port moody realtor: Coronation Park Profile - 12/28/12 02:37 PM
Coronation Park Profile

Coronation Park is a residential community yet one of the draws to this neighbourhood is that you have walking access to so much, from the shopping, schools, hospital, theatre, library, park and recreation centre of the neighbouring Inlet Centre. It is also amongst the most affordable housing in the Tri-Cities, and Rapid Transit is on the way with a station to be constructed nearby. It is the smallest of Port Moody’s neighbourhoods in terms of land area, mostly comprised of townhouses built in the 1970’s and some single-family homes, most dating back to the 1950s.
Amenities … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: College Park, Glenayre, Harbour Heights and Seaview Profile - 12/27/12 12:22 PM
College Park, Glenayre, Harbour Heights and Seaview Profile

The neighbourhoods of College Park, Harbour Heights, Glenayre and Seaview are on the south shore of Port Moody. Situated along the forested hillside east slope of Burnaby Mountain, this neighbourhood is predominantly residential with some commercial development on Clarke Road. Most of the homes were built within the last 45 years with Harbour Heights being one of the youngest neighbourhoods in the City. Older pockets of development around Clarke Road and the Barnet Highway are beginning to be redeveloped. It is a family oriented neighbourhood with parks including Westhill Park that has … (1 comments)

port moody realtor: A Special Seasonal "Santa" Clause... - 12/22/10 09:29 AM
In real estate we have to deal with legal contracts which can involve some very complex clauses. In the tradition of our professional practice I’d like to introduce a special seasonal “Santa” clause:
Subject to all prospective home buyers and sellers celebrating this special time of year with family and friends in whatever chosen tradition, and may whatever brings you happiness be yours to receive this coming year. This condition is for the benefit of all willing parties. Whatever your goals and dreams are for 2011, I wish you all the best in achieving them, and I look forward to … (2 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody REALTOR.ca App... - 12/21/10 06:16 PM
Information for Port Moody Real Estate, and the rest of the Tri-cities and surrounding areas of the Lower Mainland, is now available directly from your mobile device…
Apple iPhone and Windows Phone 7 users, are invited to try the REALTOR.ca app at no cost.  The Blackberry® app is scheduled for release in February 2011.
My real estate clients now have the ability to check out houses whenever they want, wherever they want from their smart phone.  Then they can simply and directly contact me about a specific property if they have any questions.
Try searching for me on the app; it’s … (3 comments)

port moody realtor: Is Immigration the New Competitive Advantage? - 11/30/10 07:54 PM
Is Immigration the New Competitive Advantage?
“By 2015 it is estimated that 100% of the growth in our labour force will be derived through immigration.” - The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce 2006-2007 Policy and Positions Manual
BC is beginning to feel the impact of this impending labour shortage, and skilled immigrants will play a critical role in filling a growing gap. This is a challenge for which BC is working on both short and long-term solutions.
BC recognizes in addition that skilled immigrants can provide competitive advantages to our local companies.  For instance, they are typically bilingual, sometimes even multilingual, … (5 comments)

port moody realtor: Giving for the sake of giving... - 09/20/10 12:31 PM
Giving for the sake of giving…
“There is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits.” - Milton Friedman
Contrary to Friedman I believe business has a moral obligation to be charitable, and a responsibility as a good corporate citizen to give back something where the company is based and its employees live, and many good local causes rely upon it. For this reason some companies are choosing to outsource their philanthropic decisions to a local foundation.
There are many good causes that have a high … (7 comments)

port moody realtor: In Port Moody, "it's always tea-time"... - 06/02/10 02:38 PM
Mick Jagger sings, “I got nasty habits; I take tea at three”. 
Following the 19th century Regency era of nobility extravagance and pomp, afternoon tea became a tradition that was started for networking and keeping up to date with aristocratic gossip and topical news.
In contrast, many tea lovers today partake of a special brew for a calming interlude in a busy schedule, and at the same time enjoy the health benefits it offers.
Different tea blends require the brewing to be at specific optimum temperatures for best results.
So where do you start for that perfect cup … (2 comments)

