the provincial governments handling of those affected by … (5 comments)

leaky condos: End of HPO Reconstruction Program - 08/31/09 07:35 PM
As of July 31, 2009, the Homeowner Protection Office will no longer be accepting new loan applications for the Reconstruction Program.
All applications received prior July 31 will be reviewed by project on a first-come first-received basis, and those deemed eligible will be offered a no-interest repair loan provided that the building permit for their building envelope renovation is obtained by January 31, 2010.
The reconstruction fee of $750 per multi-unit building constructed for sale in the coastal climatic zone remains in place to continue to fund the program.
All other purposes and requirements of the Homeowner Protection Act ­­ - … (1 comments)

leaky condos: How do I avoid buying a leaky condo? - 10/16/08 06:28 AM
One year ago the following article I wrote was published in the "pros & condos" section of Western Living Condo. Since then I have made it available to the public and other Realtors through my website and seminars. From feedback received I know it has already helped buyers so I thought it would be a good idea to blog post it.
How do I avoid buying a leaky condo?
The number of blue and green tarps sprouting on older condos grows every year. "The only way to minimize the risks is through the buyers' own due diligence," says John Grasty, a licensed … (2 comments)

leaky condos: Is it a Quirk of Fate...? - 09/20/08 09:53 AM
Leaky Surrey hotel at centre of lawsuit -Ted Colley, Surrey Now - Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2008
Is it a quirk of fate that the Sheraton Guildford Hotel leaks?
For many years the home builders association has been holding seminars for homebuyers at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel.
As a co-founder of the Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners, I along with some of my concerned colleagues attended these seminars between 1999 and the early 2000's to warn homebuyers that everything isn't necessarily as it appears or as it is being represented.
Our tactic was to sit as close as we could to … (0 comments)

leaky condos: Fewer than half of B.C.'s leaky condos fixed so far, says report - 06/24/08 06:44 AM
It is interesting to read that more than $460 million has been approved by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) for no-interest leaky condo loans from the launch of the program to date.
The Tri-City News June 21, 2008
Since only about 20% of victims pass the HPO means-test for a no-interest loan, and there have been 13,226 loans approved, this means that over 66,000 families in BC have already been directly affected by builder fraud.
It also means that the direct costs to BC families for the various types of fixes, many inadequate, have exceeded a staggering $2.3 billion to date; … (0 comments)

leaky condos: Questions for Sellers ... - 06/07/08 08:06 AM
You probably won't find the following questions on your average real estate brochures:
Sellers, do you:
know to what extent that you want to be involved in the sale? have a coherent strategy? know how to attract the serious buyers? understand what a stale property is? know the consequences of not disclosing properly when selling? have a plan if your home doesn't sell? want to minimize your stress (from the uncertainty)? expect to get (at least) what you pay for? We want you to feel confident that your home will be sold, and properly.  We will customize and personalize a plan … (3 comments)

leaky condos: Questions for Buyers ... - 06/07/08 04:48 AM
You probably won't find the following questions on your average real estate brochures:
Buyers, do you:
take real estate ads at face-value? know how to properly target your future home? have the experience required to negotiate favorable (including safe) terms and conditions, and a fair price? know how to do your own due diligence? have the upper-hand in a multiple offer situation? know that many single homes were built with the same technology as "leaky condos"? want advantages that other buyers probably don't have? have a proper strategy? want to avoid buyers remorse? -Real Estate need not be risky! 
You will … (0 comments)

leaky condos: "MLA wants regulations for home inspectors" - 06/03/08 05:48 PM
Letter to the Editor:Homebuyer beware - Coquitlam NOW - Friday, June 06, 2008
Re: "MLA wants regulations for home inspectors" Friday, May 30.
The "neglect in protecting homebuyers" is widespread, and Coquitlam-Maillardville MLA Diane Thorne's concern is shared by many.Home buying is fraught with risk and claims far too many victims; whether resale or presale.The home inspection is one of the many ways a homebuyer is left unprotected.The home inspection contract has as many disclaimers, exclusions and limitations as the 2-5-10 new home warranty insurance program. Often the inspectors used by the warranty providers are unqualified to give an opinion; how can … (0 comments)

leaky condos: Warning to those researching reputation of builders... - 05/23/08 04:43 PM
"Development is a tough game and United Properties has been at it for some time, so it is quite unique to have such a developer run into this kind of difficulty," said real estate lawyer Ron Usher.http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/story/2008/05/21/bc-the-anvil-in-trouble.html What a frivolous review; who the heck is this guy (mis)representing anyway?The Matsqui Group of Companies claimed to have "earned a sterling reputation in the building and development industry" prior to the Brio in Abbotsford collapsing 3 months ago.The Bosa's, Polygons, etc., all built multiple leaky condos but paid only a fraction of the remediation costs, and then only with a "Gag Order".  They … (0 comments)

leaky condos: Leaky Condo Study Disputed? - 04/17/08 07:41 AM
Re: http://realtytimes.com/rtpages/20030828_leaky.htm. The above Realty Times article refers to this research report by Nancy Bain: Re-Sale of Leaky Condos: Did the Buyer Know?Here is a letter (with specific references removed) I wrote to a Realtor in 2006:Hello Realtor, You mentioned to me that you had sold units in this building before, and that this was a "good" building. I am concerned that this may not necessarily be a reasonable representation.  This past weekend I, along with my clients, reviewed the minutes that you provided.  It appears to me from reading these minutes that:1.    this is by definition a leaky condo, according to … (0 comments)

leaky condos: About Leaky Condos: the truth... - 01/07/08 05:13 PM
This is a follow up to this previous post which you might want to read as a backgrounder.The control of rain penetration relies on the exterior layer (the wall cladding) of the building envelope assembly to resist all rain penetration.  This requirement has always been a requirement of the building code no matter what the envelope detail is.Well building envelopes didn't resist rain penetration, and this was clearly a case of widespread building code violations by the builders and the residential construction industry, and indisputably the main cause of leaky condos.Following the collapse of the New Home Warranty as a result of so many leaky condo claims, … (8 comments)

leaky condos: About Leaky Condos... - 12/13/07 08:59 AM
When the building envelope fails and allows water ingress it causes decay, mold, rot and rust.
This is commonly known as the "Leaky Condo Syndrome", and properties affected are mainly called "Leaky Condos". The widespread failure affected wood frame and concrete condominiums, detached homes and commercial and institutional buildings, especially throughout the Pacific Northwest.
The buying public remains exposed to high-risk in regions affected... More here: [...]
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