realty world rubbico real estate: New Listing---142 West Union Street, Kingston, PA 18704 - 03/26/08 04:40 PM

realty world rubbico real estate: Pittston, Pennsylvania Home for Sale --- 18 East Oak Street --- $84,900 - 03/02/08 03:09 PM

realty world rubbico real estate: Condo for Sale in Newberry Estates --- 620 Meadows, Dallas, Pennsylvania - 03/02/08 02:59 PM

realty world rubbico real estate: How much more could you possibly want to know about MeMe? - 12/19/07 09:52 AM
I was just commenting on another post the other day about how I actually MeMe'd someone once who had just been MeMe'd a few weeks before. It was quite by accident and the member I tagged was nice enough about it. I was wondering how many times it has happened that someone has been MeMe'd two days in a row. Then it happened to me.
I received an e-mail from Sarah Eubanks on Monday that I had been MeMe'd by her. It had been three months, so I figured it was about time. I mean, a lot changes in three months, … (16 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: So you want to know more about MeMe? - 12/17/07 01:49 PM
While most people don't like to get tagged with a MeMe, I don't have an issue with it. Recently I was chosen by Alexander Harb to be a moderator for his group Christianity and Real Estate, which came as a big surprise to me. I certainly don't hide the fact that I am a Christian, but I also don't shout it in the streets with trumpets blaring. I like people I meet to just "know" that I am a Christian by the kind of man I am and from my actions. Since I hadn't posted a great deal to the group, I … (18 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Just what I needed...a "Thank You"!! - 11/26/07 11:53 AM
After being fired by a client recently, I needed something to boost my spirits a bit. Life is full of it's ups and downs. I'm grateful for the bad times as much as the good times because there's always something to learn from every situation. My down was that a client decided to work with another Realtor instead of me. Even though they were kind enough to let me know, it was a bit of a let down.
Real Estate sales in Wilkes-Barre have been quite slow for me lately, so it was a bit of a downer to lose a client. I … (22 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Beautiful Rental in Wilkes-Barre, PA - 11/26/07 08:49 AM
Looking to rent in Wilkes-Barre and just tired of the old coal houses or run-down rentals? I have the cure for what ails you!!
19 Custer Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702
You have to check out this beautifully remodeled 3BR, 3BA home that's renting for just $750/mo!! Inside, you'll find granite counter tops, Italian tiled baths, walk-in closets in every bedroom and a third floor family room that's the whole length of the house. The views are excellent and this home is so close to schools, shopping and the highway that you almost don't even need a car! Check out these photos...

realty world rubbico real estate: I got fired today!!! - 11/23/07 02:29 PM
Before you get too concerned about the title of this post, let me say that I am still with Realty World, Rubbico Real Estate. I was fired by a client.
I guess it was inevitable. Sooner or later there will be someone who doesn't want to work with you and that's what happened to me. As some of you who read my blog regularly know, I always make sure to have a Buyer's Agency Agreement with all of my clients on the first day we meet. While some in my market think this is suicide, I like the idea of having … (31 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Building a home or building equity? - 11/17/07 03:21 PM
I just finished the remodel of my kitchen. It was a low cost remodel, which basically means that I didn't replace any of the cabinets and I didn't hire anyone else to do the work. I invested a lot of my own time and work into this kitchen. A great deal of the materials were free and I invested a ton of sweat equity. I've been working on this kitchen since this summer, so you can probably imagine how relieved I am to be done with it finally. I didn't take before and after pictures, so it's kind of difficult to … (23 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Looking to invest in PA? Look to Wilkes-Barre! - 11/16/07 06:22 AM
I recently visited a group of real estate investors from the Real Estate Riches group. I really had no idea what this group was all about, but with so many real estate investors pouring into the Wilkes-Barre area, I thought it'd be great to check it out. I learned a few things, but the thing that stuck out the most for me was the amount of people with available cash who wanted to invest in our area. These aren't flippers, for the most part. These are people who want to buy real estate in the Wilkes-Barre area and rent the properties out.
I … (4 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Mr Telephone Man... - 11/10/07 05:40 AM
there's something wrong with my FSBO's number.