port moody realtor: U.S.-Style Home Price Correction Unlikely in Canada... - 06/02/10 02:11 PM
U.S.-Style Home Price Correction Unlikely in Canada
May 26, 2010 - The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released a new report today indicating that home prices will stabilize, and will remain stable for some time. This means that Canadian homeowners are unlikely to experience a U.S.-style decline in the value of their homes.
“The relationship between average price and income has recently been cited as portending a U.S.-style correction in Canadian home prices,” said Gregory Klump, Chief Economist, CREA. “However, such warnings ignore the longer-term relationship between prices and income, and disregard typical Canadian housing market cycle dynamics.”
Home prices tend … (5 comments)

port moody realtor: The Real Estate Business in BC... - 05/23/10 03:47 PM
We have a professional and regulatory framework in BC that includes: Public Protection and Assurance, Professional Standards and Ethics, Business Practice and Professional Development.
The Professional Standards Department mission is to raise members’ professional standards by promoting and nurturing ethical conduct, fair business dealings and exemplary cooperation between members.
Once licensed, there is a requirement through completing Professional Development courses to attain 18 Professional Development Points (PDP’s) every 2 years in order to renew a licence.
The Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) reports that many in BC find the Real Estate Licensing Course difficult and either drop out or are … (4 comments)

port moody realtor: More Leaky Condo Woes... - 05/23/10 07:08 AM
Arrival of HST to add to leaky condo woes - by Wanda Chow - Burnaby NewsLeader - Published: May 19, 2010
Letter to the Editor,
What a crock…
1.    A provincial government spokesman said: “…the loan program delivered far more money than originally expected”
This is because the government was completely inept at understanding the extent of the on-going multi-billion dollar leaky condo disaster, and through the government appointed board of the HPO, the portfolio has been completely mismanaged.
2.    A provincial government spokesman said: “…the government more than met its commitment to help homeowners with the cost … (4 comments)

port moody realtor: HPO Sponsorship Questioned... - 05/21/10 07:15 PM
Letter to the Editor - Re: “Builders showcase new homes this weekend” (The Times, May 14).
Sponsorship Questioned - published May 20, 2010
The Homeowner Protection Office, and what little it did for homeowners, has been completely dismantled by Rich Coleman and his cronies. No-interest loans and PST rebates for leaky condo owners have ceased, and the costs to these victims will soon be increasing due to the HST.
So while leaky condo owners, or any homeowners for that matter, don’t get one red cent for homeowner protection from the province, the HPO is now sponsoring the very industry responsible for … (2 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody and Coquitlam Homeowners to Pay More… - 05/01/10 04:53 PM
As Metro Vancouver’s regional transportation authority, TransLink plans to increase the portion it receives from property taxes collected by local governments so Port Moody and Coquitlam homeowners will soon be paying more; but still no Evergreen Line.
Starting in July 2010 Metro Vancouver homeowners will pay 1.6% more on the TransLink portion of their property taxes.
On a detached home with a benchmark price of $800,796, this increase amounts to approximately $4.82, bringing the TransLink portion of the annual property tax bill for this house to approximately $306.

Why the increase?  Transit ridership is growing and so are operating costs.  … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: Roof Terrace in Moody Centre - COMING SOON - 04/21/10 07:42 PM
Your own Private 750 sf ROOFTOP TERRACE: for relaxing, entertaining, gardening, or for your four-legged friend.  More details to follow. 

“The Lighthouse” is located in the upcoming area of historic Port Moody, for an unrivalled quality of life that is affordable, modern family-oriented, promotes sustainable and green practices, and caters to a vibrant and active outdoor lifestyle. Bike, roller-blade, or walk the trails to Rocky Point Park, where you can exercise, play or relax.  Fish, kayak or sail the Inlet itself.
Enjoy the vitality of urban … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: Latest Allegations Against Canadian Real Estate Association... - 04/10/10 11:17 AM
April 9, 2010 - 19:41  TORONTO - The federal competition watchdog accused Canada's real estate industry Friday of threatening to ban brokers who attempt to offer a range of services from using its popular Multiple Listing Service.
The Competition Bureau's allegations came in its latest reply as part of its ongoing case against the Canadian Real Estate Association, the group that represents some 98,000 Canadian real estate brokers.
"In cases where small-scale entry by alternative business models has occurred, CREA and its members have disciplined such entrants, exploiting the barriers CREA has erected through its rule-making and rule-enforcing powers," it said.