I have a client who's very interested in working with a FSBO in Wilkes-Barre, but he doesn't want to do anything without my help. In this day and age, when loyalties run very low, it's refreshing to have someone like this speak words of encouragement into my life. I really want to help this client, because of the great amount of confidence and loyalty he's shown in me, so I have been trying to get in touch with the FSBO from the phone number I got off of the tattered sign attached to … (20 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Blogging is dangerous!! - 11/03/07 02:57 PM
I sell Real Estate in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area. Our Association of Realtors, the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association of Realtors, is very much a reflection of our market. To put it frankly, it's about 7 years behind the times and doesn't at all grasp the importance of the internet to anyone buying or selling a home in Northeast PA. I've often wondered about the functionality of it's systems when the website looks like this.
I was concerned. I believe in and love working in my market, so I felt that I needed to help somehow. But how?
This last week, I joined the technology committee. … (23 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Open House this Sunday, October 21, 2007 in Wilkes-Barre - 10/16/07 11:50 PM
This Sunday, October 21, 2007 from 1pm to 3pm is your opportunity to come by and check out this great listing in Wilkes-Barre, PA. It's a 3BR 1BA home on a nice sized lot and in a nice neighborhood. What a great deal for $84,900!! The house is located at 45 W. Division Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706. I hope to see you there!!
Here are a few of the pics of the house.
This house is listed with Realty World, Rubbico Real Estate.  

realty world rubbico real estate: Show me the Money!!! Why are you in this business? - 10/12/07 01:46 PM
That line was a great one from the hit movie, Jerry Maguire. I loved that movie! You might have looked at the title of this blog and thought to yourself, "Here's another money hungry Realtor out there trying to strike it rich". That couldn't be farther from the truth.
I was reading a great blog post by Lola Audu today. The blog talks about people who got into Real Estate looking to strike it rich. Some people did just that, but that's not the reason I got into the business. I got into Real Estate for much more personal reasons. As Lola pointed … (15 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Breast Cancer Awareness in Wilkes-Barre, PA...Go Pink!! - 10/12/07 08:13 AM
I'm probably a bit late on the change, but I needed some technical learning for getting my ribbon to stick!! I have it right now, so I've gone pink too for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
While I don't know anyone with breast cancer, I do know plenty of people with cancer and I can see that it's a rough thing to go through. I have a lot of respect for anyone who's going through or has gone through the processes involved with this disease. May God bless them all!!
I looked up a couple of things that are happening in Pennsylvania for Breast … (8 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Need to get rid of Your Junk? Freecycle it!! - 10/09/07 12:06 AM
Selling a home usually entails getting rid of, for lack of a better word, some junk. This can be handled in a variety of ways, from kicking it to the curb to hiring a service to remove it for you. I'd like to share something I use that's absolutely free and takes very little effort on your part to make happen. It's called Freecycle.
Freecycle is an internet based swapping system, designed to make getting rid of your usable "junk" much easier to deal with. It's a community, like AR, so you have to sign up to be a part … (21 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: 50,000 points! Where's my prize??? - 10/08/07 05:35 PM
I signed on today and realized that I had surpassed the 50K mark. There was no fanfare, no alarms going off to tell me that I had won a prize. I mean, what's going on? Isn't this what Active Rain is all about?
That's what I thought when I first joined AR. I wanted so badly to move up in the rankings. I optimized my profile, linked to my website, tried to invite about 50 people (of whom 1 joined and hasn't posted anything because he's afraid to) and I commented on exactly 10 posts a day. Truth be told, it … (24 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: It's not Personal, it's my Duty. - 10/05/07 03:22 PM
I had a rough day today. I guess you could say that it's the accumulation of a few rough weeks with one particular transaction that I have been dealing with. The transaction started out just fine. I had a customer come to look at one of my listings and decided to use me to buy another property. The truth of the matter is that the customer only looked at a few houses and decided to buy this one quickly. He wanted to be able to get into the house before his children started the school year, so we planned on a quick … (17 comments)

realty world rubbico real estate: Price Reduction in Wilkes-Barre, PA to $75,900!!! - 10/04/07 05:10 PM
64 N. Grant Street in Wilkes-Barre, PA is so close to schools and shopping that you almost don't need a car at all. This house is totally remodeled from the heating system in the basement to the roof. There's new paint, new windows, new carpet, new kitchen and a new bath. You get all this and a new low price of $75,900.
You can see this listing in detail and check out the virtual tour at or click on this link .

realty world rubbico real estate: Who's Answering Your Phone? - 10/04/07 08:14 AM
Getting people to call me back is a huge pet peeve of mine. I spend most of the day every day with my Bluetooth buzzing in my ear as I try to get through the day on one charge. I have sign riders with my name and number on them so people can call me directly. I'm not in the office all that much, so I need people to call me on my cell phone in order to communicate with them. This leads me to my question, "Who's answering your phone?"
I got a call yesterday from another Realtor in the … (24 comments)

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