port moody realtor: Port Moody Neighbourhoods: Moody Centre - 03/30/10 08:44 PM
Encompassing the south shore, Moody Centre is the focus of much of the future development activity in Port Moody due to the age of the existing housing stock, and is the City’s most diverse neighbourhood from a land use perspective.
Implementing transit-oriented development principles with respect to future transit stations to create a more compact, walkable community and reduce reliance on vehicles, is necessary to cope with the regional growth.
The primary residential area in Moody Centre is to the south of St. Johns Street, containing a mix of single-family homes, townhouses and apartments, and closely located to all … (2 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody Neighbourhoods: College Park, Glenayre, Harbour Heights and Seaview - 03/30/10 01:04 PM
The neighbourhoods of COLLEGE PARK, HARBOUR HEIGHTS, GLENAYRE and SEAVIEW, are on the south shore of Port Moody, along the forested hillside east slope of Burnaby Mountain, and mainly offer residential homes with a mix of single-family detached, townhouses, and apartments with some commercial development on Clarke Road.
There are older pockets of development around Clarke Road and the Barnet Highway, which are beginning to redevelop for single, and multi-family residential uses. The existing land use and character of the Glenayre, College Park, Seaview and Harbour Heights neighbourhoods shall generally be retained.

Most of the housing in Glenayre, Seaview and … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody Neighbourhoods: North Shore - 03/29/10 06:47 PM
The Heritage Mountain, Twin Creeks, Noons Creek, Mountain Meadows and Heritage Woods neighbourhoods of the North Shore are relatively new, fundamentally residential and home predominantly to families with school age children.
The existing character of the Heritage Mountain, Noons Creek, Twin Creeks and Mountain Meadows and Heritage Woods neighbourhoods shall generally be retained with a mix of single family homes, townhouses, and a variety of multiple-family housing forms permitted. These include, duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, stacked townhouses and apartments as specifically identified in the neighbourhood plans.

Undeveloped parcels remaining in Neighbourhood 2 shall be developed according to the housing mix, densities, … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody Neighbourhoods: Ioco - 03/28/10 08:41 PM
The area to the west of April Road in Port Moody, on the gentle south facing slopes on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet, is owned primarily by the Imperial Oil Company, after which Ioco was named. Ioco is an enduring example of the early company towns in the Lower Mainland.

A huge oil refinery was opened in 1915 and a townsite of 83 homes, a grocery store, school, tennis court and other amenities were subsequently developed. Prior, all travel to the townsite was by boat or on horse back.
The Ioco area was incorporated into the municipality as … (0 comments)

port moody realtor: Port Moody Neighbourhoods: Inlet Centre - 03/25/10 08:59 PM
The Inlet Centre neighbourhood, the youngest area of Port Moody, is located at the head of Burrard Inlet, and serves as a focal point in helping to link the north and south shores of the community.

Port Moody’s City Hall, Public Library, Community Theatre, Recreation Complex, and Eagle Ridge Hospital, are all located within the award winning, master-planned, Inlet Centre community.
Klahanie showcases the artistry of West Coast designs in their 4 storey condos, townhouses and high rise apartments, where over 1,000 families now live close to the trails of Rocky Point Park, and the Inlet mud flats at low … (1 comments)

port moody realtor: Competition Bureau Seeks To Expose Consumers To Risk… - 02/10/10 08:30 AM
The National media has been fed misleading information, which is seriously tarnishing the hard-working reputation of Canadian REALTORS® and the REALTOR® brand which we have built over the years.
Melanie Aitken, Commissioner of Competition at the Competition Bureau, issued a press release on February 8, 2010, that falsely stated, the Canadian Real Estate Association’s Rules restrict consumer choice and prevent innovative business models.
There are more than 98,000 REALTORS® operating independently across Canada and openly competing for business, offering a wide array of services, and pricing structures. About 9.8 percent of these REALTORS® are professionally licensed members of the local Real … (13 comments)

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